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"Don't do this... Don't be like the others!"
―Johnson's last words
Gender Male
Played by Isaac Frye
Status Deceased
Position/Rank Car Salesman

Con Artist

Nationality American
Age ?
Group Johnson Tech Dealings
Weapon N/A
Debut Gmod CHEVROLET CORVETTE Mod! (Garry's Mod)

Johnson was a con artist car salesman from the company Johnson Tech Dealings in the Gmod Chevrolet Corvette Mod video. He sells cars to people, but what they don't know is that there is some tiny words on the corner of the paperwork they have to sign that says they are relocated to a trailer park, so when they sign the document, they move to a trailer park, then bandits will steal the car, sell it back to Johnson, and he sells it to someone else.


Johnson operated in a small town somewhere in a desert that Gertrude had moved to to get away from the Bandits over the hill. He tried to get her attention with the car, but she wasn't interested until he cut the price in half. He then gave her a test drive and took her to her house (which he insisted was HIS house), offered her some salt and asked her to sign the paperwork (in reality, a newspaper with some crayon drawn on it). Despite her suspicions, she relented, only to be told that the car was so that she could move to a trailer park, where the bandits would probably steal it. Johnson then accidentally let slip that the raiders always sell it back to them. In a fit of rage, Gertrude pulls out a rocket launcher, and despite his pleas for mercy, she fires the rocket at him. Apparently most sales end up like this.

Johnson's replacement was his clone, Salesman Number 2, who sold Maddie Friend a Corvette so she could find Billy, only to give her a Junker instead.