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Freddio was a Velociraptor and the younger brother of the more well-known dinosaur, Freddie. Like Freddie, Freddio also has baby teeth, and is Sally's pet who will love and protect him, even after going on murderous rampages. Sally blames the victims when Freddio kills them. Ever since his death by a TV, the Acachalla family has hidden Freddio's corpse in the fear that a vengeful Sally would blame them. It was Freddio who began a dinosaur uprising throughout the earth, thus the cause for the numerous appearances of dinosaurs within episodes.[citation needed]


Freddio is surprisingly different from his larger brother, as he is shown to be so calm that he will not attack unless someone gets too close. Freddio also seems more loyal than Freddie, sparing Sally even when in his 'kill space', however, he will not show the same kindness to anyone else quickly killing them without hesitation and gets easily aggravated.


Another surprising fact is that Freddio can deal a lot more damage than Freddie can, killing most in one to two hits at full Health. He has good defense against melee attacks almost instantly killing anyone who gets close to him. Not only can Freddio come back from the dead, but he can also contact the rest of his velociraptor family (which is assumed to be in the millions at least). Freddio's army was so great he nearly destroyed the human race (it is presumed he failed as everyone is still alive) and somehow Sally still loves him.


  • He apparently loves Cheerios.
  • He is allergic to bananas.
  • He also has baby teeth.
  • It is implied that his corpse is still in the Acachalla residence.
  • He was killed by an HDTV.
  • He bears the skin of a nova raptor from the game, Primal Carnage.