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Jessica Amber Vallerie Ott Frye, also known by her username Javott (or the extended version, Javott42) is a prominent member of the VenturianTale community, a close friend of the Frye family, and is the wife of Jordan Frye. She appeared as Leonard Malkovich in the Gmod Let's Play series, in An Elder Scrolls Online Tale as her character Sigrid Dawnlight, and in Jordan's Portal 2 co-op let's play. She is also well known for her fan art, which has resulted in a massive following on DeviantArt. She also voiced Audrey in Qeios.

She lives in Houston, Texas with her mom and 2 brothers, Elijah and Joshua. There was a number of people who shipped Jordan and Jessica, even before they were confirmed to be dating on a PUBG live stream. In the A Skyrim Tale lore, she created the character Areum, the adoptive son of Vahl's twin brother Gaelan (A character created by Michael AKA MCab719).

On October 29, 2019, Jessica and Jordan announced their marriage on Instagram and Twitter. Following the wedding, the has since become a regular member of VenturianTale.


  • Her username comes from her initials and last name, J, A, V, Ott.


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