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Lucas Simms
Game Fallout 3
Race African American
Gender Male
Age 41
Birthday Unknown
Position ?
Status Deceased
Weapon(s) Chinese Assault Rifle
Played by ?
Debut MONSTERS!_-_Fallout_Tale_Ep._3

Lucas Simms was the former Sheriff and mayor of Megaton in A Fallout Tale. He was shot and killed during a confrontation with Mr Burke, leaving his son behind. Cywren felt responsible for his death.


Cywren Caster[]

He first welcomes Cywren as she enters Megaton for the first time. He comments on how she looks like a quiet, nice polite young lady. When she informs him of Mr. Burke wanting her to set off the atomic bomb, he went to arrest him. Cywren follows and stands by him as he talks to Mr. Burke in Moriarty's Saloon. Cywren feared Mr. Burke would kill Lucas and stood there unnervingly. As Mr. Burke pulled out his gun Cywren reflexively shot him dead. At first she thought she saved Lucas but then realized that he lay dead on the Saloon floor.


Harden Simms[]

Harden was his son. They presumably got along well. All they had was each other since Harden's mother died. He named his son Harden after the Old West outlaw John Wesley Harden. Cywren is looking into adopting Harden as she feels guilty about his father's death.

Moira Brown[]

He recommends Moira's Supply shop to Cywren, signaling he liked her, or her shop anyway.

Colin Moriarty (Jeff Bridges)[]

Lucas had a distaste for the Saloon owner but recognized his importance to Megaton's survival.