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Herbert Dinky
176px-Dino toy.png
Game Fallout: New Vegas
Race ?
Gender N/A
Age Unknown
Birthday N/A
Position ?
Status ?
Weapon(s) N/A
Played by ?
Debut DINOSAURS!_-_Another_Fallout_Tale_2

{Herbert Dinky, also know as Dinky the T-Rex or Dinky Herbert, is a Tyrannosaurus Rex souvenir that was bought by Cywren from Cliff Briscoe at the Dino Bite Souvenir Store.

A minecraft tale[]

During the 2nd anniversary special Herbert Dinky made an apperance during the minecraft portion on the video. He was a young half dinsaur half Creeper hybrid who was separated from his mum while living in Mordor. They found eachother with the help of the venturiantale crew only to be orphaned by Bethany. Soon after The tree pigs, Assassin Sheep and Red Flower armies started moving in. Because Bethany had buried Dinky mother alive he needed to be saved. After a lake chicken victory Dinky was surposedly taken care of by the lake chickens until was old enough to take care of him self.


  • Cliff sells over a thousand more Dinosaurs similar to Dinky, and tried to get Cywren to buy two.
  • He is also a rival to Cecil and Cywren's ally.