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Grandma: Afterlife (originally titled Resurrection) is the second season of the Minecraft roleplay series Grandma, which was created by Bethany Frye for her YouTube channel Flying Pings.This season is about a group of friends, Hymm (voiced by Lisa Cooper aka DrowzeeinaTux), who is a village chief, Porter (voiced by Junior aka TheFriendlyGuy), who just graduated from healer training, Avery (Voiced by Colton Weddle aka Digi Central) a healer who helps at the orphanage, and Paige (also voiced by Lisa) who sees shadow creatures.Despite being called season two, Afterlife actually came out while the first season, Misconception, was still in progress.

Characters and Voice Actors[]

Paige: Voiced by Lisa Cooper/DrowzeeinaTux

Avery: Voiced by Colton Weddle/Digi Central

Hymn: Voiced by Lisa Cooper

Porter: Voiced by Junior/TheFriendlyGuy

Rosie: Voiced by Emily Walsingham/Crystal Chaos

Business Man: Voiced by Marciano Sturgeon/Satoshi

Little Girl: Voiced by Luna_nightos_fear

Orphanage Owner: Voiced by Lisa Cooper

Waitress: Voiced by Aimée Pickering/Fantasy Lightning

Student: Voiced by Colton Weddle

Mandy Arlo: Voiced by Lisa Cooper

Officer Gale Pierce: Voiced by Marciano Sturgeon