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Not to be confused with: Gertrude.

Gertrude (Phaser Mod)
Phaser Mod Gertrude.png
Gender Female
Played by Bethany Frye
Status Deceased
Position/Rank Gingerian
Nationality Gingerian
Group Gingerian
Weapon Crowbar
Debut Gmod_Star_Trek_PHASER_Weapon_Mod!_(Garry's_Mod)
"Maloney, if we don't survive this, I just want you to know that you're the only human I didn't think was a complete idiot."
―Gertrude, to Captain Maloney

Gertrude was a future descendant of Gertrude, also played by Bethany Frye, in the Garry's Mod STAR TREK PHASER Mod episode.


Gertrude was a Gingerian, a native of the planet Gingeria, considered by some to be the most dangerous planet in the universe. Gertrude claimed that she accidentally slept-walked, via the ion trail, to a lava planet. When she woke up and realised she was stranded, she launched a distress beacon that was intercepted by Captain Maloney of the USS Who's Your Mama, who immediately flew in to rescue her and return her to her home planet. Gertrude had other ideas, however, and told him to search for her missing parents. Grudgingly, he complied, forcing him to go on what he later described as "a wild juice chase" around the solar system, looking for clues to her parent's whereabouts. They first checked Gingeria, home planet of the Gingerians, where both of them were nearly killed several times within minutes of arrival. He left, vowing never to return to Gingeria. They then checked Earth, where she killed two of members of his Starfleet: Lt Butt Head, Corporal Jim Bob and an innocent human. they then followed an ion trail to two planets, where she found Mommy's puppy "Mommy". On the ice planet they found a teleportation device and It transpired as Gertrude revealed that she tricked him; she didn't have a family, there were no parents to chase, it was all a big joke and she was making him fly around the planets for nothing. The instant after she revealed this to him, his phaser malfunctioned, accidentally discharging and killing her, resulting in the Gingerians declaring war on humanity.


Though they appear physically alike, Gertrude's personality was substantially different from the Gertrude who married Papa Acachalla, being closer to that of a younger Gertrude, or Maddie Friend. While initially appearing to be quite naive and innocent, she was later shown to be manipulative and deceitful, but still quite dim-witted and chirpy.


Captain Maloney[]

Captain Maloney answered Gertrude's distress call and rescued her, before being forced to search for her parents, driving her around the planets looking for them. Though initially their relationship was a rocky one, Gertrude insisting they search for her parents and Maloney constantly worrying of the dangers and convinced that her parents are dead (as well as being annoyed that she keeps on killing humans), they eventually held a grudging respect for each other. Just as they were leaving a nice planet, Gertrude revealed that she made up the parents, and a second later his Phaser misfired, killing her and causing the Gingerians to declare war on humanity.