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Male and female humans

'Homosapiens, also known as humans, are a bipedal, humanoid race living on the planet Earth. These primates make up the majority of VenturianTale characters, and are one of the few intelligent races on Earth (other than vortigaunts or birds). 


Humans come in two sexes, male and female. Human skin can come in different pigmentation, such as dark brown or lighter hues. Eye colors can also be different. 

Humans often grow hair on their heads, legs, faces, and underarms, but most are shaven for either health reasons or self expression. 

Humans can come back from the dead. While some can come back naturally, most are under the influence of respawn

Close up on three humans. This image was used for a thumbnail once.

machines or spared from the Underworld. 

Like most other species, humans can be Force-sensitive


  • Humans also come from various other dimensions and galaxies, such as the Fallout universe. 
  • Their Nirn equivalents are Nords, Imperials, Redguards, and Bretons.