Jean-Luc Picard
Gender Male
Played by NPC (voiced by ImmortalKyodai) and ElectricFire 169 (Starbuggers)
Status Alive
Position/Rank Starfleet captain
Nationality  ?
Age  ?
Group Starfleet
Weapon  ?
Debut  ?
Jean-Luc Picard is a Star Trek character featured in the Voyager and Enterprise Garry's Mod videos. He is also a main character in the fan made spinoff Starbuggers

Voyager Mod Edit

Picard took control of the ship whilst Captain Moorr Taann and her science officer, Bob Derp the Derpian search for the distress call in the shuttle craft. When Derpian betrays the crew to the Romulans and demands the shield frequency for Voyager, he states that "Picard wants his ship back. He'll kill you." Picard was presumably killed when Voyager's Warp Core exploded.

Enterprise Mod Edit

When Jordan and Isaac check out some of the ships of Star Trek, Picard can be found on several of the ships. First Isaac manages to get him stuck in the Enterprise-E "like the Sword in the Stone", before hanging him by the knee in a tree to save him from a Dinosaur.