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"We lost Jake!"
"Who cares about Jake?
Maggie and Cracking Charlie[src]

Jake Paul was a wasteland survivor in Cracking Charlie's group.


In the apocalypse[]

Jake was one of four people in a group hiding out in a church in a post-apocalyptic wasteland (the other three being Cracking Charlie, Maggie and Chels). When the church is attacked by zombies and they decide to leave, Jake offers to let them stay at his house. When they agree to this he takes a car and drives them to the bridge but, not realising the bridge was out, crashes it and gets it stuck, forcing them to walk the rest of the way. En route they see an old man with a shovel going to fight a zombie.

After a while they reach the house and board up for the night. Jake lets Chels sleep in his chair (which was adorned with the skulls and spines of his victims) and went out to greet a travelling merchant and buy some supplies. However they quickly get hounded by the zombies again and are forced to run.


Running from the house, they come to the river and try to find a way across. Jake finds a boathouse containing a boat. They try to cross the river with the boat, but Jake falls in the water and apparently gets poisoned (though Chels and Charlie also fall in the water without any noticeable ill effect) and dies just as he reaches the other side. He tries to tell Chels his last words before he dies but they are drowned out by the sound of an unconcerned Charlie singing very loudly. Then multicoloured cubes shoot from his body into different directions and he is heard saying "I don't feel so good" before finally dying.


Chels and Maggie were both deeply affected by his death, though Charlie was apathetic, insisting that he was unnecessary to the group and attempting to replace him with the first person they found (which turned out to be an inanimate, charred corpse sat in front of a still-playing radio in a run-down house). This apathy towards his peers would prove to be foreshadowing to Charlie's downward spiral and ultimately the deaths of everyone in the group, caused (directly or indirectly) by Charlie; Charlie would go on to kill Maggie before himself being killed by a giant spider with a sniper rifle that would also go on to kill Chels.


Jake liked talking in a Batman voice, as did the rest of the group.


  • The character is named for real-life internet personality Jake Paul.