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Lil' Vent
Little vent with a dwemer helmet not mine by princesskiki00-d6ovvhm.png
Game Minecraft and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Race Dovahbit
Gender Male
Age 2 years old
Birthday Unknown
Position ?
Status ?
Weapon(s) N/A
Played by ?
Debut A Minecraft Tale

Let's_Play_A_Minecraft_Tale_Ep.9_-_Lil'Vent! A Skyrim Tale Let's_Play_A_SKYRIM_Tale!_Ep._19_-_Pet_Follower_Mod

Lil' Vent, or Little Vent, was a rabbit locksmith featured in Minecraft and Skyrim. In Skyrim, he died, however,his cause of death is unknown. He has been found in Sovngarde, but has not yet been put back in the group, probably because Vahl wanted him to rest in peace.


Minecraft Appearance[]

In Minecraft he had black and white fur, and no other features.

Skyrim Appearance[]

He has brown and white fur, and wears a Dwarven Helmet.


  • "Lil' Vent" basically means "Little Venturian".
  • Jordan first named a bird "Lil' Vent", but he lost it, after he named a rabbit the same name.
  • He was an Expert Locksmith.
  • There was a imposter Lil'Vent that appered in Whiterun. After Lil'Vent's death annoucement, the imposter was on the team for a few episodes but was kicked out, imposter Lil'Vent was also never seen again in Skyrim Tale after that.
  • Lil'Vent, after being a main character in A Skyrim Tale, guest starred in an episode, in which Vahl (Venturian) goes to Sovngarde and finds him, along with Cameron. 
  • Lil'Vent was discovered in Sovngarde some time after Vahl gained a castle, as she went through a portal to Sovngarde and found him with Cameron.
  • Recently, Vahl accidentally summoned him out of Sovngarde with Cameron, they are now following Vahl again, but possibly not for long.