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Game Skyrim
Race Khajit
Gender Female
Age 10 (4E 201, A Skyrim Tale Series start)

15 (4E 206, A Skyrim Legacy)

Birthday ?
Position Princess Of Skyrim

Duchess of Skyrim (As of A Skyrim Legacy)

Status Alive
Weapon(s) Sword
Played by ?
Debut ?

Ma'isha is a Khajit child that Vahl adopted after her mother died. She is very mature, kind, and a bookworm. She never got an allowance, despite doing most of the chores, being smart, and cleaning after her rabbit Cotton. When she grows up she will most likely be a Mage or high council member, given she is extremely intelligent.

As of A Skyrim Tale she is 4'11" and weighs 66Ibs (30kgs).