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Mario is a Nintendo character and the brother of Luigi. Mario and Luigi are also plumbers, and their archenemy is Bowser.


Mario 64[]

In Mario 64 Princess Peach invited Mario for some cake, however Peach would in fact be captured by Bowser. Mario would then be told by Lakitu that in order to free her he would need to collect many stars. He would be able to travel all over the mushroom kingdom via these portal portraits. The first one would be a portal to Bob-omb battlefield

Bob-omb battlefield[]

When Mario first arrived in Bob-omb battlefield he saw a star locked behind a cage. It was guarded by a massive chain chomp. He attempted to destroy the wooden pole it was attached to but the chain chomp was too strong and it almost killed him. After the near death experience Mario decided to pick up some coins in order to heal Himself. He than freed chain chomp who in turn broke the cage in order to get Mario the star.

After collecting his first star, Mario attempts to get a second by collecting all of the Ginger coins in Bob-omb battlefield. He succeeds with the first few but fails on one where he had to slide down a hill and get it. Because of that he choose to get them another time and instead fight the dreaded Big bob-omb, who was holding a star for Bowser. When Mario challenged him, Big bob-omb expressed surprise at Mario being able to fight through all of his minions. After the fight began Mario managed to get a hit off on him by crouch jumping over him and picking him up so he could throw him on his back. He tried to do this again but was thrown off the mountain. After having to scale the mountain one more time, Mario beat the king, killing him and taking the star.

Mario returned to the battlefield looking for a third star. He finds Koopa the Quick, who has a star and is only willing to give it up if Mario beats him in a foot race up the mountain where the king used to be. Mario accepts wanting to get the power star. The race starts off normal until Mario passes Koopa. He was winning until Koopa runs up the hill Mario could not. Mario quickly gets past and reclaims his place in first. He attempts to use a teleportation trick but it does not work, however, he still wins and gets his star.


Super Mario 64 with HomelessGoomba Ep.1 - The Beginning of our Journey!

When Mario entered the battlefield yet again, he talked to a friendly Bob-omb Buddy, who opened a cannon for him to hop in. Mario used the cannon to shoot himself to another cannon which was firing Water bombs. After getting hit twice he jumped into the cannon; shooting himself to a floating island which had a ginger coin on it and a mystery box. After opening the box it revealed the fourth power star.

Next he would finally get the 8 ginger coins in order to get a power star. Firstly he got one on these moving, mechanical platforms. Secondly he got one on a rock in the middle of a field. Thirdly he went back to where the Chain Chomp was and got one on the pole that the Chain Chomp was tied to. Fourthly and fifthly he picked up two near a group of Goombas And some wooden poles. Sixthly he went under a bridge where he found a bob-omb whom he brutally murdered, but, more importantly he found a ginger coin. Seventhly he had to reface his hardest challenge yet, getting the ginger coin on the way down the mountain. He got it first try. And with that, he had gotten his penultimate ginger coin in the battlefield. Mario would travel back to the cannon that was firing water bubbles so he could shoot himself up to the floating island again. After doing that he climbed up a tree that at the end of it had the last ginger coin. The power star appeared where the fourth and fifth ginger coins were. Mario would leave the floating island and retrieve his star.

Mario went in to get yet another power star, but he found out that he needed to unlock the wing cap to get this star so he decided to do it later.

Fighting the Whomp King[]

Mario, using the power of the stars unlocked the door to cool, cool mountain but instead decided to go to Whomps Fortress. In the entry room, he found and talked to a Toad.

Upon arriving at the Fortress he began to scale it. Finding many Whomps and Thwomps along the way. When he made it to the top he found the second boss, Whomp king. Whomp King, just like King-bob-omb, was harbouring a power star for bowser. Mario managed to beat him by tricking him to try and fall on him and crush him and then Mario would ground pound on his back three times, killing him.

Princess’s secret slide[]

After killing the Whomp King, Mario, in order to not be sent to the Land of the Losers, jumped through a window that looked like Princess Peach. This took him to Princess’s secret slide. Mario activated a blue coin switch and then slid down am extremely long slide and large slide at the end of which was a Power Star. Mario collected the star before being transported back to the castle.

Mario sliding down the secret slide

Mario knew that he could get another star by getting to the end of the slide in less than 20 seconds. After 5 attempts and almost making there one time, he gives up and chooses to get another star. Because of this he was now in the Land of the losers.

Return to Whomps Fortress[]

With the taste of defeat still in his mouth, Mario returned to the fortress. This time he was getting the star not only to save the princess, but also for it to teach him how to dance. Supposedly this star knew how to dance and was waiting at the top of the fortress dancing on a newly erected tower. After having a close call with the Land of the Losers again, Mario made it to the top of the fortress again and got the star, learning how to dance.

For his next star, Mario used the owl Hoot, whom he found in a tree. After grabbing onto the bird, he flew over the fortress and floating islands only to make it to a cage with a power star stuck inside. Mario jumped off the owl and made it into the cage, where he would get his next star. Because of this he was getting further from the Land of the Losers and closer to Luigis fencing skills(see trivia).

Mario reentered the fortress not really knowing what his next star would be. However he did theorise that in-fact he needed to use a cannon again. He found a bob-omb buddy that may or may not be the same one from bob-omb battlefield And asked him to open the cannon at the fortress. The buddy obliged and Mario got in the cannon. Mario saw a power star off in the distance and decided to fire himself at it. First time he missed but second time he succeeded and got the power star.

The next star in the fortress was another ginger coin one. The first coin was on the walkway up the to fortress. It was on top of a Bomp that was trying to push Mario to his death. The second coin was behind a sleeping Piranha Plant. The third was on a small ledge but Mario fell off before he got that one. The fourth coin was up a steep concrete slab where Mario had fallen off. After climbing back up Mario got the third one, bringing his count up to four. Before getting his fifth he fell again. Mario had also changed his goal from saving princess Peach to becoming as good a fencer as his brother. It was on a rotating wooden plank that he got the fifth coin. After climbing a little higher he knocked down a wood plank that he could walk across to get to the floating isles. The next two coins would be on the floating islands. The very last coin would be just under that on top of a Thwomp. He could then go back to the start and get his star.

The next star in the fortress was stuck in a wall. Mario had to get into the cannon yet again in order to shoot himself at the wall. After doing that the star appeared where the ledge had once been. Mario climbed up the slope and collected his next power star.

Mario only had one more star in the fortress left. That was the 100 coin star. It required him to collect 100 coins scattered around the fortress. Mario collected all of the ginger coins again and got many

blue coins by killing piranha plants. He also destroyed many Whomps in order to get a surplus of yellow coins. After getting 100 coins Mario had finally done everything in Whomps fortress. He ended it by jumping off the fortress into a bottomless abyss below. He was thrown out of the portrait.

Mario collecting coins for his 100 coin star

More adventures in the castle[]

Mario decided to tackle his greatest failure of all yet again when he jumped back into the secret slide. He used a trick of bouncing off of the wall and using his momentum to reach the end of the slide in less than 20 seconds. He had tried this before but it had ended in failure. He stunningly pulled it off and got another castle secret star.

His next goal would be to unlock the Wingcap so he could finish getting all the stars in Bob-omb Battlefield. He did this by staring at the roof of the castle which teleported him to a cloudy land with four towers and 4 sets ginger coins. He of course, had the wingcap on. He tried getting the ginger coins but failed. He still managed to unlock the wingcap though.

Mario with his wingcap on, flying

Cool, Cool Mountain[]

While Mario originally intended to return to the Battlefield, he realised how hard that would be and instead decided to travel to Cool, Cool Mountain. Cool, Cool Mountain had three portraits which was because it was “special“

When Mario first entered the course, he saw a small cottage which he got in via the chimney. He found out this was in fact no normal cottage but instead a penguins house harbouring an ice slide. Mario was disappointed that the penguin was not home so he could not race him, but, he (being excellent at sliding) chose to slide down the ice slide. He got through it easy. This granted him a power star.

Returning to the mountain he found a Baby Penguin missing his Mama Penguin. Mario being the kind and generous man he is gracefully takes the penguin to its mother. On the way he had a close call with two Mr. Blizzards jumping on a planked bridge. Mario holding the penguin tightly brought it across the bridge to its mother. The mother, as a reward for saving her child gave Mario a power star.

Bowsers LEGO World[]

Mario, having enough stars, opens a door in the castle. This door leads to a hallway with a trapdoor leading to LEGO World, which is of course Bowsers hideout. LEGO World has 8 ginger coins. The coins are at various platforms and places across the world. After Mario gets them he unlocks another power star. And after climbing the stairs of knowledge Mario is ready to fight Bowser.

Mario jumps through a Warp Pipe which takes him to a blue arena with spiked bombs around it. Bowser is also in this arena and he comes to fight Mario. Mario picks him up by his tail and throws him out of the arena. But Bowser jumps back up. Mario picks him up again and throws him into a spiked bomb. Defeating him and getting a key to the basement of the castle.

Basement of evil[]

Mario, with key in hand, goes downstairs to the Basement Of Evil and he opens the locked door. He goes through a door where he meets a toad. This Toad has a power star, and so he gives it to Mario.

Mario talking to a Toad

In the flooded part of the basement Mario finds a MIP. This MIP has stolen a power star for himself. Mario catches this rabbit and forces the MIP to hand over the ill gotten star.

Lethal Lava Land[]

Mario jumps through another painting in the basemen which takes him to Lethal Lava Land. He finds a moving puzzle of bowser with 8 ginger coins on it. He goes to the puzzle and on the way killing a Mr.I. He gets all coins without trouble and gets a star.

Return To Cool, Cool Mountain[]

Mario decides to return to Cool, Cool mountain. He first goes back to the chimney. In the house, there was the same ice slide as before, however this time a Big Penguin is wanting to race, saying he has a power star to give Mario if he wins. Mario agrees to the terms, but falls off near the star of the race and has to start again. He gets a little further next time but still falls off. Third time he stupidly forgets to ask the Penguin to start the race, but falls off at the end anyway. Fourth time he makes it to the end but he hasn’t realised his mistake from the third try. He gives up and comes to the conclusion that the Penguin along with the star both fell off, losing the star and killing the penguin.

Mario exits the house and decides to go after the 100 coin star as he already has 68 coins. After travelling all of the mountain, he manages to get 94 coins but dies before he could get anymore.

Mario jumps back into the portrait because he wants to try racing the penguin again and he finally realises his mistake that he had made the last two tries. The race starts and it goes back and fourth between Mario and the penguin. Mario just beats the penguin and the penguin gives him not a normal star, but a special Nocliping Star. Mario then decides to never get the attempt at getting the 100 coin star ever again after how painful it was to lose all of his previous progress

Big Boo’s Haunt[]

Mario goes to the palace courtyard. He finds a Boo waiting for him in the hallway. He follows the Boo only to find more outside. A slightly larger Boo was carrying a cage with Big Boo’s Haunt inside. After Mario killed it by hitting it while it was not invisible, he jumped inside it.

Mario enters the ominous mansion. He goes past the Mad Piano and into a room filled with bookshelves. This being a haunted mansion, the books are naturally haunted along with the chairs. He finds two red coins on top of the bookshelves and exits the room to find a Mr.I. He kills the Mr.I and a Boo he found. He goes back to the main foyer and enters another room that has a collapsible bridge. He falls off the bridge down to a flooded basement below. As he tries to find a way back up, he finds a Merry go round. He goes past that and through a door that leads to an elevator. After going up that he finds yet another Mr.I and kills it. He gets back into the mansion and goes back into the room with the bridge, running over it. After that he kills another Boo and makes it into the next room on. In that room there is a Boo and a ginger coin. But there is also a pit which leads back to the basement.

Mario in the bookshelf room

Unfortunately he falls down. After going back up again, he defeats the Boo. He knows that there must be one more left, so he searches the mansion and goes back to the bookshelf room where finds out that a Boo has been the one throwing the chairs. He defeats him and goes to confront Big Boo in the foyer. He does so in three hits, causing the ghost to disappear leaving a power star behind. After a quick scuffle about there being no stairs to the second floor, where the Star was located, Mario gets the star and leaves the mansion.

Mario returns to Big Boo’s Haunt and this time he wants to go to the basement. He goes back to the room with the pit leading to the flooded basement and jumps down, breaking his fall with a ground pound. He goes back to the merry go round and finds that the portraits of a Boo are either shooting fire or letting out ghosts. He struggles but he still defeats five. This causes Big Boo to return out of the picture. Mario almost dies fighting him, but the ghost lets go of the power star, stopping the merry go round from moving. Mario picks up the star and leaves the world.

Mario going up the stairs in the main foyer

Mario renters the Mansion and travels up the stairs that opened up after he beat Big Boo for the first time. He goes through one door, this door has two balconies. Mario tries to jump from one to the other but fails and falls down to the Mad Piano room. He climbs back up and goes to a different room. This new room has a long hallway filled with Haunted Books. Mario runs through to avoid getting hit by a flying book. He makes it to the end of the hallway where he finds three books sticking out. He figures out that you have to push them in the right order. First is the higher middle one. Then the one on the right and finally the one on the left. This made the bookshelf open, revealing a door. He opens the door, showing the other balcony that he couldn’t make it to before. On the balcony is a power star, which he collects.

Mario decides to get all of the ginger coins in Big Boo’s Haunt. First he goes to the room with the dead chairs, he gets the two that are located there. Secondly, he goes to the room after the one with the collapsible bridge. It has a ledge and then a platform sticking out with a ginger coin, which he gets. Thirdly he goes to a top floor room, which is above the room with the Mr.I, in that room he finds a ginger coin. He goes into another second floor room with another Mr.I and finds eight moving coffins, under one of them he finds a ginger coin. He goes into another room which has a secret trap door under a ginger coin, but Mario notices and gets the coin without falling. Mario searches the whole mansion for the final one but doesn’t find it, so instead he goes up to the top of the mansion, through the attic to fight Big Boo a third and final time. As per usual he hits the ghost three times and win, causing him to give up the power star. However Mario cannot find a way to the roof, which was where the star was so, he instead continues looking for the ginger coin. When all seems lost he checks the Mad Piano room, disturbing it, making it grow teeth and attack him. That causes the piano to move making the last ginger coin visible. Mario finds it and finally gets the power star.

Return to Lethal Lava Land[]

Mario returns to Lethal Lava Land because he only needs one more star to fight Bowser a second time. He jumps into the portrait and grabs the wingcap. He flies all the way to a Volcano. He lands on a spinning platform next to it getting burnt. The Volcano begins erupting and Mario dodges all of the fire spraying out and then jumps in. He lands on a rock, surrounded by the Volcanoes lava. He jumps a few rocks over on to a moving platform. The moving platform takes him to a moving platform, which he tries jumping to, but misses, barely missing the lava. He goes back up and again and just gets onto the second moving platform by grasping the edge. The next platform is actually a pole. He grabs onto that

Mario on a pole in the Volcano

but falls off. He goes again making it to the top of the pole, but misses jumping onto the platform that had the star. He fails, dying and falling out of the portrait. Getting a game over.

He returns, getting the wingcap again. He has already been burnt so he flies to get health. Unfortunately he misses and dies again.

Shifting Sand Land[]

Mario decides that he cannot bear to burn again so he instead goes to Shifting Sand Land. He ends up in a desert with a massive pyramid in the centre. He goes to a concrete gazebo of sorts and jumps on top of it He finds a wingcap box on it and breaks it trying to fly away. He immediately falls head first into the sand. He jumps back on top and properly flys. He flies over to a Klepto with a power star. He misses a few times and losses momentum so he goes back to the concrete gazebo. He jumps off again except he doesn’t have his wingcap on causing him to fall into the sand. After actually getting the wingcap on, Mario flies over to the Klepto again but hits a pillar and falls into quick sand, being sent out to the basement.

Mario returns again, doing the usual routine of getting the wingcap and flying to the Klepto but he actually knocks the star out of the claws of Klepto, it falls all the way over the other side of the pyramid. Mario flies over, worried that he will die on the way, and he makes it to the star.

Vanish Cap[]

Mario, now having the required amount to fight Bowser a second time and get to the top floor, decides to drain the water outside the castle. He goes through a shortcut in the basement and groundpound on two pillars causing the water to be drained. This revealed a secret hole at the front of the castle. Mario jumped in.

Mario was now invisible due to the powers of the Vanishcap. He jumped down a slope missing a ginger coin that he could not get again. He runs past a bunch of Fire Chomps and Amps, now visible again. He goes up a series of moving platforms but falls into a bottomless abyss. He jumps back into the hole after being kicked out when he died. He basically does the same as he did last time, even dying on the same part. He gives up, deciding to go ahead.

Dire, Dire Docks[]

Mario uses his stars to open up a door to fight Bowser. In that door there was a portal that took Mario to Dire, Dire Docks. He swims under water and through a tunnel. The tunnel started off natural but as Mario swam through it became much more manmade. After swimming through, Mario finds a massive submarine. This submarine is Bowser’s Submarine. After minutes of trying to get on, Mario gives up, saying that he will do it later.

Journeys End[]

This is the end of the main Mario 64 story. It was never completed. It can be assumed however, that Mario beat Bowser and saved Peach just like the real game.

Race at Bowsers Castle 3[]

Mario and a group of other racers, such as Luigi decided to have a Mario Kart tournament in Bowser’s Castle 3 and Rainbow Road. Mario chose to drive the Standard Kart M for this race.

Mario started the race in last and failed to turn around the first corner, hitting the hard wall. He was now in eleventh behind Bowser but he used mushrooms to speed up to eighth place. He was passed

Mario starting the race on ‘Bowser’s castle 3’

by Luigi because he hit a thwomp. He quickly passes Luigi as he had fallen into the lava. Mario went on to pass Birdo, Bowser. Jr and Toadette using mushrooms. After getting passed Rosalina, Baby Mario and King Boo, he was in first. He hit another wall and was taken over by Rosalina and then was hit by a Pow Box, causing him to spin out and get taken over by Baby Mario. After that, Mario accidentally drove over a hole filled with lava, falling in as he was talking about how much he loved this track. He was put into ninth place. He immediately took over Bowser, who had hit a wall, much like Mario at the start. He would take over Wario By hitting him with a red shell saying he was ‘Loaded For Bear!’ In a deep voice. He would get to the second lap.

Bowser and a few other racers were hit by Mario’s two other red shells when they came too close to him. He was in fourth when he was shrunk by lightning used by another racer. He was taken over by heaps of players putting him in tenth right next to Bowser again. He used a speed boost to get him back up to ninth and a golden mushroom to fifth. Although he was taken over by his nephew Baby Mario as soon as it ran out because he had hit another wall again. He used another golden mushroom to beat Baby Mario and get into fifth and pull into the third and final lap

He passed Rosalina who had been spun out by King Boo and he got into second place, behind his brother Luigi, only to get hit by a red shell thrown by Baby Mario. When jumping off of ramps over lava, he managed to make more speed then Baby Mario, putting him in second. He caught up to Luigi just as he was being hit by a Blue Shell. He just managed to get in front of Luigi and won the race first

Shrunken Mario celebrating his victory

place, by only a few seconds and as he celebrating he was shrunk by lightning yet again.

Race at Rainbow Road and end of the Tournament[]

The next race in the tournament is Rainbow Road. Rainbow Road is considered one of the hardest racing tracks of all time. It is located in space.

Mario starts the race by going down the steep road, getting into 6th after using boosters. He tried to surpass Toad but nearly falls off the road and into space, causing him to slow down and let Toad past. Later in the track he uses a mushroom to escape a Thunder Cloud. This puts him in third, behind Wario and his brother, Luigi. While in third he starts cheering that he has not fallen off yet, as he nearly fell off. Luckily he caught himself. He goes up a magical rainbow and comes out of a star at the end,

Mario traveling up the magical rainbow

continuing the track. He goes through various boosters, telling Luigi that he is right behind him, only for Luigi to shut him down, telling him that “He is not”. He throws a red shell at Wario, even though it missed. Mario makes it to his second lap.

Mario stays in third behind Wario for a while, calling himself a ’boss’ and claiming to ‘trick it out’. Mario would surpass Mario as he was talking to Luigi about how amazed he was that he had not fallen off yet. Later on in the track as Luigi was getting to his third lap, Mario used a booster but accidentally went so fast that he spun out of control and fell off. After being saved by Lakitu, Mario finished the lap, all though he was now behind Wario and just in front of King Boo.

As Mario surpassed Wario, Luigi was hit by a blue shell, giving Mario a chance to catch up. Mario continued in second place being blinded by a Blooper, as he got closer to Luigi, he told him that he was on the ‘Home Stretch’. As Luigi crossed the finish line, Mario expressed denial, stating that he had win because he was Mario.

Even though Luigi and Mario had the same amount of points, Luigi was still the winner, much to

Mario at the podium

Mario’s annoyance. Mario bitter about his wrongful second place made fun of Rosalina, saying that no one saw her come third.

Mario’s Mario 64 model

Deathmatch at the castle[]

At Princess Peach's Castle, Mario and Luigi were beginning to explore the area when Mario grabbed a limp dummy dressed like him and began to smack his brother with it. Enraged, Luigi began to blast at Mario with a SPAS-12 before the red-hatted plumber ran inside.

Mario went upstairs and found another Mario dummy outside of Tick Tock Clock and told Luigi to come and see it. Luigi attempted to shoot it with an RPG, only to nearly hit Mario with the rocket. In return, Mario drew a crossbow and shot and killed his brother.

Luigi came Back from the Dead and tried to kill Mario with a pulse rifle, only for his brother to shoot and kill him with a Magnum. The two met outside with their revolvers and had a gun duel with one another, which Mario lost.

Mario, after respawning, slammed into Luigi with another Mario ragdoll. Luigi tried to shoot Mario with an RPG again, only to fail. Mario got his own rocket launcher and blew up his brother. Mario was then challenged by his brother to a crossbow duel. Accepting, Mario was able to best Luigi and killed him.

The two continued to fight with crossbows. Luigi scored two critical hits on different occasions. Mario gunned down Luigi in "the Goomba room," only for his brother to shoot him with a rocket later on. Luigi shot Mario with a crossbow bolt before ending the deathmatch.[1]




  • Johnny Ghost has tried multiple times to cast him out of the Acachalla family house, it does work sometimes, but him and Luigi keep coming back, in multiple videos.
  • In the 1 million subscriber livestream, it shows that Mario can resist Nuclear Mayonnaise, he shares this trait with Apupu.
  • When Luigi and Mario haunt the Acachalla Family, Johnny Ghost calls it (and once Spencer) Nintendo advertising
  • He once got arrested and sent to jail for appearantly using Shrooms.
  • Papa Acachalla is sometimes annoyed by Mario.
  • When something strange, disturbing, Etc happens Mario shouts 'Mamma Mia!' in a deep voice.
  • He jumps around saying 'Yay!', meaning that he's happy about everything.
  • In the scary Mario horror map video Mario and Luigi investigate a haunted mansion
  • Mario and Luigi tried to jump on helicopter blades once, thinking the helicopter was a Yoshi.
  • Mario learned plumbing and gymnastics at high school, unlike his brother who learned plumbing and fencing(putting up fences, not the traditional kind)
  • According to Issac, Mario wanted to be ginger but it came out wrong and he ended up brown.


  • "It's-a me Mario!"
  • "Mario Time!"
  • "Lot's of Spagetti!"
  • "Lets-a GO!"
  • "MAMMA MIA!!!"
  • "Wa-hoo!"
  • "Oh yeah!"
  • "Thank you so much for playing my game!"
  • “Go back to your area”