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Gender Female
Played by NPC
Status Alive
Position/Rank Adventurer
Nationality Nord
Age ?
Group Asylum Weaver's company
Weapon Sword
Debut SECRET_CULT!_-_An_Oblivion_Tale_Ep._20

Lena is an adventurer in Cyrodiil, in the land of Tamriel. She also is the twin sister of Mimi. She joined Asylum Weaver's party alongside Mimi and Sari.


Lena seems to be Mimi's opposite in most ways (Other than appearance, that is). While her sister is more level-headed and pacifistic, Lena herself is much more crazy and ready to punch anything that gets too close to her. She's even went so far as to attack Sari on many, many occasions just for being around (Much like Sari herself was with Martin). Nonetheless, she does care for her friends and would happily fight on their behalf. She is even said to be the strongest among Asylum's band of adventurers, including Asylum himself, due to her scary amount of determination in battle. She was banished to the TARDIS for a while for her bad behavior, and very well may still be there to this day. No one knows what really happened to her after Oblivion crashed and the Tale was switched to Elder Scrolls Online, since the actual lore was never confirmed by Venturian and just left up to the fans to theorize about.


  • SECRET CULT! - An Oblivion Tale Ep. 20 (First appearance)
  • PICKPOCKETING - An Oblivion Tale Ep. 21
  • LIZARD LADY! - An Oblivion Tale Ep. 22