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Höllinsel: The Hell's Island Story is a 4-part VenturianTale Wiki Original miniseries that will premiere on VenturianTale Xtra. The series takes place during the Hell's Island two-part special that concluded the Johnny Ghost Dream Zone story arc, and is set between Series 1 and Series 2 of PIE: West Coast.



In June 2015, Johnny Ghost disappeared.

Two months later, his partner Johnny Toast organized a rescue mission that would take them to one of the most dangerous places on Earth, an island no-one has returned from alive...

Now, the rescue team must find Johnny Ghost, rescue the survivors, discover the secret of Hell's Island, and escape before the evil claims them too...

Act I[]

Bill, Jenny and Adam become separated from Johnny and Odell after a boat crash leaves them stranded and they take shelter in an old tavern, only to find the tavern contains many dark secrets relating to the terrible fate that befell the town...

Act II[]

Bill and Adam get separated from Jenny and must put their trust in island survivor Oswald, who has munitions and supplies but needs help retrieving his apartment key. Without any alternative, they agree to help him navigate the gloomy, labyrinthine maze of the warehouse to try and find it. But dark forces are closing in - and not everyone will make it out alive...

Act III[]

When unforeseen consequences results in terrible losses, the PIE team is forced to question whether Johnny Ghost is worth saving. But they soon discover they may have bigger problems...




  • Dimension_Desolator - Barnacle / Jonathan's adoptive daughter
  • Rand0m0bs3ss10ns - Sherri
  • Enzo - Chandler
  • Randomcommentsinc - Aurel


Produced by TheLoneClone

Special thanks to[]

  • Alan Edwardes (Estranged: Act 1), iostream (ttt_town), Pretbek (zombiesurvival_invasion_v2x) and Hannu Korvala (Hell's Island) for use of their maps in the making of this production
    • We Create Stuff (original Nightmare House 2 maps), sparkz (editing & additions), Bizz (AI nodes, cubemaps, etc), and Umbrae (map stitching) for the Never Lose Hope Hospital map
  • EXShade57 for permission to use his video game footage