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Gregory, Greg, Gregs, or Grace, was Xenomorph that lives with the Acachalla's voiced by Isaac Frye


Gregory's debut has the character adopted by the Acachallas after it's ship crashes near their home. After learning how to use the Internet and the form of speach humans use, Gregory escapes into the city while Papa and Billy were trying to find a place to eat, and ended up dying due to air conditioning being on in a building he broke into (as he was incredibly weak to cold tempratures.) but later came back from the dead and was put back in the garage. He also seems to believe Papa is his dad.

Gregory's second apearence has him once again contained in the shed. However with the use of some form of telepathic abilities, Gregory is able to both scare and pester the Acachallas into checking up on him. With the extraterrestrial easily tricking Billy into hugging him with the assistance of Papa Acachalla, whom is also tricked into getting to the alien, ending in a similar fate. Gregory is then able to escape the shed, with a respawned Billy and Papa contemplating on how to contain him. When it seems bullets are ineffective Billy gives papa a nuclear device, but just as Papa Acachalla opts against it, he sneezes and accdientally fires the weapon. Killing everyone within the vicinity.

Gregory later cloned himself and Johnny Ghost and Billy had to fight off the Xenomorph armada.


Gregory is an inherently violent being, constantly lashing out on people and object alike. With a seeming specific grudge against bicycles and Billy. It is unknown whether Gregory fains emotions of love for his family in order make them vulnerable to his attacks or if he can only show his feeling through violence even with benevolent intentions.

Despite Gregory having a loud, robotic voice, he often tries to use hip and modern words in a vain attempt to fit in with Earth society.


  • He can only survive in 80 degrees or higher.
  • He mastered martial arts.
  • He owns a Tumblr account.
  • He wanted to own a YouTube account, but Papa didn't let him.
  • Papa now has his fingerprints, and thus his space shuttle.
  • He is impervious to bullets, and can't be killed by being shot.

    His corpse