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The Moleman is a rumored but never confirmed beast that haunts the Texas Plains where Papa Acachalla's barn is located. Papa Acachalla has a bike and several explosive barrel traps set for catching this creature, but none succeed.

Unconfirmed Mole Man Sighting


The Moleman is an entity feared by many, including Papa Acachalla and Billy Acachalla. At their barn in Texas, Papa Acachalla saw Billy disappear into the ground in a strange manner. This brought Acachalla to think Billy was a Moleman, and Papa Acachalla even has a motorcycle dedicated to being used to hunt the "Molemen". Although the actual Moleman is never seen, Papa Acachalla's dedication to hunting one brings up the theory that there is a part mole-part man creature in the plains of Texas. While Billy is assumed by Papa Acachalla to be the Moleman, he is never actually caught, and whether Billy is a Moleman is still unknown.

After being devoured by a giant sandworm, Spencer survived and became the leader of the mole people, who assisted him in returning to the surface world as well as taking control of the abandoned Acachalla residence.


•The Moleman is never confirmed to have been seen by Papa Acachalla, as it seems like Papa Acachalla mistook Billy for one.

•The Moleman was in the SBikes episode of Venturiantale.

•It is plainly seen in several moments of the SBikes video that there are explosive barrels around the location the Moleman was "seen". These could be traps set for the Moleman.

•Papa Acachalla's bike dedicated to hunting the Moleman is green with a large back thruster and one large mirror that is "an abomination to all mirrors" as quoted by Venturian.

  • •Apparently, Moleman sounds like "nom nom nom nom nom".
  • Moleman looks like a green Teletubby.