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Gender Female
Played by NPC
Status Alive
Position/Rank Adventurer
Nationality Nord
Age 23
Group Asylum Weaver's company
Weapon Any
Debut THE_FIRST_DUNGEON!_-_An_Oblivion_Tale_Ep._2

Mimi is an adventurer in Cyrodiil, in the land of Tamriel, and has a twin sister named Lena. She was in the Merchants Inn when she met the pirate Asylum Weaver. She enjoys gardening and being with her friends, which some times includes attacking Asylum when he's been out of line frequently.


The adventurer Mimi was, one day, at the Merchants Inn in the Imperial City, located in Cyrodiil. Mimi and a fellow adventurer, Winden, met the pirate Asylum Weaver at the Merchants Inn before he went and spoke with Velus Hosidius, the inn's proprietor, about getting a room for the night.

The next day, after sleeping, Asylum came downstairs, only to find Winden jerking back and forth, using magic powers. In puzzlement, Asylum slowly crept to Mimi and spoke to her before leaving to explore the city for the day.

In the afternoon of the same day, Asylum returned to the Merchants Inn to sleep the next night, when he caught Mimi staring at him. Feeling rather uncomfortable at her actions, Asylum hurried upstairs to sleep for the night.

Joining Asylum's company[]

When Asylum came back from his latest quest, Mimi asked for his story and Asylum told her about his adventures. When he went up to sleep Mimi started to follow him, just as Asylum's current companion, Sari, did. However, Jordan Frye, the being in Asylum's mind, became curious what her hair color was so Asylum asked her to join him, making Mimi the second companion of Asylum.

The trio were completing a mission for Jauffre, an ally of Asylum, when Asylum realized that Mimi thought that they were dating. As they continued in their adventure, the trio met Mimi's twin sister Lena, before meeting with another friend of Asylum's, a Blades member named Bauras, who helped them find the Daedra cult.