Lord Of The Rings-Fan Girl

aka Gandalf (Emily)

  • I live in In the Tardis
  • I was born on July 19
  • My occupation is Professional Black Veil Brides Fangirl
  • I am What most people would call a freak
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  • Hi, i was discussing working on the sequel to Casket's Admin Hunt (click here if you haven't seen it already) with Myst and Jon, and your name came up, and I suggested we ask if you wanted to be in it.

    What do you say?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I'm new at this so I just don't wanna sound stupid but I like your profile picture Lord of the rings fangirl.

    Also I love Lord of the rings.

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  • I see you have regained your position as #1 on the wiki. Congrats. I, of course, will have to (try to) regain it (but not yet, I have Finals due tommorow, but after that, I will hopefully be able to regain it). If you didn't see, yesterday, Jack got a SECOND Lucky Edit, and for an unknown amount of time, he was #1, so, when I saw it, I promptly found a blog post to comment on, and got "Could You Do That Without Breaking My Ear?"

    There was more of a point to this, but I totally forgot it.

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  • You're a little off the deep end, aren't you?

    I LOVE IT!

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