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Vital statistics
Participants Spencer

Sally, Papa Acachalla (Via Time Travel)

Date 1967
Location Unknown
"This is the Macaroni War of 1967! I'd recognise it anywhere! I was there! Yes, I'm a time traveller."

The Macaroni War of 1967 was an event that Spencer lived through, revealing he used to be a time traveller. Not much is known about the event, apart from it's connection with Macaroni and Spencer.

Presumably, the war was waged between the police/Government and the macaroni dealers/hoarders. This was most likely the point where macaroni began to be viewed as/became a incredibly dangerous drug.

It was during this time that Papa Acachalla served as some sort of military commander, as he had a fleet of helicopters. It is unknown which side of the war he was fighting for. Though Papa Acachalla being pro macaroni is his more likely choice, due to him being known to hoard and sell macaroni in the present.

The outcome of the war may have been altered by the arrival of a future Spencer, Sally, Papa Acachalla, and an army of Dinosaurs and helicopters. But this is unlikely as macoroni is still contraband in the present. It might even be possible that Spencer and Sally's interference might have caused the war to tip into favor of macaroni being illegal.

"Why did he say 'argh'?"
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