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Gingerians is a general term for the two seemingly separate species that inhabit the planet Gingeria. They are considered the most frightening race in the known universe - fiercer than the Klingons, more deadly than the Daleks, and more dangerous than even the Romulans. The key traits are their argumentative nature and auburn hair. There are two known kinds of Gingerian, the Humanoid Gingerian (humanoid with ginger hair) and the Non-Humanoid Gingerian (Vortigaunt from Half-Life 2).

Some time before 2013, a conflict known simply as "The War" happened in which Gingerians took part on the opposing side from humans. Not much is known about the conflict, other than it is considered one of the most terrible wars in human history and left long-term damage between Human-Gingerian relations.

Billy Acachalla, Sally Acachalla, Papa Acachalla and Gertrude went to Gingeria in a spaceship and saw the Gingerians. Papa Acachalla does not like most Gingerians, only the ones that can wield Crowbars. Gingerians were introduced in the Star Trek Phaser Weapon Mod Video. They seem to enjoy eating Goblins. They came to Earth during the Ginger Invasion of 1389. Gingerians are really short, the average male height is 5'4" and the average female height is 4'10". The Gingerians from Margaret Johnson's universe were wiped out except for Gertrude (who is actually Margaret herself) when her first husband accidentally destroyed it with a black hole device, and again in another Dimension when Papa Acachalla nuked the entire planet.

Another version of Gingeria was visited by Captain Maloney when he was trying to find the parents of his universe's version of Gertrude.

A Gingerian was the one to reveal that Bob Derp the Derpian was a Romulan spy to Captain Mari Tann.

Gingey the Gingerbread Man wanted to join the Gingerian Society but was told he couldn't join until he sold something as he was "the wrong kind of ginger".

Known Gingerians[]

Humanoid Gingerians[]

Non-Humanoid Gingerians[]

  • Uncle Booga
  • Unnamed Gingerian (Voyager Mod)
  • Gertude's Family

Possible Gingerians[]


  • "Gertrude's home! Gertrude's home!"
  • "Hi." (translated by Gertrude)


  • It was thought that a Black Hole Device had swallowed up their planet and everything on it but blood relatives of Gertrude such as Maddie Friend, Gertrude's parents, cousins, etc. continue to appear sometimes.
  • The alien model is the Vortigaunt from the video game Half-Life 2.
    • Gingerians are very similar to vorts, such as their primitive tribe-like culture. 
    • It is possible that they are vortigaunts, or some sort of subspecies or a related race. Black Mesa is confirmed to be experimenting with portals and teleportation in canon, and a Xen-like dimension has been visited by them. 
    • There seem to actually be two types of Gingerians, the ones that look like Vortigaunts and the ones that look like red haired humans.
    • Some characters said to be Gingerians don't even have red hair.
    • Cywren Caster, Poet, and Moira Brown may or may not be Gingerians.
    • The customary Gingerian greeting it to kill the person you are greeting.