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Michael Cabungcal, under the alias MCab719 is a regularly featured member of the VenturianTale Community, a close friend of the Frye family and Cierra's boyfriend. He has made a name for himself since the early days of Deviantart and A Skyrim Tale having been known as The Loremaster responsible much of the series' extended lore along with Jessica Ott. Michael has also played voice acting roles such as Jasper from Bethany's series Qeios and as George Arlo in her series Grandma: Misconception as well as appear in her VR Chat Livestream. In addition, he has also appeared in Cierra's Minecraft series An Awkward Minecraft Tale as well as the 1 Million Subscriber and 6th Year Anniversary Livestreams

Michael and Cierra were confirmed to have been in a relationship as of late July 2018 during the latter's visit to California. He is currently a resident at Isaac's newest house, along with Cierra and Jordan.

The Loremaster

Michael was given the title of "Loremaster" during the Deviantart days (I honestly forgot when, please help cite), by Jordan Frye due to his participation of A Skyrim Tale's extended lore alongside Jessica and a few others. He was particularly fond of the follower Miraak and created backstory for him in the series' context as well as developed backstory for Vahl's life and family prior to the series. Along with that was the development of Gaelan Aradur, Vahl's twin brother who was absent during the time of the series.

Mod Maker

After the conclusion of A Skyrim Tale, Michael received a copy of the save file used in the series and recreated Vahl as follower in Skyrim. Which Jordan showcased in a video. (Also needs to be cited.)

Hobbies and Projects

A pastime of Michael's is collecting and customizing action figures, particularly from Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Halo. 

He is also an avid fan of the video game series Halo, Gears of War, Total War and Minecraft. Michael also frequently works on his passion project in Minecraft. A Christmas Village in Cierra's Minecraft realm he calls "Frostpeak Meadows" which has yet to be shown.


  • Michael's favorite follower in Skyrim is Miraak.
  • He was mentioned in a few episodes of A Skyrim Tale.
  • He once made a custom action figure of Isaac's Halo Reach Spartan currently on display in Isaac's house
  • Michael is a fan of the ordinary troopers of Star Wars, including but not limited to, Death Troopers, Clone Troopers, Mudtroopers and Stormtroopers.