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Grandma is a Minecraft Roleplay created by Bethany Frye for her YouTube channel Flying PIngs.There are currently two season named Misconception (season 1) and Afterlife (Season 2), which was originally titled Resurrection, respectively.Despite Afternoon being labeled as season two it started while season 1, Misconception, was still in progress.Both seasons, despite having different sets of characters are in the same universe according to Bethany.

Misconception (Season 1) Characters and Voice actors[]

Morgan Thomason: Voiced by Isaac Frye/HomelessGoomba

Mercy Thomason:Voiced by Bethany Frye/Flying Pings

Brown Haired Nurse: voiced by Amanda Clara/Claraderps

Black Haired Nurse: voiced by Ann Foster

Charlie: voiced by Rory88

Kevin: voiced by Combatcameraguy

Ray Thomason: voiced by Bethany Frye in the first episode, voiced by Jordan Frye as of episode 3

Random Neighbor: voiced by Bethany Frye

Natalie: voiced by Isaac Frye

Clifford Thomason: voiced by Isaac Frye

George Arlo: voiced by Isaac Frye originally, voiced by Michael Cabungcal/MCab719 as of episode 3

Lora: voiced by Isaac Frye

Hunter: voiced by Isaac Frye originally, voiced by Jordan Frye/Venturian as of episode 3

Thief: voiced by Jordan Frye

Mandy Arlo: voiced by Lisa Cooper/DrowzeeinaTux

Eve Arlo: voiced by Unoiiw

Officer Pierce: voiced by Marciano Sturgeon/Satoshi

Angie Arlo: voiced by Hayley Smelker/Mermaid_kaii

Afterlife (Season 2) Characters and Voice Actors[]

Paige: Voiced by Lisa Cooper/DrowzeeinaTux

Avery: Voiced by Colton Weddle/Digi Central

Hymn: Voiced by Lisa Cooper

Porter: Voiced by Junior/TheFriendlyGuy

Rosie: Voiced by Emily Walsingham/Crystal Chaos

Business Man: Voiced by Marciano Sturgeon/Satoshi

Little Girl: Voiced by Luna_nightos_fear

Orphanage Owner: Voiced by Lisa Cooper