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Judy Hopps
Gender Female
Played by Cierra Frye
Status Alive
Position/Rank Bunny Cop, Parking Enforcement Officer (Formerly), Carrot Farmer (Formerly)
Nationality Zootopian
Age ?
Group ?
Weapon ?
Debut ?

Judy Hopps was a rabbit police officer in the movie Zootopia. One day she and her partner Nick Wilde were called to investigate the murder of Light Zeron. They interviewed some suspects including an old woman and Chakalata Soup. Papa Acachalla then showed up and tried to steal the body but Judy and Nick stopped him and it was revealed that Light had just been sleeping because he is an alien vampire from the planet Zeron. Another cop showed up and revealed that Nick and Judy weren't real cops and that Judy had killed a real cop to get her uniform.The cop tried to arrest them and they ran.

Judy and Nick later showed up at an old mansion with an unnamed actor and Higgilydiggilyhögan to film a movie called Animaltopia. Judy played a character named Udy, Nick played Ick, the unnamed actor played an old lady, and Higgilydiggilyhoogan was the director.


FNAF & Zootopia Gmod Mods

Judy and Nick then showed up along with Freddie Fazbear and Bonnie in a team death match that took place in the 5th dimension. They fought to get control over the tower that had previously belonged to queen Gertrude, but the kingdom seemed to have been abandoned after Fred Spooker had killed most of the people.

An evil version of Judy showed up at Ernie Ghost's house and killed Johnny Ghost with a grenade.