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Jonas in the Lab with his scientist coat on

Jonas ​Palmer ​​was a supporting character in A Fallout Tale. Jonas was a resident medical technician. He was a good friend to James and Cywren Caster.


In the late 2260s, Jonas was appointed to be James' assistant by the Overseer, who hoped he would be a voice of reason. Jonas and James forged a friendship very quickly and together they worked at examining and treating patients, as well as conducting routine experiments testing the health of the Vault. After James left the vault, he was killed by Officer Mack


Before the events of Fallout 3[]

Not much is known about Jonas prior to fallout 3 except that he grew up in Vault 101 under a tyrannical rule by the current overseer Alphonse Almodovar. In the year 2258 James Caster arrived in Vault 101 with his newborn daughter, Cywren Caster and became the vaults resident doctor and scientist, Jonas would fill the role of assistant to James. Overtime Jonas and James would become good friends as they both agreed that the overseer was tyrannical. He also helped father the young Cywren.

Cywrens tenth birthday party[]

In order to celebrate Cywren Turing ten, Jonas and James decided to get her a BB gun. Jonas was not present at the party as he was setting up targets in the reactor level for Cywren to practice her new BB gun on. Jame used the intercom to find out whether or not Jonas was ready and Jonas told James that everything was set.

Relationships []

Lucy "Old Lady" Palmer[]

Lucy was his Grandmother and only known surviving family before he died. Lucy raised him after his mother died.

Anne Palmer[]

Anne was his mother who died when he was young.

James Caster[]

James was his co-worker and bestfriend. They worked in the Labs of Vault 101. They were very close. He trusted him with his life and gave him a letter to give to Cywren when he left the Vault.

Alphonse Almodovar[]

Jonas is presumed to have not liked the Overseer.

Cywren Caster[]

Jonas knew Cywren very well and was like an adopted father to her. He wished he luck with her G.O.A.T exam and also along with her father gifted her woth a BB gun on her tenth birthday. Hew also took James and Cywren's photo. He was to give Cywren a letter from her dad before she was killed.


  • Cywren normally wears Jonas' scientist robes and glasses.