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Gas mask guy
"I'm here to stop the bomb!"
Gender Male
Played by Isaac Frye
Status Alive
Position/Rank Special Air Serviceman
Nationality British
Age Unknown
Group Special Air service,(possibly the Time Lords and/or Paranormal Investigators Extraordinaire)
Weapon Bomb disarming tools, revolver/M4A1
Debut TBA

Gas Mask Guy

This character doesn't have an Official name yet.[]

"I'm here to stop the bomb!"

Gas Mask Guy, aka Mr. Bomb Dude,(and possibly Special Air Service unit,) is a special operations unit of the British Special Air Service, with a full-covered gasmask. Gas mask guy randomly steps on any adventure to explain he has come to "Deactivate the bomb". In his first appearances, he was impossible to understand and even currently has a muffled voice, due to his mask. While Gas mask guy is not normally violent or taken as a threat he is certainly a formidable foe, killing Papa Acachalla with one shot then crashing or 'disarming' the entire universe soon after. Gas mask guy also shows the ability to hide and virtually anywhere. Especially places with explosives near.


Gas mask guy has no noticeable emotions whatsoever. His most notable trait is his hellbent determination to disarm bombs by any means necessary, even if it means killing everyone he was supposed to save. Gas mask guy does display an interesting backstory, having an affiliation with the Time Lords and other shady characters. He does rarely show emotions but those are usually muffled out by his mask. He also disabled a Poopa.

Papa Acachalla[]

Papa Acachalla shows a great disdain and even fear of the Gas mask guy. This is mainly because of his attachment to the "feds" and the fact that he killed Papa once. Still, this has not stopped the Acachallas from making jokes about him.

Sue Acachalla[]

Though gas mask guy and Sue have never met on camera (because they are both played by Issac) Sue does seem to know about him. Disguising himself as the gas mask guy during hide and seek. It is not out of the question that they once worked on secret missions together. But it is clear that they are to differ the people, as Gas mask guy is in fact competent.

Chris "Colon" Ghostie[]

In HAUNTED BY A HORSE GHOST! Gmod Horror he was revealed to actually be Colon. Or at the very least, colon had dressed up In a similar attire to the Gas mask Guy.


  • He went to All Girl Academy.
  • Gas mask guys attire is also quite similar to Sue's biological father Tinker Corndog, further hinting a connection between all four of these characters.
  • He also has a very similar outfit to Barnacle.