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Mister No
Gender Male
Played by Bethany Frye
Status ?
Position/Rank ?
Nationality ?
Age ?
Group ?
Weapon ?
Debut Gmod_ZOROARK_Pokemon_Mod!_(Garry's_Mod)

Mr. No, also known as Richard Nixon, is a man who is experienced with aliens. He first appeared in the Gmod Zoroark Pokémon mod. He and Suzie are lovers, and he lives in a "Boarding Home", where he literally boards up people in their rooms. The people in his rooms were Officer Maloney, Bob the headcrab zombie, Chakalata Soup, and (Temporarily) Johnny Toast. He also briefly appeared in the Guess Who? video.


Mr. No is paranoid about new people. He hates door-to-door salesmen, or pretty much anyone who comes to his door. He is quick to assume and is a terrible liar.


Suzie the Zoroark Alien[]

Suzie is Mr. No's fiancè. She lives with him inside the abandoned house. Suzie is always willing to use her powers in order to help Mr. No.

Johnny Ghost[]

Johnny Ghost investigated Mister No's house because of paranormal readings. Mr. No, however, thought that Johnny Ghost was a salesman, so he tried to chase him off. Eventually, Johnny Ghost informed No that if he found him and Zoroark in the Baggins House in two months, when he and Johnny Toast came back, he would arrest No for living in abandoned property and kidnapping several people.

Johnny Toast[]

Johnny Toast came along with Johnny Ghost to investigate Mr. No's house. Mr. No immediately disliked Toast for looking in his window. Eventually, Mr.No knocked Toast unconscious by blowing up a gasoline can, and then hiding him upstairs, tricking Johnny Ghost into thinking Toast was dead.

Officer Maloney[]

Mister No kidnapped Officer Maloney so that he would come to their wedding, for Maloney is related to Zoroark, as they are the same species of alien, though they look nothing alike. though this could just be extreme differences in the race's genders.

Chef Chakalata Soup[]

Chakalata Soup was kidnapped by Mr. No. Mr. No apparently knew that Chakalata Soup was a paranormal entity, since he sprinkled salt in the doorway to prevent Chakalata from escaping.