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Let's Play Team Fortress 2 - Legend of Zelda is a video in which Venturian and ImmortalKyodai play Team Fortress 2. The video was uploaded on January 31, 2013.

Official Description[]

"My sister and I play a match of TF2 in the city of Clock Town from Majora's Mask. It's all fun and games until someone takes an arrow to the kne---- nope, won't go there."


Real-Life Appearances[]

Fictional Appearances[]

  • Ben (First appearance)
  • Demoman (First appearance)
  • Engineer (First appearance)
  • Heavy (First appearance)
  • Pyro (First appearance)
  • Scout (First appearance)
  • Sniper (First appearance)
  • Soldier (First appearance)
  • Spy (First appearance)
  • Two-Face (Mentioned only)