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The USS Whosyamamma orbiting Gingeria

Gingeria is the homeland of the Gingerians. Captain Maloney landed there once when trying to find a Gingerian's parents (Which she never had). The planet mostly consists of a grassy hill terrain, filled with violent life forms.

List of Species[]

These are the species that inhabit Gingeria.

Ginger Snaps[]

A long finger-like plant/alien that grows out of the ground.


The main species of the planet. Aliens that look like Vortigaunts.


Dinosaurs are a species that (apparently) died on earth a long time ago, but seem to be alive on Gingeria.


Goblins are a mentioned species. Gingeria is infested with them. They are a food source in Gingeria.


A Half-life 2 species that is a hostile species on Gingeria.



The wife of Papa Acachalla, she is a Gingerian.

Gertrude (Phaser Mod)[]

A version of Gertrude from an alternate universe manipulated Captain Maloney into going on "a wild juice chase" around the galaxy looking for her lost parents. He accidentally killed her with a phaser after she revealed that she didn't have parents.

Uncle Booga[]

Uncle Booga is a citizen of Gingeria.


An alien dog that got killed by a rocket. It is possible that she/he lived on Gingeria.


  • The Gingerian's model is the Vortigaunt alien from Half-Life.
  • It is one of the first planets visited in Venturiantale.
  • Their main species are Gingerians
  • Whiskey was invented here.
  • The Gingeria visited by Papa Acachalla is in fact different from the Gingeria seen in it's previous appearances; the set was in fact reused from the planet where a Gingerian alerted Captain Mari Tann that Bob Derp the Derpian was in fact a Romulan agent.
  • There are actually three (known) versions of Gingeria: The first incarnation is the one Gertrude came from which is in an unknown dimension, the second is the version Captain Maloney visited that is in the gmod Star Trek/Starbuggers series, and the third is the one Papa Acachalla nuked.