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Game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Race Nord
Gender Female
Age 25 (In 4E 201, Debut)

30 (In 4E 206, Ending)

Birthday 28th of Sun's Dawn, 4E 170
Position Vahl's Housecarl, jungle queen
Status Deceased
Weapon(s) Mighty Steel Greatsword
Played by Colleen Delany (InGame Voice Actress)
Debut Let's_Play_A_SKYRIM_Tale!_Ep._11_-_Sidekick!

Lydia was a female Nord in Vahl's company and is her faithful housecarl.


Original Appearance[]

Lydia's original design

Lydia originally had a darker brown hair pushed back behind her neck, and had steel armor without pauldrons, with a leather tunic underneath.

Second Appearance[]

Lydia has brighter hair and still wore the steel armor without pauldrons until she was given "Warchief Armor" from Vahl.


  • Lydia has died multiple times, but has been revived with console commands. Her first death was on Episode 28 of A Skyrim Tale, the cause of her death was most likely being shouted into a wall by Vahl on accident. One the second time, she was killed by Miraak. After that she was captured by the Afflicted, and when Vahl helped her escape, she was killed by a blade trap created by the Dwemer. 
  • Jordan says that she was a superhero when she was Vahl's only companion. Whenever Vahl is being attacked, Lydia is sometimes not there and would come back after Vahl defeated all of the enemies, Jordan says that it is because she was saving someone. 
  • At first, she did not get paid for helping Vahl, but when she came to help Vahl get rid of some bandits, Lydia taken out most of them, after that Vahl decided that she should start paying her. 
  • She was officially shipped with Vahl's twin brother, Gaelan
  • A funeral was held for her on the very last episode of "A Skyrim Tale" (Ep. 200), then she appeared in Sovengard in the ending montage.