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Not to be confused with: Gramama Acachalla, the mother of Papa Acachalla.
"Yeah well, I'm gonna take an 8,000 year old poop if you don't mind."
―Grandma Acachalla[src]

Grandma Acachalla is the matriarch of the Acachalla Family and the oldest living Acachalla at over 8,000 years old. She is the wife of William "Grandfather" Acachalla, mother of Frank "Susan" Acachalla and Owen Acachalla, and the grandmother of Stacy "Papa" Acachalla, Jeremy Acachalla, Maxwell Acachalla and Notachalla.


One day Grandma Acachalla came round to the Acachalla House to "see [her] grandkids" on what she claimed was Billy's birthday (she later claimed that she left her liver pills at the house and had come to collect them). However, before she could get to greet anybody, she started punching people, which caused Papa Acachalla to declare her a hostile and attempt to gun her down, triggering a war between Grandma and the rest of the family, despite the protestations of Gertrude. [1]


Kind and Loopy.

Alter Egos[]

  • Maddie Friend (She shape-shifted into Maddie and acted like her, albeit with a few minor differences.)


  • Can come Back from the Dead
  • Can create body doubles and zombie clones
  • Can teleport
  • Can time travel
  • Can create zombie clones
  • Causes random people to instantly want to kill her on the spot after seeing her
  • Shapeshift


Horridly low-quality, low-poly, rivalling even Bad Texture Bronson. Wears a purple night gown. Has a less purple butt shaped hairstyle. White ruffles. A gaping mouth. Soulless eyes. Tan skin.


  • (No Direct favorite)
  • Sword
  • RPG
  • Magnum revolver


  • Supposedly held in a poop for 8,000 years.



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