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Flying Pings is a YouTube channel launched October 7, 2016, with its first two videos uploaded on June 18, 2017. It is a sub-channel of VenturianTale owned by Bethany Frye, where she does vlogs, plays games, draw characters and other stuff. The name "Pings" is a combination of "pig" and "wings", and therefore the mascot is a flying pig with wings.

Official Description

Hey, Pings! My name is Bethany.

I'm an artist who loves drawing all sorts of things! I want to connect with my subscribers as much as possible, so I hope to see you around! ^_^

Thanks for all the support~

VenturianTale controversy

On June 19, 2021, Bethany uploaded a 55-minute long video to her Flying Pings channel titled "The Truth About VenturianTale". In it, she details her experience of growing up in an excessively conservative Christian household. She explained how women were often viewed as lower than men, how even the supporting of LGBT+ was forbidden, and that they weren't allowed to have friends as kids, thus relying on only their siblings. She also explained how if they even questioned these ideologies, they would be "disowned" in a way, and they would be forced to cut all ties with said person. She said that Cierra was the first to question these ideologies, and therefore was the first to stop playing with the Venturian crew and had contact cut from her own siblings. Bethany then expressed these same feelings later on, and she herself had contact cut from her, and therefore stopped appearing in Venturian's videos as well. Isaac had also become more scarce in Venturian's uploads, however this was unrelated to any religious thing, and he still appeared in some videos.

Jordan had continued to upload videos on a regular basis up until Bethany released her video. He turned off comments on all of his videos, and on June 23, 2021, he uploaded a 29-second long video titled "..." that not only had comments disabled, but the like ratio as well. The video, which has since been deleted, consisted of only white text on a black background that said that what Bethany said was true, and that there won't be a full response video because he didn't want to talk about her personal life online. He also announced that he was going to be taking an indefinite hiatus from content, and that his Patreon had been closed.


Note: This list is incomplete

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