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Hurricane The Turtle
Gender Unknown, though stated male
Played by N/A
Status Alive
Position/Rank N/A
Nationality Turtle
Age Unknown
Group Acachalla Family, Sally's Pets
Weapon Mouth/Jaws
Debut Gmod_Acachalla_ANIMAL_ZOO_Mod!_(Garry's_Mod)

"Watch out! He as fast as a hurricane!"-Papa Acachalla

Hurricane is a large tortoise, but it's gender/species is unknown. Its debut was in the Acachalla Zoo episode. Hurricane was adopted by Papa Acachalla for his zoo and was named by Sally. It was jokingly claimed by Papa Acachalla to be as fast as a hurricane, when in fact it hardly ever moves at all. Later in the video, Hurricane kills Papa Acachalla. It is implied by Spencer that Hurricane is still in the shed.

It is unknown if the turtle is still alive as papa confirms not feeding it, but he also confirms complaints from next door about a giant turtle. There was a turtle in the alien on the lose video that may have been hurricane but papa acachalla called it spencer so it may very well not have been hurricane


Hurricane prefers being alone. If others come too close, he will bite them. Otherwise, he is quite calm


Papa Acachalla[]

Papa Acachalla bought Hurricane for his zoo. However, Hurricane later bit Papa Acachalla to death. Papa was hiding from the other animals in Hurricane's shed, and that was when Hurricane attacked. Papa was quite shocked at Hurricane's attack before his quick demise. After coming back from the dead, Papa was hospitalized. Papa also seems to be somewhat scared of Hurricane, and when told to enter the shed, will complain about Hurricane, who still lives in the shed.


Sally named Hurricane, since she is very good with animals. Just like Freddie, he's one of Sally's many pets.