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Gmod TARDIS Doctor Who Map! (Garry's Mod) is a video in which Venturian and HomelessGoomba play Garry's Mod with the TARDIS map from Doctor Who. It was uploaded on April 7, 2013.

Official Description[]

"My brother and I play Gmod, and stumble across the TARDIS! Watch as we enter the legendary Blue Box, and travel through time and space!"


Two Time Lords are standing outside of the TARDIS in the middle of a city before entering inside. One, Isaac, comments that they should look around and investigate the TARDIS, and the other agrees as they remark about how dark it is inside due to the lack of lighting. As they look for their flashlights, the Time Lords stumble upon the library.

As the Time Lords descend further into the library, Isaac fires his .357 Magnum and wounds his companion, who shrieks in pain and calls his name in confusion. Isaac then floats through a table in the library and says he's "a head on a table," to which his companion remarks that he is not and he is simply an upper body before the two leave for the nearby pool. Isaac jumps in the pool and shoots the other Time Lord again, but he appears not to notice as he jumps in the pool to relax.

Suddenly, a zombie appears in the pool and Isaac warns the other Time Lord, who quickly kills it with his USP Match. After leaving the pool, the Time Lords go into the antigravity room and comment on the odd trees and arrangement of the room, with the Time Lord stating that every TARDIS has an antigravity room in which to do "antigravity things." As the Time Lord floats to the top surface and draws a SPAS-12 shotgun, Isaac shoots him once more from behind and says that he can't catch him before leaving the room.

The Time Lord follows Isaac, vowing to catch him after missing a few shots. The Time Lord follows Isaac into a dark hallway, looking for him, before spotting his silhouette just before Isaac shoots and kills him. The Time Lord then comes Back from the Dead and equips an MP7 submachine gun as he hunts Isaac down. He fires as Isaac enters the control room and misses, throwing a few grenades into the room to draw Isaac out. As he exits, the Time Lord draws a crossbow and fires, killing Isaac with a headshot.

The TARDIS then begins to shake as it transports to another planet, and the Time Lord tries to return to the entrance, along the way spotting a picture of the Tenth Doctor. Upon returning to the TARDIS controls, the Time Lord meets another Time Lord, also named Isaac, who helps him land the TARDIS. The two exit the TARDIS and the Time Lord muses that they have traveled thousands of years into the future to a post-apocalyptic Earth. Isaac agrees, stating that it appears as if everyone has died. The Time Lord then enters into a jeep and tells Isaac to do the same so they can ram into each other.

After driving, the Time Lord decides it is time to leave and he races back to the TARDIS. Isaac, however, beats him inside and locks the door, refusing to let his companion inside. After the Time Lord manages to pry open the door, he shoots Isaac once with his shotgun before the doors shut and Isaac teleports away. The Time Lord finally manages to open the doors but once he enters, Isaac teleports back and quickly guns him down. The Time Lord is revived once more and dispatches Isaac as he begins the launch process again. The TARDIS shakes and he falls from the controls as Isaac comes Back from the Dead, killing him in another duel.

The Time Lord comes back again and returns to the console as Isaac shoots at him, but to no avail. The TARDIS returns to the city it was in before and Isaac shoots the Time Lord again, but the Time Lord manages to kill him with one well-placed Magnum shot. Isaac kills the Time Lord twice more before the Time Lord transports the TARDIS to another dimension, but in reality just transports back to the post-apocalyptic world. There, he kills two Combine Soldiers before Isaac kills an Antilon. The Time Lord then says he is leaving and tries to kill Isaac using grenades, but is able to finally dispatch him with an RPG.[1]


Real-Life Appearances[]

Fictional Appearances[]


Weapons and technology[]

  • .357 Magnum (First appearance)
  • Jeep (First appearance)
  • MP7 (First appearance)
  • RPG (First appearance)
  • SPAS-12 (First appearance)
  • TARDIS (First appearance)
  • USP Match (First appearance)


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