John Smigglebug
John Smigglebug
Gender Male
Played by Jordan Frye, Bethany Frye
Status Deceased
Position/Rank Billy's Father
Nationality American
Age  ?
Group  ?
Weapon Revolver
Gmod MELON FRIEND Mod! (Garry's Mod)

Gmod MELON FRIEND Mod! (Garry's Mod)

John Smigglebug is the real father of Billy Acachalla, originally Billy Smigglebug. He may be the father of Yackface, as well. He went to Papa Acachalla's 7-11 and had Billy go in and buy a Slushie. He then left without Billy, however, he was clearly torn about his actions, possibly abandoning him in the belief that Billy was better off without him. See comic here. It is possible if he returns for even one video at all, he might try to take Billy back, which, if he does, will not only change the show, but make a lot of Billy's fans angry. It is also possible if he returns and tries to take Billy (despite the fact that it would be too late, considering how Billy is now an adult and officially adopted by Papa Acachalla) Papa Acachalla will kill John.It was thought by some people that John Smigglebug might be another personality of Johnny Ghost/Jimmy Casket/Gregory/Jackson, but this was debunked when a future version of Billy was shown to be Johnny Ghost's uncle.

In the Teleportation mod episode, Officer Daniels was stated as being Billy's real father. However it was revealed that Daniels only looks like Smigglebug.

Sue Acachalla's biological father Tinker Corndog claims to be the last of the Smigglebugs so it's possible they are the same person.

A man going by the alias Yellow Jacket kidnapped Billy during the zombie apocolypse.Yellow Jacket constantly called Billy "son" leading some to believe he was John in disguise.

Melon Friend Mod Edit

In his first appearance in VenturianTale, he is played by Jordan frye and not referred to by name. In the episode, John is killed by Billy whilst he is possessed by Melon Friend. It then turns out that Officer Daniels is a dead ringer for John Smigglebug and was using this to catch Billy. Billy, still under Melon friend's influence, then kills Daniels whilst he was investigating Smigglebug's disappearance.

Gmod Try Not To Laugh ChallengeEdit

John's second appearance has him being played by Bethany instead of Jordan.In this video he goes to a gas station to buy food for his cow before being infected by a toxin that made him act like a cow.He was put down by a gas station employee named Lucy after being infected.

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