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Foxy is a character in Five Nights at Freddy's, and also appeared in Gmod. He appears frequently in different forms in VenturianTale videos. He first appeared in Gmod scary five nights at freddys mod



family Edit

Though all different Foxys have different past, he was said to be Toast's son to his second wife. He was killed by SpongeBob though it is presumed that he came back from the dead like many other characters have. Also in gmod, foxy raised his son, Baby foxy in his mansion which he'd bought from stealing from Mike. ( The security guard) He continued making money from all his green grass which gives him money because it's green like American money.

Thanos Edit

One time foxy teamed up with Baldi and Bendy to take out Thanos. They lured him into a Baldis school trip and hid all of his infinity stones around the forest. While he searched the all tried to bash him to death with their crowbars. Thanos collected all the stones but soul. He was down low on health but managed to find it and retaliatate killing them all .

The great animatronic war Edit

After the events of the Fnaf games Bonnie and Foxy went into hiding. The military started hunting down these animatronics who had taken many lives. They worked with a group of freedom fighters who betrayed their own kind to give the animotronics peace. But considering all they did was recycle paper 24/7 probaly means they were a bunch of hippes. The animatronics won the war against the millitary but with heavy losses. Foxy survived the raid

left for dead Edit

He also appeared in Left 4 Dead 2 as a playermodel. Before he was teamed up with the original four to fight the zombies, he had his own adventure this time played by Bethany Frye. He was with his pirate crew, Freddy Fazbear,Nick and Annoying minion. They were fixated on clearing the world of all forms of violenc. Including doing things like walking on the floor because it might hurt the floor. Foxy was sick of listening to his minion constantly warning about violence so he shot him in the head while he wasn't looking.

Issac, who was playing him at the time accidentally threw a pipe bomb killing the entire group. Next round Jordon (Freddy) gunned him down on sight for failing. After many tries and fails the gang realises that they don't work well in teams like they used to, so they killed eachother. Foxy along with Freddy and Chica died in battle by Bonnie.