Gmod SHOPPING MALL Roleplay Map! - Part 2 (Garry's Mod)

Gmod SHOPPING MALL Roleplay Map! - Part 2 (Garry's Mod) is a Garry's Mod roleplay video where Venturian and BethanyFrye play the shopping mall map once again. The video was uploaded on the 2nd of October, 2013. 


Real Life Appearances

Fictional Appearances

Notable Weapons

Notable Objects

  • Laggy waterfall
  • $1500 barber chair
  • Zombital
  • Beefy Computer
  • Working lamp
  • Shiny couch


  • Gertrude wants to kill Papa, but cancels the order and wants a death note instead
  • Papa Acachalla told Gertrude to do an impression of him in order to not get arrested


  • Mall food court
  • Mens bathroom
  • Cader Café
  • Green Nail Books
  • Salon uo French
  • Xen Theater
  • Death Notes
  • Club Struggle
  • Harper Appliance Company
  • Tollbooth
  • Managers Office
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