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Gmod SHOPPING MALL Roleplay Map! - Part 2 (Garry's Mod) is a Garry's Mod roleplay video where Venturian and BethanyFrye play the shopping mall map once again. The video was uploaded on the 2nd of October, 2013. 


Real Life Appearances[]

Fictional Appearances[]

Notable Weapons[]

Notable Objects[]

  • Laggy waterfall
  • $1500 barber chair
  • Zombital
  • Beefy Computer
  • Working lamp
  • Shiny couch


  • Gertrude wants to kill Papa, but cancels the order and wants a death note instead
  • Papa Acachalla told Gertrude to do an impression of him in order to not get arrested


  • Mall food court
  • Mens bathroom
  • Cader Café
  • Green Nail Books
  • Salon uo French
  • Xen Theater
  • Death Notes
  • Club Struggle
  • Harper Appliance Company
  • Tollbooth
  • Managers Office