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Mary (Marionette)
Gender Male
Played by Bethany Frye (BethanyFrye)
Status Alive
Position/Rank Adopted Son
Nationality Puppet
Age 20
Group 13th Dimension Acachallas
Weapon N/A
Debut LOL_FUNNY_PUPPET!!_Gmod_Five_Nights_At_Freddy's_Marionette_Mod_(Garry's_Mod)

Marionette (better known as Mary or Marry), is a puppet adopted by Jack Links and Susie Gumball, whom live in the 13th Dimension and form the Alternate Acachalla Family. Mary/Marry used to be a young man named Josh, and the brother of the young child in the withered chica episode. Josh turned into the puppet animatronic after the young boy tried to fix Withered Chica's jaw, but found the suit instead. Being the equivalent of Billy, Sue and/or Sally, since as he is the only child in the Alternative Acachalla Family ("the sister" can be considered the same as Mary, because she is his puppeteer and an extension of the character), it is likely that Mary is in fact, extra-dimensional equivalent to all the three of the children. Although he is a boy, Mary has a girly voice, as well as a girl's name, and thus he is often mistaken for a girl.

Mary is not an actual living being and is just a puppet being controlled by his "sister", which doesn't have an official name (she may be the real equivalent of Sally). Or at least this was the case until future videos in which Mary appeared fully mobile and "the sister" was never seen again.

Mary's behavior highly resembles Billy's, Sue's, and Sally's behavior. He has a buzzard and unpredictable thought process (like Billy) and acts like a 3 years old child which and can be unnaturally aggressive. (like Sally), and is quite incompetent (like Sue). Similarly to Pinocchio, Mary has the dream of becoming a real boy, As well a pet puppy. when his father (Jack Links) settled for to giving him a pet seagull, however, it was killed twice.


The Gnome of the 13th Dimension[]

Grampa: He is the grandfather of Mary. They act normal facing each other, and the two coexist with each other.

Jack Links[]

Jack Links: He is the adoptive father of Mary. They do have conflicts with each other because Jack always states that Mary is just an adopted puppet, and this makes Mary sad.

Susie Gumball[]

Susie Gumball: She is the adoptive mother of Mary, and they seem to love each other, Susie always helping her son and arguing with Jack when he is bad with his son sometimes.

The Sister[]

"The Sister": She is the real mind behind Mary, the puppeteer of Mary. Mary seems to avoid talking with her sister, but when he does it, he seems to like her.