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Not to be confused with: Grandma Acachalla, the grandmother of Papa Acachalla.

Gramama Acachalla is a roleplay character played by Venturian. She is the mother of Papa Acachalla, Jeremy Acachalla and Notachalla, and the aunt of Maxwell Acachalla. She first appeared in the "Gmod DESPICABLE ME Gauntlet Survival Map" Video. She came back from the dead to help Sally through a challenging map filled with zombies and traps.


Gramama Acachalla fought in the Vietnam war and, by her own account, single-handedly carried three injured squadmates to safety by bundling them into a downed helicopter and carrying the helicopter on her back for twenty miles through enemy territory to the nearest allied base.

At some point in her life, she spent time in Alcatraz.

As of Thanksgiving 2015, Gramama Acachalla was living under house arrest in a house converted into a federal prison where she creates nuclear mayonnaise for the government to use as warheads for their weapons program. During the holidays Gramma Acachalla invited the family as well as Maddie Friend and Johnny Toast for dinner. However, whilst discussing on what to eat, Toast accidentally called Gramama sir, becoming confused by her facial hair. Enraged, Gramma Acachalla took out a disintegration weapon and fired erratically, killing everyone in the room including herself, and accidentally fusing Toast and Maddie Friend.


Gramama was extremely formidable and resilient and was a fighter who used many different weapons. She was confident and awesome, even after she died. She made many Chuck Norris-like claims, even once saying Chuck Norris wanted to be her. She is reportedly a master of timing and strategy.

While Gramma Acachalla was a warrior near no one can defeat, she had other traits that any other grandmother would. Being very wise and kind to Sally during a tough situation, and clearly showing far better parenting skills than her son. With a "no-man-left-behind" mentality, Gramama Acachalla was known for saving many of her war buddies.

However, she was also a very proud woman and did not take kindly to aspersions about her character, which was ultimately what led to her downfall after a slip of the tongue when Johnny Toast accidentally referred to her as a man caused her to fly into a rage and kill everyone with a deadly weapon.


Papa Acachalla[]

Presumably, Gramama is Acachalla's mother. During Papa Acachalla's youth, Gramama Acachalla allegedly put a spell on Papa, where he would require a plush dinosaur toy to go to the bathroom, presumably to help potty train him. Whether legitimate magic or simply a mental crutch, Papa still requires the toy to do his business on occasion.

Jeremy Acachalla[]

There is not much known about there relationship but presumably, Gramama is Jeremy's Mother.


Notachalla, being the fraternal twin brother of Papa Acachalla, therefore, must be her son. Nothing is known about their relationship.

Maxwell Acachalla[]

Maxwell is Gramama's nephew, she may have adopted him because he sometimes calls Papa Acachalla his brother.

Sally Acachalla[]

She came Back From The Dead in order to help Her Adopted Granddaughter Sally through The Gauntlet Map.

Frank Acachalla[]

Presumably, the husband of Gramama and the father of Papa, Notachalla and Jeremy, Gramama and Frank presumably met in Russia where they both lived at the time and got married then had their sons Papa Acachalla and Jeremy Acachalla.

Bobbio Fart[]

Papa Acachalla mentions that Bobbio is his uncle, so he is Gramama's brother-in-law.

Mary Fart[]

Mary is Bobbio's wife, meaning she is Papa Acachalla's aunt, she is either Gramama's sister or Frank's sister.


  • "I did time in Alcatraz."
  • "I'll break you in half like a TWIG, boy."
  • "You're no match for the Gramama."
  • "I was a Vietnam Gramama."
  • "One time, my helicopter got shot down. I was twenty miles out from the base, I had three wounded squad mates. I CARRIED THEM ALL BACK! WITH MY BARE HANDS. I just piled their bodies into the helicopter and carried it."
  • "I'm the best Gramama."
  • "Stay frosty."
  • "Chuck Norris wishes he was me. He wishes he was BEAUTIFUL. Like your Gramama."
  • "My thighs are armor plated."
  • "Chuck Norris wishes that he was me, but he is strong though."
  • "No other Gramama can be as good as your Gramama."
  • "You can't learn a lesson from Gramama."
  • "I am little, school girl!"
  • "daaarn it."
  • "Why'd ya call me mom? I'm old enough to be your girlfriend!"


  • Gertrude's mother also goes by the moniker of Gramama Acachalla, but it is apparent that they are to different characters, as this other person is more nonchalant and tranquil, even describing Papa Acachalla to be her "idiot" son in law.