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Isaac Gabriel Frye, known as HomelessGoomba, is the youngest member of VenturianTale. Acting as the troll of the group, Isaac is known to use TNT and other destructive objects to terrorize his siblings in each game they play, using whatever he can.


His username originated from when Jordan and Isaac were playing Mario Party 8 (there is no Let's Play) and Jordan kept losing money, blaming it on homeless Goombas. That is how he got the name: HomelessGoomba.


To see the videos Isaac Frye has appeared in, click here.


  • He is the youngest of the four
  • His nickname, HomelessGoomba, is based upon the Goombas from Super Mario. 
  • He is an expert with Rubik's cubes, and has competed in various Rubik's Cube competitions. 
  • He has a YouTube channel named 'HomelessGoomba'.
  • He plays Billy in their Papa Acachalla roleplay.
  • He is very good at prop hunts.
  • He was born on November 22, 1997. 
  • He has also played a Russian tortoiseshell cat named Kalshiet in the Kitten Daycare episode.
  • In the Minecraft videos, Homeless is famous for blowing everything up with TNT at the end. You can see this in the Gallifrey map, and  episode 42 of A Minecraft Tale. 
  • He played Maxwell Acachalla in the western town role play and was killed by Papa Acachalla, but he returned during Flutterbat's court session as a ghost shortly after he haunted the Acachalla family with the help of Jimmy Casket, Maxwell now haunts objects and makes them fly around to try and kill the Acachalla Family.
  • He is growing facial hair: a beard, to be exact.
  • He is a well known troll. He messes with peoples things in video games, such as using TNT, killing people, etc. He enjoys being the troll of the group.
  • He has a Steam account.
  • He is an indie game developer on Game Jolt.
  • He also co-founded the website QuestWriter; the site has since been retired.