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Left to right: BethanyFrye, HomelessGoomba, Venturian, and ImmortalKyodai.

Welcome to VenturianTale Wiki![]

Welcome to VenturianTale Wiki, the ultimate VenturianTale fanbase. Here, you can check which videos your favorite people were in, look at a detailed bios and descriptions of your favorite roleplay characters, vote for your favorite mods, get inside info on VenturianTale news and videos, read epic and chilling fan-fictions, view hilarious images of Jordan and his siblings, watch videos that we all love to quote, and even clear up confusion on the whole channel by reading mind-blowing theories! With over 730 pages, each explaining what we all love about the crew and more, what can YOU discover on this extraordinary wiki?

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Left to right; ImmortalKyodai, HomelessGoomba, Venturian, and BethanyFrye

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Most of these belong to Justjackbros. Some are pretty good FanFictions