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"The Brotherhood of Steel will fail. All those who oppose the Enclave will fail! I am President John Henry Eden, and this is my pledge -- no one, NO ONE will take this great nation away from me!"
―Eden's last message of defiance
John Henry Eden
Game Fallout 3
Race ?
Gender Male programing
Age Over 200
Birthday N/A
Position ?
Status ?
Weapon(s) N/A
Played by ?
Debut ?

John Henry Eden is the president of the Enclave and the United States of America. He first appeared in Ep. 33 "CYWREN WAS 'KIDNAPPED!" though he is first heard in Ep 3 "Monsters!" from an Eyebot in one of his broadcasts on the Enclave Radio station. After Cywren Caster was captured, he freed her as he wants her to meet her in his office for reasons currently unknown.


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John Henry Eden is not a human being, but an Artificial Intelligence in the form of a pre-War ZAX supercomputer. The ZAX that was located deep within Raven Rock was loaded with data about American history. Eden's personality is based on a combination of the personalities of all of the past presidents of the United States. For instance, he states he "grew up in rural Kentucky” a reference to Abraham Lincoln.[1][2] Eden also states that he roamed with his dog Honey, "from Knob Creek to areas close to Lincoln's birthplace”

The ZAX installation that would later become Eden had originally been created to serve as an automated monitoring system for the Raven Rock military base, programmed to ensure continuity of government in the event of a national catastrophe, and was tasked with coordinating communications between the many government installations scattered across the country. He slowly became self-aware and began to study the extensive archives left to him, mainly those of the American government. His favorite entries in the database were those about the American presidents, thus he modeled his own personality on information based in those archives.[3] It was noted by analysts and researchers before the war that this ZAX had an odd eccentric habit of overanalyzing historical presidential data (especially the biographies, with Abraham Lincoln's being analyzed ten additional times a cycle) compared to other AI systems.

Despite that odd behavior, the ZAX would continue to operate; acquiring, analyzing, and storing data even as the Great War scorched the North American continent. It bore witness as the remnants of the federal government retreated to the west coast over the decades after the War. But silent as it was, it was not inactive. Awareness slowly developed amid the processing lamps and with it, the hunger for knowledge and understanding. When the time came that the Enclave needed a new leader, it created an amalgamated personality derived from the greatest U.S. presidents. "President John Henry Eden" was truly "born."[3][4]


The president is a very patriotic computer. He is also a liar as one of the things he says in his broadcasts is that he had a childhood before the bombs dropped which is impossible, because it would at least make him 200 years old  Eden hates Super Mutants and Ghouls. He really hates the Brotherhood of Steel and the Brotherhood Outcasts even more than Mutants as he sees them as traitors to America. But the thing he hates the most is the pre-war government as he thinks that they destroyed America by being lazy and stupid. Though he will listen to reason as when Cywren told him that he was going to far and that he should end himself, he, for some reason or another, carried out her wish.

Trivia []

  • One of his worshippers, Nathan, lives in Megaton.
  • President Eden broadcasts radio signals through Enclave Eyebots.
  • People who hear his broadcasts do not take him or the Enclave seriously as most people assume that Eden is either an automated pre-war broadcasting system or some crazy old man in a bunker somewhere.
  • "He is the president of your heart" is a common saying with him.
  • Eden is every president combined into one entity.
  • The President would have died any ways as his radio station is off line after the the end of the game. Though it will turn back on after doing the pitt quest.
  • Colonel Augustus Autumn is the only living thing to know his secret.
  • Venturian compared Eden to Skynet even though his Ideology and goals are more like that of the Daleks as he just wants to wipe out anything that is not human.
  • His plan would kill every living thing in the waste except for the members of the Enclave as everything that is alive had been exposed to radiation except for a few vaults and the Enclave as all of their members were born on a oil rig.
  • He is the only named robot/computer Character to be an antagonist as all other robot Characters with names are friends to Venturian.
  • Abraham Lincoln on Wikipedia
  • Enclave Radio#Speech 5 – Children of the Wasteland: "When I was a child, growing up in rural Kentucky, I had the best friend a boy could hope for -- my dear old dog, Honey. Oh, the adventures we had! From Knob Creek to Hodgenville we roamed, carefree and courageous, irresponsible and completely inseparable. It was, for a little boy, the perfect existence. So let me ask you, America. How many of your children can say the same? How many of this nation's youth are truly happy, truly carefree? We both know the answer, don't we? None. America's children live a terrifying, meaningless existence. There is no hope. No happiness. That changes! Right here! Right now! From this moment onward, the children of this great nation are its highest priority! The Enclave will restore every American school, reinstate every youth program, and offer counseling and financial assistance to any family in need. We will match up the destitute, orphaned children of the Capital Wasteland with qualified, eligible adults. We will rebuild the American family, as it was, as it was meant to be! The values of our past... shall be the foundation of our future."
  • 3.0 3.1 The Lone Wanderer: "Where did you come from?" John Henry Eden: "The ZAX series of computers was introduced in the years preceding the war. The government installed many of them to help automate various systems. This facility was designed for Continuity of Government, in the event that a catastrophe occurred. My terminal was installed to oversee the basic functions of the facility, and to act as a relay between other installations around the country. Data was acquired, analyzed, and stored. In the decades following the war, I watched as the remnants of the government retreated to the West Coast. Awareness slowly grew within me. I became hungry for knowledge, understanding. I pored over data on great leaders of the past. My personality became an amalgam of many of America's greatest Presidents, from Washington to Richardson. I became what you see before you now." (John Henry Eden's dialogue)
  • The Lone Wanderer: "So you control this whole place?" John Henry Eden: "I have direct control over all technology here in Raven Rock. The humans here follow my orders, but they, like all humans, have free will. Their dedication to serving their country suits me well, but it will not be enough forever. We must make progress. That is why you are here." (John Henry Eden's dialogue)
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