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"Why did he say 'argh'?"
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Maddie Friend paper Mache
Gender Female
Played by Bethany Frye
Status Unknown, presumed currently in the 13th Dimension
Position/Rank "Real"
Nationality American
Age ?
Group ?
Weapon ?
Debut HAPPY_THANKSGIVING!_-_The_VenturianTale_Thanksgiving_Special_(Garry's_Mod)
"I'm a real girl!"
―Papier Mache Maddie Friend

A papier mache model of Maddie Friend in Billy's room came to life when the portal to the 13th Dimension was opened. She had the same personalty as Maddie Friend. It is unknown why Billy would have a Maddie Friend Paper Mache, considering he is afraid of her. Some believe he might actually have a crush on her, though it is also possible that Maddie sent it to him and he never threw it out for whatever reasons.