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The Honeyhall Legacy

Once again, I am sorry for it's length. Try to take to the time to read it because I believe you could like it. Stick with me, please. Because of you guys' reaction to The Honeyhall Horror, I will not do a long FanFiction ever again. Thank you. But I wanted this sequel to be made.


This is a sequel to The Honeyhall Horror, an original FanFiction created by Me, Justjackbros. This is also a prequel to Ghost, which is the sequel to Casket, both of those by me (I have a big FanFiction timeline) If you like it, please tell me in the comments. If you don't like it please tell me how I could improve. Anyway, you should read the first if you haven't and then come and enjoy this! If you understand please message me.


Chapter 1: Framed[]

(Last Time)

Ghost stood up. "No...You're right. We should continue P.I.E. We're the best! Let's go!" he said. Toast smiled. "That's the spirit." As they started to walk out the door, they saw a man approach through the door window. Ghost stepped back. "Oh, someone's here. Probably someone to thank us," he said. But as he opened the door, he saw something so bad that nothing could ever top it. Ghost started to shake, and he gasped. "You."

Standing in the door way was a man with a jet black coat on, and a black beanie. Ghost was paralyzed in shock. The man smiled. "Hello, Johnny. Don't alert your friend," he said calmly. "Time's up, Johnny." Johnny stood still. "I've seen you b-before. In my dreams, and that one" he said. "You have?" the man said happily. "Good...It means I've won. But fun's over," he said, pulling out a pistol from his coat. He aimed it at Johnny's stomach. "Goodbye Johnny. I'll see you...later."

Johnny Toast was putting his shirt on when he heard a boom come from the front door. He burst out from his room to see what had happened. There, near the open door, was Johnny Ghost, blood pouring from his stomach. "No!" he shouted, running over. He checked the wound. It was deep. And then Toast heard laughing coming from a black Toyota, skidding off from the driveway. Shortly after, he heard police sirens blaring, getting closer. A tear dripped from Toast's eye. "Sir," he said, looking down at Ghost. "I have to leave've been a good partner."

Police cars stopped in the street, and officers ran out of the cars with guns. "Freeze," one of them yelled. "Do not move, we are coming in!" But Toast didn't listen. He took the gun from the ground that the killer had and hid behind a counter. Police swarmed into the house to see Johnny lying there, bleeding. "He's killed someone! Whoever's in here killed this man!" the one in lead said. Toast looked down at what he was holding; a gun. And there was a dead man in the house. Whoever the killer was, he framed Toast. No, I must go Toast thought. And he took action.

In a quick move, he put the gun in his pocket and dashed through the occupied house. "HEY!" an officer cried. "GET HIM." Toast grabbed his backpack and crashed through the window. Toast ran through wet grass as bullets sounded from all around him. Ghost was gone, and Toast was wanted. As many things went through his head, he chose one goal; To find Ghost's murderer. And he knew who it was.

Johnny Toast ran through the city, the police after him, to eliminate Jimmy Casket, murderer of children, adults, and Johnny Ghost.

Chapter 2: Waking Up[]

When Johnny Ghost woke up, he thought he was dead.

He was lying in the middle of a street, surrounded by car rubble and burning metal. To the side of him was a dead police officer. But Ghost couldn't react; the pain was too much. On top of the feeling of hot, fire-like pain dancing along his nerves he felt a sensation unlike anything before. It felt like his whole lower half was severed from his top. And then he realized he had been shot earlier that day. Although he tried to recap everything that happened since he was shot at his door and why he is now car-wrecked in the middle of the road, he couldn't remember a single thing. It was nearly impossible to move, but when he slowly looked up, he saw a large white moon shining above him. He knew he had to get up, but couldn't.

Finally, he sat up. It made the pain worse, but he had to do something. He stood up with weak, shaking, bloody legs and looked around. The smell of burning rubber attacked his nostrils but the scent was far less worse than what he felt on his body. He was surprised that there were no sirens or anybody around. Taking slow steps, he went towards a dilapidated building with a pink, neon sign screaming "BAR: HOURS 5-12"

He looked through the foggy window. Inside was nothing but empty chairs and tables, the occasional glass on the ground, shattered. He stepped away from that window and looked for another place to go. But suddenly, his thoughts were invaded by a scream echoing from beyond. His natural instincts came upon him and although it was painful, he ran towards the sound. After what seemed like miles, he collapsed. The pain from his stomach grew too much, and his eyes began to fade away. Before he knew it, he was lying on the cold street of nowhere, knocked out. Or dead. Either way, there was no hope.

Chapter 3: Searching for Johnny Ghost[]

The dark, cold night looked like it was about to change to a brisk, sunny morning at any minute. This meant that Johnny Toast had to hide.

During nighttime, he retired from his hidden state and wandered around looking for his partner. This went on for almost 2 nights. And during the day, he would flee from the city limits and stay in a small garage behind an office complex. At by night he was crossing the limits again.

Now that it was almost day, it had been about 50 or so hours since he left Ghost's house and fled from the police. So he quickly ran along a wood by the city to make his getaway. While in his garage, he would use the devices he had stowed in his pockets. Three.

One of them was a simple sensor. It displayed heat-sensing waves that explored up to 10 meters left and right. The device would beep slower when it sensed hot and faster when it sensed cold. The faster the beep, the closer the ghost. The second was a small camera to place anywhere he liked. And the third one, while being a marvelous one at that, was smashed during Toast's getaway. He didn't need to use these because there was no supernatural activity around the area.

One time he was sitting in the garage staring at the wall. After so long of searching, he came to the tragic conclusion that after Toast fled, police squads were sent out to search or him but Ghost's body was taken into the hands of them. He was sent to a morgue without any final words. And that made Toast very sad. He slowly stood up to search for any food. When he first arrived to the garage, there was a bag of shelled peanuts and an old can of Coca-Cola. The peanuts were gone shortly and the Coca-Cola was drained by the first time. So for a night and a half he was left with almost nothing to eat.

He found nothing but a spare peanut that fell out of the back and onto the floor. After gulping the nut down, he threw down a tarp that was in the garage and decided to sleep through the day. A tear rolled down his cheek and he went into slumber. But not for very long.

Toast felt a warm light on his side. And for some reason, he awoke. To his surprise, there was a woman standing in front of him. Startled, he stood up. "W-ho are you," he said. He glanced down at his sensor to see if she was human or not. But the screen just flashed 'ERROR: CODE 1729" Finally examining the female, she was quite pretty. She had medium-length ginger hair with faint freckles littering the area near her nose. She was wearing a long, jade dress and long yellow gloves. "Hello," she said softly. "Do you know who I am? It's been long I know..." she said. She had a French accent as well.

Toast didn't seem to recognize her until she spoke. "I think...I do know you. Your name is, oh I don't know, Annie? Anne? A-"

"Aimee," she said. "I am Aimee." She sat down on the ground. "I have followed you ever since your event at Bedum... You and your partner are handsome," she said, blushing. Toast found his cheeks reddening as well. He quickly changed the subject. "I sort of thought that, well, you died after Sir and I met you that one day."

(Johnny Toast & Ghost had met Aimee while on a mission. She had inhabited a mansion they were looking in. She fell in love with Toast at first but then settled on Ghost.)

Aimee nodded. "I disappeared, oui, but I followed you because I sensed that you needed me," she said. "And I was right, because you need Aimee right now! You must follow me right now because my love and your partner is alive but dying. Venir maintenant, monsieur, come now!" and with the final French words she pulled Toast out into the cold morning. It was a lot to process, but at least it made Toast happy that Ghost was alive; but not well.

Chapter 4: The Darkness Hits[]

Jimmy Casket watched from a hole in the dark wall. He was spying on Johnny Ghost.

Ghost was tied up and gagged to a wooden chair in the middle of a dark, dirty room filled with bones and empty cartons and cans.

Casket smiled. It was all going to plan. He looked at his watch. 6:43 AM; perfect. "Wake up," he said. Ghost started to stir. He twitched a few times. Suddenly, he threw his head up, looking around at this surroundings. All he could see was the darkness around him; and the reek of mold and blood. Suddenly he heard shrill laughter.

A window of light flashed against his eyeballs, making him squint. A dark, hunching figure stood in the open doorway. "Rise and shine, Johnny!" Casket said, walking into the room. "Had a good sleep? Yeah, I thought so." He flipped a switch on the wall and a blinking lightbulb dimly illuminated the dreary room. Casket's face was shocking; almost a year ago Casket had looked like a young adult. But now, he looked like a teenager...but with the face of a wise old man. Casket pulled a sizable curved knife out of his jean pocked it and waved it in Ghost's face.

"Now, I thought I had killed you for sure the first time I shot you. But I didn't feel the world I tried a second time and planted a bomb on the ambulance you were on. I braced myself but felt nothing but anger. So I left you to bleed to death on 29 Avenue. Well, I know now you don't die easily...In fact I even came to the conclusion that time couldn't be made new again...Hopefully I can prove that wrong." Casket said, now pacing around Ghost on the chair. "Mmph ma mpeumph mauph mmph mouh mmphing mhmm?" Ghost attempted to say through the dirty rag in his mouth. Casket laughed, "I've done it again," he said, pulling the rag out of Ghost's mouth. Saliva and blood dripped out of his mouth. "What in the name of- what are- why am I- no, what...WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOU-" Ghost mumbled as the rag was forced back into his mouth. "Don't yell, John, you're making my already-painful head turn around it its socket!"

He took the rag out again. Ghost growled "Where am I and what's your plan?" Casket looked down. "Aw, but you figuring it out is always the best part of our playtime!" "PLAYTIME?" "Well what else would you call it?"


The rag went right back in. "Playtime, exactly. At least that's what I used to call it..." Casket looked into Ghost's bloodshot eyes. "Don't you remember? You pointed a gun at my head. You said I was under...arrest. Oh I try hard to remember the name you were arresting me under but it was so idiotic." Casket stood up, scratching his head. "Oh darn, I forgot, time travel hasn't been invented yet, has it?" he said. Ghost's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. Casket smiled, leaning down at Ghost. "Oh my...We do have a lot to talk about. But..." he removed the gag. "I want you to talk back because hopping back and from through time is just... exhausting. You tend to forget where you are. I won't say much."

"Just what you need to do."

Chapter 5: A Man, A Girl, and The Physcopath Child[]

Briskly pacing along the early dawn, Aimee and Johnny Toast were side by side walking into the city limits.

"Do not be so timid, monsieur, our speed will not change a thing," she said. Toast was, at the same time, frantic and elated. He was elated because Ghost was alive, but frantic because God knows what Jimmy Casket was doing to him. And he knew that they weren't having a tea party; but of course, knowing Jimmy, that wouldn't be surprising.

"Alright, Aimee, how did you find out he was alive?" Toast asked. "No time to explain, we go now," she said. "But you said that speed doesn't matter," he said. "Is that false?" Aimee stopped. "I was worried when I heard Ghost got shot, so I followed the ambulance he was on. I was surprised for sure when I saw it sauter, blow up, and I felt very sick. I watched Johnny lay there all night...nobody came. It was like...everybody saw and nobody came. Which is what I did. I regret it."

"And then I saw a black van pull up to Johnny and take them. I haven't seen him since." She started moving again. "But I know not where they went. We must visit somebody..."

The doorbell rang on the Acachalla residence. "I'll get it!" a girl said. She opened the door. "Hello! Oh gosh, lady, you are pretty! Want to have a party? Tea party? Would you like some waffles- Oh hi sir, would you like to have a party?" she said cheerfully. Aimee and Toast stood at the doorway. "Where is your father," Toast asked. "I'm coming, I'm coming..." a man voice said. Papa Acachalla now stood at the doorway. "Oh great, if it isn't Dr. Ghostbuster's English assistant, mister tea and crumpets!"

In exactly 2 seconds, Papa Acachalla was pinned to the wall. "Call him that again. Do it, fattie," Toast snarled. Aimee gasped. "Put him down! We need info," she said. Toast put Papa down. "Ok, ok. I need some information," he said. Papa smiled. "After you pinned me to the wall? How about a hell-to-the-no?" he said, folding his arms. "Say sorry." Aimee whispered to Toast. "S-Sorry..." he mumbled. Papa rolled his eyes. "Fine, what is it?" Toast gulped. "Uh, where was it exactly...when you and your family were, uh, trapped in that..." he said quietly. Papa's eyes darkened. "What business do you have there," he said. "I know where it is, a mile around this neighborhood and 4 blocks to the left, in the first alley you see; near the McDonalds...but what business do you ha-"

And with that, the door shut.

"Great, we know where Casket's hideout is now. Should we ambush or sneak it?" Toast asked. Aimee said nothing. "Well?" he said. Aimee looked at him. "Neither. We're not ready to go there yet. We have our man," she said, pointing at him. "Our girl," she said, jabbing a thumb at her, "but we're missing our physcopath of a child. And a spirit..." she said. "Are you talking about that Acachalla's lost brother, Jeremy? Because his daughter told me about him once. He was locked in the Acachalla's old house basement after going insane. Years and years of him down there, he died, but didn't move on. He's a ghost, they say, hellbent on revenge." Aimee blinked. "Actually, yes monsieur, that's where we're going."

"You see, we need him to break into the hideout that Ghost is in. Jeremy is extremely dangerous, but he can be tamed like an animal. If we kidnap the man Acachalla and send him into the building, Jeremy will go in and find him. Although Acachalla will be hard to get, so we need a child," she said, smiling. "A childish, cutesy, physcopath child." And with that, she pulled candy and rope out of her dress pocket and ran off, Toast on her heels. "And there I went thinking this would be easy..." he said.

Chapter 6: Time and Time Again[]

Jimmy Casket cut the ropes off of Ghost's chair. "Be free, my sweet angelic masterpiece!" he said with sarcasm.

Ghost growled. "I don't need your attitude," Casket pulled up a stool and sat in front of Ghost. "I untied you because I feel like we don't....connect when you're all tied up and gagged, you know? Anyway, I'm not one to spoil the movie, so I'll say the bare necessities, alright? Good."

"So, to make a long story short, you don't do very nice things to me after this. Nope, you don't. But yet, you do me the best thing you could ever do. And that makes me bittersweet. You see, look at me right now; I'm a mediocre murderer, I have no power. Sure, I seem confident but really," Casket sniffed. "I'm i-insecure...

"Jokes aside, that certain power you give me allows me to haunt your soul and mind, control you, make you my possession. That's music to my ears. But why just let it all happen the way it's supposed to? I want to have fun. If time stayed the way it did, it would follow like this; You would life a happy life until you meet a girl, get busy, have a kid or two, your partner gets cancer, your wife dies from a ghost, ironic isn't it, and you get back into the ghost hunting business, but without your partner because he's dead." Ghost looked down. "Wow..."

"This is fun to tell really because the next part is called time travel, and guess who gets to try it out?" Casket pointed a finger at Ghost. "This lucky man in the rags! Yes, good job sir, you go back in time and murder me!" Casket's face fell. "And that's just real melancholy, I must admit. Killing a kid. What a monster. For shame, John Ghost!" he said, and then he backhanded Ghost. Rubbing his face, Ghost shook his head. "I wouldn't kill a kid. Even if it was a boy like you." Casket went into hysterical laughter. "If only you knew."

"Alright, I've said enough. Anyway, here's what I want. I want the power without the death because when my mind is lost in yours, I can only control you and the others around you. But if I had the power and I had my physical form, do you know what kind of havoc I could ensue? It just gives me chills thinking about it. But that's impossible; somebody has to kill me. And it has to be a spirit. Because at will a spirit can bring me back to life, power and all. Grand, am I right? So I've heard a lot about your previous adventure and Honeycomb..."


"Hallhoney, what ever. That stupid place. Well I shouldn't say stupid because those...things you fought? Did you ever think to discover what caused them to be? I bet someone told you Satan sent the souls back to Earth...what a cheesy joke. But seriously, guess who that was? It was me, John, it was me. And I used time travel which exists in the future to travel back in time as a spirit, since you killed me, and create those monsters...those 'Benders'...they were beautiful, yes, but it didn't work. You recited that chant or phrase to kill them and just really pissed me off on that one, I'll admit. Funny how you kill a guy but you don't tick 'em off until you murder his creations. Once again, anyways, time has been written. You'll grow up to get hired to go back in time to kill me as a child before any of this," he said, gesturing around the place, "is real."

Ghost rubbed his head with his hands. "This is extremely confusing. I must have...must have failed then, right? If you're still here but you say I killed you as kid years ago, I must have-"

"Succeed, yes. You did. And then I died. And then you retired. That's the way it could have worked. But I stopped that way. Because when you shoot me, I haunt you, and you die too. But if you died, without spoiling the story, a nuclear bomb kills everyone. Haha. But if you kill me and I possess a different body, you would survive. And then I could use a spirit to come back. But where do I find a spirit?"

"I haven't gotten that far. For now, I won't mess with time. I won't. I'll let things happen. Goodbye, I will now leave you to your thoughts." and with that, Casket closed the door, sealing Ghost in darkness once again.

Aimee and Toast were standing at a deserted house covered in fog, cobwebs and bugs. Aimee knocked on the door, but the door fell off it's hinges and landed on the floor inside, creating a cloud of dust. "Lovely place indeed," Toast said. "So this is the house that Jeremy is in?" Aimee nodded. Walking inside cautiously. Almost instantly, a painful scream hit his eardrums. It sounded like an adult, but with a warped, shrill voice. The house shook; another scream. Aimee gulped. "The man," she said. "He is en colère, angry." The house rumbled, a dusty vase crashing to the bug-ridden floor. Toast recoiled. "Why couldn't he be in a mansion or something..." Aimee gasped and pointed at a rusty door near the living room. "That's the basement door," she said. "That's his...lair."

The Acachalla man's child, Sally, poked her head into the door. "Ok, I've looked into the house. It's scary. Can I have candy now?" She said. Toast turned around. "No Sally, our deal was you have to get Jeremy out and then getting Skittles, remember?" Sally nodded. "C'mon, it's scary, but hold my hand." Aimee said. The three opened the door carefully, and were met with a reek that smelled of mud and old meat. Tiptoeing down the broken staircase, the thing screamed again, seeming to get closer. The house shook again, this time causing the door behind them the shut close. Sally yelped.

They had no choice but to walk down the stairs.

Chapter 7: Taming Jeremy Lincoln[]

It was a surprisingly lengthy stairwell, longer than they expected. The farther they walked down, the darker it got. The more rips, tears and blood stains they saw in the stairs and walls. The screams echoed less, and seemed to be right next to them.

They're hair stood on end, shivering about what could be down there. They turned a sharp corner to find a bit more stairs and then the ground floor again. Sally gulped. "I-I don't want to go down there. I don't belong here. I've been down here before, too, with Billy to do laundry, and I don't like Jeremy. Can't we go s-somewhere else?" she begged. Aimee hugged Sally, "We cannot, my sweet, you must hold my hand though." and so Sally did.

As soon as they stepped on the basement floor, they couldn't see anything but a flickering lamp illuminating the words "HELP ME" scribbled on the wall with black chalk, which was lying on the floor.

Next to a rotting corpse.

Sally let out a yelp, but Toast covered her mouth. They heard another scream, killing their eardrums. "If we don't stop him, our ears will stop working before our heart does," Toast cried. Aimee nodded. They carefully stepped around the skeletal body and looked down a hall. There were red handprints covering the walls, wallpaper peeling off and spiders coming out of the deep holes in the ground. It didn't smell very much, in fact Toast had realized there wasn't a scent. As they tiptoed through the corridor, they thought they heard distance cries coming from the walls. Children begging to be let out. Men crying and saying to not go further. It made even Toast chilled and scared. He couldn't imagine how Sally was feeling. He glanced at her, but she was emotionless. He saw some tears dropping down, but other than that, she was standing up straight and looking straight ahead. Aimee looked petrified.

After what seemed like an eternity of misery, they reached the bolted door leading to the lair of Jeremy Lincoln, the insane, lost half-brother of Papa Acachalla. "Uncle Jeremy is very scary. You shouldn't come in, I should go in and do it," Sally offered, shivering. Toast shook his head. "I have to see what we're dealing with," he said. 'Aimee, come with me too." She nodded. Toast pulled out a dull steak knife, modified with gripping, an electric handle, and other things; the ultimate lock picking tool. After a few short seconds, the rusty lock landed with a thud on the wooden floor, sending dust upward. Once again, Toast opened the door.

Cold air blasted his face, and the smell of death attacked his senses. He instantly shut the door again. He gagged. "That smell...What's in there, Sally?" he asked. She looked down. "That room he's in is the laundry room, where Billy and I washed Papa's undies. That might be the smell," she asked. Aimee smiled a little bit. But then Sally cringed. "Or the tons of dead animals and rotton foods we had to throw to Jeremy to stop him from crying and screaming," she said. Aimee grasped her mouth. Toast gulped.

"Got it, rotten food, dead things, good. Great." Toast pulled out from his pocked one of his radar devices. He clicked it on, and it started to beep. Slowly, he opened the great door and poked the device in. With a blast of beeps, the device broke, sending sparks flying everywhere. The smoking device fell to the ground. Toast looked down at it. "Oh my Lord," he said. "That's never happened before," he shuttered. He cracked his neck. "Alright, let's get this over with. Aimee, Sally, follow me," he said, flicking on a big flash light. He was scared to point it directly into the center of the room, so first he pointed it at the floor. He saw nothing but brown floor before hundreds of roaches started to trip and crawl over each other, scattering away from the light. He heard Aimee gasp. He choked down vomit reaching up from his stomach and took a step into the room. As he looked around with the flashlight, he saw animals of different kinds. Some were nothing but bone, some were half torn, meat taken from it. Some were mangy and stinky, untouched by Jeremy. But not a single one was alive. And even when Aimee said she thought one was alive, it was just bugs wriggling in and out of one. Toast tried to keep his eyes shut, but it was overall impossible. Sally was indeed disturbed, but she had obviously seen this before. In fact, suddenly, a dim light flickered on. Aimee looked over at Sally holding a rope in the corner of the room. "I made this light when I came in here last time. It doesn't make it so creepy," she said. But she was very wrong.

Now every sight, every feeling, and every smell was as worse as ever because Toast and Aimee could see it all. After fighting it back, finally Toast threw up in the corner. Without explaining details, the left side of the room had a table with broken glasses and cobwebs, next to it had three washing machines and a sink, which were all four not working. The right side had nothing on it but the mutilated mess of Jeremy's meals as well as a few rags which Toast figured to be Jeremy's bed. And in the front of the room was a large, iron gate with a torn section at the center. Toast looked at Sally. "Ready?" Sally nodded. She slowly opened the tall gate, looking inside. Her eyes widened. She looked at Aimee. "He's doing the thing he always does when he's not eating; sitting in the corner crying," Toast and Aimee started to hear it. It sounded like a warped version of a teen woman's cry, but it was very unearthly and unsettling. Finally, Aimee's curiosity piqued and she looked into the door. She looked solemn, but not disturbed. She looked at Toast. "Come and see," she said. "It's actually kind of...sad." Toast walked over and looked into the square room.

It was an almost empty room, filled with dark blood stains and some empty cans. But there, in the left corner of the room, was a dark figure. And Toast knew that he couldn't be human;

He was a dark, flickering black ghost-like man hunched over and fiddling with his hands, which looked like claws. He heard the crying again, and sometimes he would disappear and appear again in the corner, as if 'he' was a black lightbulb about to die. Aimee whispered, "This isn't a ghost, is it? You've said before he's more of an 'entity', as if somebody was supposed to go on but didn't, but wasn't in reality either. In between, in limba." she said. "Limbo," Toast said. "Between our reality and Hell."

"Ghost- er, Sir, he believes that ghosts like this one were filled with too much fury and torment that they couldn't deserve Hell or Heaven, and instead had to stay until their misery was corrected into peace." He looked at Aimee with both pity and disgust. "This man, this thing, has known nothing but shame, abuse, sadness, and solitude since he was born. Acachalla told me. When his parents got divorced, a new man got into the picture. He had a son, a deformed son, who was excruciatingly mental. Acachalla didn't say much, but he got this dark fear over his face that just told me that it was serious. That man's wife left him with the son, and big surprise, Acachalla's mother didn't want to live with that man anymore. Now that man didn't like that, so he...he killed Acachalla's mother, and 'adopted' him as his son. The man said he needed his son to have a friend, and Jeremy followed Acachalla ever since. The insanity got worse and worse, and when Acachalla had his own house, he finally locked him down here. This was his house, and this is the insane son. Jeremy Lincoln, brother of Scott Acachalla Lincoln. He was called Papa Acachalla by everyone because he wanted nothing to do with Jeremy. And now look," he said, pointing at Jeremy. Sally was now sitting by Jeremy, whispering to him. His voice was inaudible, warped mumbling. Sally looked over at Aimee and Toast. "He says you make him scared. Please step outside, he says. It's the only way we can get him out of here," she instructed. Jeremy looked at the two with glowing crimson eyes. Fierce as they looked, they felt like pain and suffering as well. Toast and Aimee gladly left the basement and waited outside for Sally to finish.

Almost an hour later, Sally had Jeremy by the hand outside in the night, walking out from the torn house. "As long as Jeremy is out in the world, it will be nightfall. It's a curse he's had for a long time. It is safe to move now, let's get him into that place," Sally said. Toast took Sally's other hand and Aimee's hand and walked along the dark street, to Casket's hideout. After all the ghost hunting Toast has done, this couldn't have shocked him more.

Chapter 8: Broken Memories[]

Since Ghost was untied for the afternoon, he spent his time trying to open the door. He could not, so he decided to pace around and think.

He thought about Toast, and if he knew that he was alive in the rancid hideout of the murderer. Ghost wasn't sure if Toast knew that Jimmy Casket kidnapped him or if Toast thought it was a nobody. No, that wasn't it. Johnny Toast was a smart man, and he would have connected the dots. Toast knew about Casket from his personal encounters as well as Ghost explaining the visions and dreams he had often a bout him. Beside all of it, though, Ghost wondered if Toast was coming to save him.

The door opened and Casket poked his head in. "I've really done it, really. Beyond your level, it is. Amazing and spectacular and groovy," he said cheerfully. He walked in, pulling up his sleeve to reveal a large device tied around his wrist. "This is something you want to try. Ready?" he said. Ghost backed away. "What are you going to do," he said. Casket took off the device and placed it on Ghost. "Press that blue button. And then think of any memory, and keep it. Let it do its magic." Ghost followed the instructions and pressed the button. He tried to think about something happy, but all he could think about was the Honeyhall Manor, and what went on in it. The unholy horrors that uncurled from the house and the evils that followed him since that time. He shook it from his mind instantly and tried to think of something else, but just then, he was surrounded by dark fog and whistling. He opened his eyes and looked around to see what was happening. He felt blinding light against his eyeballs so he shut his eyes again until he thought it safe to try again.

Silence. He heard nothing. He saw gray and white photographs everywhere. Not photographs, but what it looked like.

It was the image of Johnny Ghost and Johnny Toast walking down a hallway of Honeyhall Manor, following a shady, dirty 'butler.' Ghost was at the end of the hallway, looking across. Looking around once again, he realized he was where he was when this took place, except it was all gray and nothing was moving. Even the fire of the fireplace was still and emitted no heat. Ghost slowly walked down the hallway, touching the people. Nothing happened. He looked at Toast. Ghost sighed, "I miss you. Come get me," he said in Toast's ear. Nothing. He wondered when he was going to snap out of this memory, and when he got impatient, he tried to walk out the door. Out the door, he looked around. He gasped; Aimee was standing right near the door, following them. Ghost smiled. "You always did like me, Amy," he said. "Er, Aimee."

But when he turned around again, he a black van. And a figure standing next to it. Jimmy Casket was in his memory. He was pointing a gun to a bystander's head. But since it was frozen, Ghost didn't know what Casket said. As soon as Ghost blinked, the van was gone; and the bystander was lying in a pool of crimson blood. Ghost gulped. He had no idea this was happening when he was in the manor. He looked back into the manor. What was happening when Casket shot the bystander, Ghost thought. What he saw was the lantern the butler was holding on the floor, and his back poking out of his shirt, eyes bulging. Now I get it, Ghost thought. The gunshot happened right as the lantern fell and the butler screamed. We didn't hear the shot. Now Ghost was worried. Right as he started to run and find the van, he stopped in his tracks. Colors zoomed around him and his vison faded. His stomach lurched as he was thrown upwards towards the sky...

His eyes opened and he was staring at Jimmy Casket, in the room he was previously in. "See? Amazing, isn't it? You just went back into one of your memories. Was I there? Good," he said, pacing the room. "You see, I was in that memory too. And I have a device too," he said pulling back his other sleeve to show another device. If I go back in the same memory, I can move too. You know, back in that memory, I pointed the gun to the person but didn't kill him. He told me what I needed to know and then I left in my van. But when you went back to that memory, so did I, and I had control over it. I awoke there with a gun pointed to the crying man's head. And I could either put the gun down or hold the trigger. And I just...couldn't stand it, so I pressed it. I heard no sound, no blood sprayed, nothing. But then I blinked out of the memory and went back in, and there the guy was, bleeding out on the road. I got into the van and drove to where you lived. He told me where you lived, John." he said. Ghost looked down.

"The only thing that changed was that I killed him. It was fun," Casket said. Ghost jerked towards him with anger, but to his surprise, he was chained to the chair. Casket laughed. "You know, in an hour, this could be a memory I could travel back to," he pointed a cold gun to Ghost's head. "Wait a moment, and see if I kill you."

After about ten seconds, Casket put the gun down. "See? You see? In an hour I will travel back to that moment where the gun's at your head. I could leave or kill you. I left you alone. That is called a broken memory, a memory with a crack in it that I can travel in and travel back through. And that is how I time travel, in a way. Almost. I really can't tell you the rest. But yeah. And that's why I made the device." Ghost smiled. "You're a jackass, Casket, but your's amazing," Casket pointed at Ghost. "Bingo! Yes! Nobody understands me! I'm like a-"

Four loud knocks on the door echoed. Casket went to the door and opened it and closed it. Ghost heard another door open. "Oh my, John thought you'd come!" he heard Casket say.

He also heard a punch, footsteps, a scream, and the door of where Ghost sat threw open. Ghost smiled. "Hello, sir," Johnny Toast said, standing in the doorway. Aimee came through the door too. She waved at Ghost sweetly. Sally peeked through the door too. "Hi," she said. All three of them fell down as Jeremy scrambled into the room. Ghost screamed. Jeremy ran all around the room, smelling and looking. He crawled up to Ghost and looked him in the eyes. "Hello," Ghost heard a warped, faded voice say. Ghost gulped. "Uh, hi." Toast walked up to Ghost. "I'm so glad you're ali-" Toast stopped speaking. He fell to the ground, sparks flying off of him. Sally and Aimee jumped out of the way. Casket was standing there with a black eye, and a tazer. He put the tazer down. "Your friends are...mean." he said. "I'll just chain these guys up with you, John. Except for you." he looked at Jeremy, growling and staring at Casket. Casket looked overjoyed. "Yes, you're what I needed. Your form is barely physical. You're a ghost, a spirit. Come with my, my friend," he said soothingly, beckoning Jeremy.

Casket, Toast, Sally and Aimee covered their ears as Jeremy let out a scream. Casket sighed. "Freak."

Chapter 9: Johnny Ghost and His Partner[]

A near hour of Jeremy screaming his non-physical lungs away was torture for anybody. Jimmy Casket provided headphones for everyone; meaning only himself.

In order to silence Jeremy once and for all, Casket took out one of his inventions. Nobody could identify what It was, but Ghost figured that it was something from the future. Thinking about the time travel still hurt his brain, but then again, so did the screaming. Casket used this vacuum-device to, basically, suck all remaining life force out of Jeremy. He cried out, but soon there was no sound from him. After he was a fizzling shadow figure on the ground convulsing, Casket dragged him out of the room and chained him up in a closet. Finally, he walked back into the room and showed his contraption.

“This, my friends, is my nameless, genius thing. I have no name for it, because it doesn’t matter,” Casket said, waving it around at the tied-up gang. “What you have seen me to do that abomination is…well, I guess suck his life force out of him. As cruel as I am, I have a use for this force. I need it to fuel something…something incredible.” Toast and Ghost looked at each other. “Sir, uh, what do you think he’s talking about?” Toast asked. Ghost wanted to answer, but for some reason he didn’t have the voice to say it. Casket smacked Toast on the head. “Don’t just ask him! It is a surprise!” he laughed. “Ahem, ok, in all seriousness, you two and your friends are going to stay here while I go power up my surprise.” Casket said. “Capiche?”  Sally nodded. Casket smiled. “You’re cute. You know, for a 17 year old girl, you’re cute.” He turned to Ghost. “So what’s her deal, mental illness?” Ghost groaned. “I don’t know, and I don’t care. We won’t let you use that…life force, to receive supernatural powers.” Casket gasped. “You…you fiend! You criminal! Spoiling the surprise! Die, scum!” he said, pulling out a huge gun. Aimee screamed. The gun rested on Ghost’s forehead. “Any last words before you graphically decorate my wall with your brains?” Casket cried. “Don’t do this, Casket!” Toast yelled. “You know you can’t kill him. We both do.” He said calmly. Casket sighed. He threw the gun down on the floor and walked over to Toast. “You’re smart, lemon drop. I guess England DOES have education. And all this time I thought those teachers over there waved jelly babies in your faces and told you one plus one equals thirty-eight…” he teased. Toast looked as if every vein in his body had popped; for one can insult a British man’s clothes, his hair, his face, but insult his home…and somebody dies.

Sadly, Toast could only stare at Casket because he was tied up. No words came out, because rage doesn’t speak. Casket smiled. “Do they teach you how to talk in the United Queendom? Or do they not have the time, you know, guzzling tea every two seconds,” Casket said, smiling. “Stop it!” Aimee yelled. “You have no right to do that!” Casket nodded. “I’m sorry, cinnamon toast man. I don’t get taken seriously either. The important thing…Is what you said.”

“You told me that Ghost can’t be killed. But not because he is invincible, but because you know what I’m up to, and that is great.” Ghost looked at Toast. “He told me that he needs a spirit, that was what Jeremy is…or was…and he needs to go to the future before I kill him and-“ Toast looked utterly lost. “Sorry,” Ghost said. “It is REALLY hard to explain, but in the future, er, he says I go back in time to kill him as a kid before any of this ever happens.” Toast nodded. “But if, in the future, you kill him as a kid, this wouldn’t be happening. He wouldn’t be here right now.” He said. Casket smiled. “But you see, I have already gotten away with using the life force to fuel my power and live, because like he said I wouldn’t be alive right now!” he said. Aimee closed her eyes. “I-I  can’t even imagine this. It hurts my head,” she said. “

“We know,” Ghost, Toast, and Casket said at the same time. Casket cracked his head. “Well, shoot, it’s been an hour. While I was gone, I relived that moment when I pointed a gun to your head in here, Ghost, just like I said. But now it gets hard; I’ve got to go back to Honeyhall and ask that guy where you live. Like, right now.” He said. “Well, I’m going. See you later, losers.” He said, walking out of the door. Silence. Everybody was trying to process everything. Suddenly, Sally stood up. “I took knot-tying class a year ago, so I untied myself! Now he’s gone so I can untie the rest of you!” she said. After untying all of them, Ghost and Toast spoke. “Alright sir, so we need to stop Casket from making himself god-like.” “We already have, Johnny, and we did it. Because otherwise he would have his power right now. He doesn’t, so we prevailed, right?” Ghost thought about this. “We haven’t done it yet. We haven’t stopped him yet, so he can still get the power. See? He has a time machine from the future that we can use right now to stop him as a kid, like I do in the future, except it’s now.” Toast shook his head. “Nope, in the future he’ll just come back again and stop us from doing it now,” he said. “I have a plan. Let’s break the time machine.”

“Why? So that none of this happens? You know that…he’s in time somewhere right now? And if we break the machine he’ll be lost fore-“ Ghost said before trailing off. “That…is not a bad idea.” Toast laughed. “Well, sir, let us do it!” And the both of them ran out of the room, asking Aimee and Sally to stay put.

They were now in this smelly, stained hallway that had four doors to the left and one door to the right. “Where should we go,” Toast asked. “Where should we start first?” Ghost pointed to the one on the right. “That one. I can see the light from the crack in the door,” he said. They walked towards it, and Ghost placed a hand on the doorknob. To his surprise, the door handle was warm, and vibrating. They heard a strange emitting sound inside. Something futuristic. “This is it,” Toast said. “Ready sir?” Ghost nodded. “Here we go, I hope this is the time machine,” he said. Toast and Ghost smiled. “To P.I.E! Paranormal Investigators Extraordinaires!” They cried, and Johnny Ghost and his partner ran into the door.

They were frozen with shock.

Chapter 10: The Casket Closes[]

Expecting to see a large, glowing machine, they were shocked to find a somewhat sizey machine holding two holes in it. "I suppose we put our hands in these holes," Ghost said. The machine was emitting electronic signals throughout the room, and Toast's watch was thrown out of his pocket and hit the machine. Toast sighed. "Magnetic," he put the watch back in his pocket. "This is serious, yes?" The room, unlike any other room in the place, was perfectly clean, and was filled with nothing but the machine and four large crates. Ghost and Toast felt no need to open them because of the huge glowing contraption.

"Alright, Johnny, here's the plan; Casket is in time somewhere, destroying this will..." Ghost said, but smiled. "Uh, sorry, I just...Well, I guess we could call it closing the Casket, huh?" Toast snickered. Ghost straightened himself. "In other words, breaking this will seal him forever in that time, and that time alone, meaning he can't age and time will not move on where he is. Do you know what that means? No more Casket in current time." Toast nodded. "Alright. How are we to destroy it, sir?" he asked. Ghost looked around the room to the crates. He looked at it, wondering what was inside it, then gave up and opened one. "Today is our lucky day, Johnny, these crates are filled with guns. Sub-machine guns!" he said. Toast ran over, looking into the crates of SMGS. "Alright, should we fire at it then?" Ghost nodded. "Here, let's put these on," Toast said, pulling out some earplugs. After they were in, the two of them had a gun in each hand and by the count of three, bullets flew at the machine.

The first dozen bullets didn't do much, but after a while, the shining lights started to buzz out, sparks flew off it, and sharp, blue electricity danced on and off of it, sending small shockwaves to the men. When the guns were empty, they picked up more and started firing away. The machine warbled and sparked and parts of the metal flew off.


Sally and Aimee could hear gunshots coming from a distant room, and they were slightly worried. "Aimee, do you like those men?" Sally asked. Aimee smiled and nodded. "They are wonderful. Smart, funny, handsome...It is a shame they have to do this." Sally walked around the room, eyeing the red and brown splotches mottled on the floor. "I told you I've been here, right?" Sally said. "I think so," Aimee said. Sally pointed to the left of the room. "Over there, where the boards are, that's covering a hole. Inside that hole...." she ran over and started picking off the boards. "Is a chest full of sharp things!" She pulled out the box into the room, and opened it. Three remaining machetes were in the box. "Should we take them? You know, for protection?" she asked. "No, we should leave them here, for now," Aimee said. "Maybe we should go check on them?" "Nope," Sally said. "He said to stay here, remember?"


Arms aching, Ghost and Toast dropped the guns. They went through all of the guns to demolish the machine. Gas leaked out of the broken pieces of metal and crystal that was once a grand time machine, and was now a heaping mess on the ground. It was smoking. "Ok, we did it," Toast said. "High five, Johnny!" Ghost said, slapping Toast's hand. "Alright let's go back." As they walked to the door, they saw the doorknob turn. The two of them froze. Please let that be Aimee and Sally, Ghost thought. He didn't know why he asked that, though, because Casket was gone. But his number one fear was answered; the door opened and there was Casket, standing in the doorway, gun pointed at Ghost.

"Bravo, John, you destroyed my spectacular invention. You're a special kind of mean." He said. Ghost and Toast froze, mouths gaping open. "Why so shocked?" he said, before laughing. "You honestly think I untied you and went into a time machine, free for you to escape and do whatever? Are you completely dense? Wow, this was so easy." Toast lurched forward, but Casket quickly turned the gun on him. "Watch it, crumpets, I'll kill you. In fact, I could," he said. "John, see this? Does this remind you of that one day I shot you? Well, I've come to relive that moment. Except it isn't you. Say goodbye to your pal, John," Casket said, and he pulled the trigger on Toast.

Time seemed to freeze. The noise seemed silent. Toast's face was cold and emotionless. Toast fell down in slow motion, red mist coming from the left of his chest. Ghost opened his mouth to scream, but no words came out. The noise of the gun was nothing, but the sound of Toast's body hitting the cold floor sounded like a million earthquakes. Toast lay on the ground, gasping, and then time went normal again. "S-Sir..." Toast said, grasping his body. Casket laughed, and slammed the door. A second later a locking sound was heard. "Have fun in there, guys, I'm going for the two ladies," And he cackled, running down the hallway. Ghost found his voice, screaming. "No!"

He slid down to the floor to Toast. "Johnny, it's going to be ok. Here, I have this," he said, pulling one of his gadgets out. "Wrap this around your chest. It will keep in the blood and insert more of it four about half an hour, but then that's it. I hate to leave you, but I need to find out what happened," Ghost explained. Toast feebly nodded. "Y-Yes sir, go get him," he said, and Ghost bolted out of the room. As he was running to the door, he heard another gunshot. And then another. Ghost stopped. No, he thought. Don't let them be dead. Not them. Don't let them be dead. He started running again, and threw open the door, half preparing himself to see both Sally and Aimee on the ground.

He wasn't sure what to think of the scene. He saw Sally with her arm forward and leg backward, as if she just threw something. Two blood splatters were on the wall behind Aimee, but she looked fine, blood dripping from her body. She felt no pain, it looked like. She was gasping at Casket; who was standing in the middle of the room, machete half way through his abdomen. Casket was staring down in surprise at the blade in his body. He chuckled. "Stupid girl," he said. He turned around to Ghost, who was staring at him with pure fury. "John, don't you see? I could die now. But I won't. Because that life force? I've used it already. But not on me, on some friends. They are right behind the wall where Aimee is standing. She knows who is behind the wall, so she stood in my way. So I shot her twice. But the bullets hit the wall anyway," he said quietly. Ghost looked over at Aimee, who looked angry. She stepped out of the way to look at the wall. The tiles started to crumble away. "I made a deal with the friends, John, since you locked me into that time at Honeyhall. You know those...creatures? Those, what did you call them, Benders? Well, John, they have dimensional properties too, just like Jermemy. They're spirits, just like you learned back then, right?"

Suddenly, it all clicked together in Ghost's mind. The members of the Honey family were all Benders, but he forget about the ones who stumbled into the house and were murdered by them. They turned into Benders too...

"I can see the gears turning in your, hold on," Casket said, pulling the machete out of him, hearing bones crunch and blood spilling out of his hole. Soon, it all went away, and there was seemingly no injury. "Yes, anyway, I know you know what my friends are..." he said. Suddenly, an ear-piercing screech from the back of the room shocked everybody. The wall was gone now, and a huge, blood-red creature was standing in the hole. It was a Bender. Muscle-skin, protruding bone, and drool from the heaping jaw of its mouth. Its dark, brown eye fixed on Ghost, but wasn't moving. "I had two more, but I used them...For invincibility. I've done what I needed, John, I have my power. As for Jeremy, he's gone. But that's ok. Goodbye, John," And Casket walked out of the room, unlocked the final door, and walked out into the alley. Gone.

Sally was trembling in utter terror, and Aimee ran into Ghost's arms, staring at the beast. He opened his monster mouth, and telepathically spoke to Ghost.

"I am a victim of the Honey family. You visited my resting ground and did nothing to find and rescue me. The man named Casket did, but I along with my friends who also died, had already suffered the fate of transformation. I have no handsome form, only this. I must obey my master, The Casket, and you must suffer like I have. All of you. I am stronger than ever now, and so is my master. You know now what the bidding of the Honey family is, if you haven't known before; revenge.

"Blood for blood, beast for beast...This is the Honeyhall Legacy."

The Bender ran at Ghost and Aimee.

Chapter 11: The Honeyhall Legacy[]


Everything froze. Everyone froze. Ghost was in his mind palace.

Everything around him was black and white, still in his own time. When Ghost thought, it was fast, and it made everything else seem slow motion.

Alright, Johnny Ghost, think. We need to make this fast, Toast is dying. He knew what he had to do; go get the remaining guns and use the remaining machetes in the room he was in right now. I'd have to run back, get the guns, rush back and shoot the beast. But the bender will have crushed these two already. I can't leave this room. I have to send Aimee. He looked over at Aimee, clutching his arm. I need to get her out of the way. Sally will give her the machete, she'll throw it to me, I'll fight off the bender, she'll run out of here, and Sally has too...hide in that hole. Perfect. He was done thinking. Although it was a lengthy thought, it was a half second in real time. Things warped into color and speed.

Now, the bender was charging at Ghost and Aimee, Sally screaming. Here it goes. "Aimee, go get the guns!" Ghost said, throwing Aimee to the side. Ghost looked up and braced for impact. With a big thud, the bender slammed Ghost into the wall. He couldn't breath, and the bender was snarling in his face. "Prepare for eternal pain, mortal" it growled. It raised it's monster fist and it-

-screamed in pain. Sally had thrown the last machete into the side of the bender's head. It was sticking out of the side of his eyelid. The bender was frozen. Then, with a twitch, it dropped Ghost to the ground and it stumbled around, lethargic. It moaned, trying to shake of the pain, and then Sally had an idea. She ran like lightning up to the stumbling bender and hopped on its arm, then its back, and finally sat on its head. "Show time!" Sally cried, and she removed the machete from the bender's head. She raised it over her head, and dropped it back down, this time on the top of its head. The bender cried out again, shaking all about trying to get Sally off. Over and over again she took out the blade and thrust it back in, sending dark blood everywhere. This was Aimee's chance to go. She bolted out of the room while Ghost had his eyes on Sally. This isn't what I was expecting, but it's perfect.

Sally let out one last victory scream, and then pulled out the machete. She jumped up limbs flailing, and landed the bender's forehead, blade tearing the head off its hinges. Ghost grimaced as Sally landed on the floor as the giant head fell to the ground, and a fountain of crimson sprayed out of the neck. With one last distant defeated groan from the severed head, the body fell to the ground. Ghost was staring in awe, but Sally was over her head with joy. She danced around, picking him the bender's head and tossing it around like a basketball, which Ghost had to remove from her because it was disgusting. The blood drained through the cracks in the walls and ground, and within a very short time the body and head dried up, and crumbled away like magic. Gone.


Aimee looked into the hallway of many doors. "Oh no," she gasped. "Which one has monsieur Johnny Toast? I have no time!" she said, looking around hysterically. "This one?" she said, opening the first door the right. A skeleton dropped out of a storage closet, along with a broom and a case of beer. It crashed on the floor. "What a mess. Oh where is he?" She checked the one next to it; an empty closet. The one left to that one was a bedroom filled with empty cans, pizza boxes, empty beer bottles and a stained, shaggy bed. She shut it and checked the last one to the right, which was a staircase leading down to something awful, she assumed. She didn't dare go in there. "Last one, I oh so hope it's right!" she said. She carefully opened the door that was to the left of the hallway, and gasped. There was Johnny Toast, lying on the ground. It must have been thirty minutes because the device and fallen off and Johnny was now bleeding out. Aimee yelped and tore off a piece of her shirt and wrapped it on the wound. "Johnny, Johnny, Johnny!" she said, crying. No answer. "Oh no," she said. Toast lifted his head up at her. " found me, where is...Johnny...Johnny Ghost? Sir?" he asked. She smiled. "Oh thank heavens, you're alive! But you'll die soon. We must get you medical attention!" she said. Toast dropped his head back down. "It's too late," he said. "I-I won't make it. I've done what he wanted me to do, t-though. I've helped him destroy the machine." Aimee looked over at the broken heap of metal in the center of the room. "Why destroy it? You might have gotten rid of that horrible man, but then we could go back and time and help you from getting shot!" Toast was silent. "That's what C-Casket did...He saw that he would fail, so when he u-used the time machine to go back and ask that man where we lived, he l-lied. He really went back to the moment after we destroyed it, and he shot me. He's g-gone now, I-I should have done something...." he whispered. Aimee shook her head. "No, it was inevitable, monsieur, messing with the times like that is dangerous work!" and with that, she cared for Toast as much as she could, trying to keep him alive.


"Amazing, Sally, you really took out that thing," Ghost told Sally. She grinned. "I saw it on TV once. It was fun, and gross...I mean, look at my pretty pants now!" her purple pants were stained a dark red and brown now. She went on about the state of her pretty pants for too long, and Ghost looked at her. I wonder what happened, he thought. She's a strong young woman, but she's so mentally young. She acts and believes she's a nine year old. Mental illness? Lack of education? What's the deal? Her brother acts a bit mature, then again he's twenty-five, but I bet he acts like that because he kept copying Sally. The Acachalla family is confusing...and I can assume tragic as well. But that's not my business....not my business... He shook himself. Sally was looking at him. "Well?" she said, impatient. Ghost looked down. "Sorry, I lost you at pants. What were you saying?" And then he gazed over her shoulder; two other, slightly smaller benders were in the corner of the room, having just emerged from the wall. "What are we going to do about those?" She said. Ghost gulped. Both of the beasts were snarling at them. "I guess Casket got more than one..." he whispered. Sally leaned in. "Where is Amy? Or, I mean, Aimee? She has guns I thought!" Ghost froze. Where's Aimee? He needed firearms for this! The benders walked slowly towards them, towering over the two. "You killed our leader. You have disrupted the Honeyhall Legacy of regaining mortality. All the Honeys have strived for is to be above average, yet we got the polar opposite; because of people like you. Our generation has two remaining survivors, us. We must fullfill our destiny or suffer the punishment of Hell," They both said. Ghost now understood what he didn't at The Honeyhall Mansion; that the Honey family isn't ALL about blood and revenge, or wealth or greed, but about fitting into society, being brave and kind, things they...weren't born to be. They couldn't help but beg for their lives back after they were killed, they were starting to be...somebodies. Somebodies that people knew and talked about. But they were punished for their unwholesome lifestyle, and every one ever related to the family was...morphed into monsters. And because of that sole reason, Ghost felt a passing emotion of sorrow and pity. But he could not feel it longer, for these two were going to kill him and Sally.

The benders raised their hands, sharp claws now coming out of the tips. They roared at the cornered Ghost and Sally, getting ready for final revenge. It seemed bleak.

But Aimee ran into the room, holding the last three guns in her arms. The benders drew their attention to her, but she threw two of the guns at the elated two and pointed her own gun at the benders. Sally and Ghost were happy once again; they were saved. The benders snapped out of it, and raised their arms once again, bringing it down on the ground. The room shook, and ceiling tiles crashed down, and the cracks expanded on the floor. Regaining their balance, Sally, Ghost and Aimee yelled "Fire!" and pulled their triggers. Bullets flew at the two monsters, but didn't seem to do too much. Holes erupted onto the two, but they only flinched in pain. Soon, they were slamming the walls and grabbing for the bunch. One of them grabbed Sally, who screamed as the bender threw her across the room and hit the ceiling, and fell to the ground. Aimee screamed, but nothing was heard over the guns. She looked back and forth to the benders and then Sally, laying still. Finally she threw her gun at the bender and ran towards Sally. One of the benders followed her, and Ghost was left with one. He was dodging the flying, bleeding fists by his head, and firing his gun in spurts to save ammo. He was only aiming at the center of the bender's head, trying to hit weak spots. It worked somewhat, and with time the fists slowed down and the roars ceased. Ghost got clocked once by the hand, and flew to the ground, dazed and bleeding. He stumbled around the spinning room for his gun, but when he saw it and ran towards it, he was greeted with a welcoming punch to the stomach, sending him upwards. He hit the ceiling and fell back down. His ears were ringing and his body was motionless, and out of the corner of his eye he saw Aimee helping Sally up, but a bender opened its mouth and was ready to clamp down on Aimee's torso. Ghost almost yelled, but had no energy too. He saw his bender open it's meaty jaw, slobber and blood dripping out, and aim for Ghost's head. "At long last, our destiny will be embraced" it whispered.

He braced for his head to bitten off when the door to the room slammed open, and the smell of the bender's mouth went away. He opened an eye to see both the beasts staring at...Johnny Toast hunching in the doorway, holding two big metal boxes, which Ghost recognized as Casket's life-sucking firearms. Ghost cried out to Toast, his body was drenched in red, but Toast aimed each of his weapons at a bender. They both charged at Toast, but at that moment he pulled down. Two streams of white hit the benders, and they froze in their tracks. They screamed and hollered as the streams poked and stabbed at the two large figures. After seconds, the figures turned to fading outlines, and soon the streams stopped, and the gadgets fell the ground. Toast fell down, and suddenly Ghost felt the energy he needed to run to him. Sally was ok and up now, and all three of them ran towards the dying Johnny Toast. I've asked this before, and I'll ask it again, Ghost thought, kneeling by Toast. No death today. No more death. No more pain.

Chapter 12: "It's Been an Honor, My Friends"[]

“Johnny, please, speak to us. Are you alright?” Aimee said.

He was not. 

Ghost sniffed. “I worry if it’s too late, he’s whiter than the moon. Feels like ice. And just look at all the blood,” he whispered. Toast was staring at Ghost. His mouth started to move, and Ghost realized he was speaking. He leaned down to hear it. 

“In a way, s-sir, you saved my life. Not that I was g-going to die a-and you s-saved me, but that…you…” There was silence. Ghost’s heart dropped. Aimee sniffed. Suddenly, Toast gasped, and continued. “You made my life worth l-living. So I-I...feel obliged to you, sir.” Sally kneeled down next to Aimee and Ghost. Toast looked over to Sally. “You h-have assisted us, you know. Good g-girl…good lady,” he said. He lifted up a cold hand and fumbled around in his pocket. He took his hand out, holding a bag of candy, blood trickling on it. Sally sniffed. “I only wanted the candy if you were going to survive!” she said, crying. Aimee looked at Sally. “Don’t say such things! He’s going to be…ok,” she said, looking kindly at Toast. Ghost wiped a single tear from his cheek. “Johnny, we don’t have to wait here, we can get you help! We…we can get the police! The hospitals! Look, we don’t have to be here, we-“ 

Toast took Ghost’s hand. “No,” he muttered. “Don’t m-move me. Let me l-lie in peace.” His hand dropped. There was a tragic silence as the three of them sat with Toast in his final moments.

“I don’t understand, Casket told me you’d die of cancer, but…I guess he had to change things…” he said. He closed his eyes. “He told me too many things.” Toast coughed, and blood dripped down from his lip. “Sir,” he said. “J-Johnny.” Ghost was taken aback almost, that Toast had called him Johnny. Not in a bad way, but it was something he had never done in his life. It made Ghost even sadder. Toast beckoned for Ghost to listen. “This j-ob…has…been everything t-that I wished for. Everything I-I wanted. Don’t be b-bad that you dragged me into…this. It was the biggest favor you could have granted upon me. Remember t-that,” he said. “Goodbye, Johnny,” he said. He looked up. “Goodbye Aimee, and you too, Sally, y-your presence w-will be my grandest m-memories above.” Eyes tearing, he took one final glance at Ghost. “Thank you.” His head fell back. He gasped, and with one last breath, “It’s been an honor…my friends.”

No words or movements. Just silence. Aimee and Sally were silently crying, and Ghost felt an odd mix of complex emotions that couldn’t be portrayed with one action, crying. He felt like killing, crying, cheering, running, screaming, resting…So Ghost stood there, holding the pale hand of his beloved partner since childhood. The only one besides his also deceased brother that connected with him was Johnny ‘Toast’ Bartholomew. Aimee thought of other things though. She knew that in the past, Casket was in Ghost’s mind. He would take over Ghost’s body, and make him say and do things. This was the possession and power that Casket wanted long before it occurred. But before this event happened, Ghost already had Casket in his physique. But here Toast is, gone, so how could he prevent Ghost from being Casket all the time without him being there to say “Sir, you’re not yourself, relax!” Because of how Casket said Toast would die of cancer, this led her to believe that the day they’ve just lived was radically different than the original timeline; Casket rewrote a lot of time. She scolded herself for thinking of other things while Toast was lying here dead, so she continued crying, assuming Ghost thought of the same things. He did.

After almost ten minutes of mourning, Ghost got a glare in his eyes. He stood up, fists clenched. Aimee sensed something, but she held back to see what was going to happen. “This is his fault…that dirty…that…little bastard…” he grumbled, staring into space. “This is all his doing. Too many people have died by his hand, too many. Including my partner. And that angers me. It angers me, Aimee, and you’re going to help me.” He said. Aimee stood up slowly. “Help you what, exactly?” she said. Ghost licked his lips. “Kill him. Pick him off. Give him a taste of his own medicine. Justice won’t serve itself, as Toast said. Good old pal.” He said. Aimee shook her head. “No, that won’t stop the bad crimes. You know it-“

“I KNOW MANY THINGS YOU DON’T KNOW! WHAT HE DOESN’T KNOW! I’VE SEEN ENOUGH OF THESE GAMES THAT JIM PLAYS, AND I KNOW THAT HE NEEDS TO SUFFER FOR EVERY SINGLE LIFE, ESPICALLY JOHNNY’S!” Ghost screamed. Sally and Aimee were staring at Ghost, who was red at the face. His nails dug into his palms so hard that his hands were bleeding, and his eyes looked like fire. Aimee knew that she could do nothing to end his enduring lust for revenge. So she kneeled down and cried. 

Seeing this crushed Ghost. He had no control over his temper since Casket came into his life, and seeing Aimee cry because of him hurt him deeply. He fell down to his hands, bawling. “I’ve done everything wrong, Aimee, and he’s dead because of it. He’s gone, just like Gregory, just like my parents, it’s all my fault, I’m just like Jimmy. Jimmy Casket, the physcopath. I’m no different. I was meant to be this way,” he choked. Aimee and Sally helped him up. “John, this isn’t your fault at all. You are nothing like that monster. You are a kind and gentle man who’s done everything right, nothing will prevent what happens. It’s just how it was all going to happen anyway. He was going to die anyway, and Casket was going to get into you anyway, all we can do now is rest and brace ourselves for the future. Who knows where Casket is now, he’s gone for the time. We need to home and rest before things rise again. That’s what Toast would have thought was right, don’t you think? Please. So much has happened already, I can’t bear to see any more. Take me home. Take yourself home. Let’s burn this place, forget it. And finally, let go of Johnny. Let go of Toast. Keeping him in your life any longer than today will cause more anger and suffering, a death like this can’t linger. It’s for the best…Say something!” 

Ghost was looking down. “You’re exactly right, Aimee. But it’s not easy. I can’t do it alone,” he said. Sally walked up to them. “If we don’t get out of here soon, we’ll be framed for all of this. We need to go, I’m sorry,” she said. Ghost nodded. “The police are probably over here already…” he said. He looked over at Toast, still lying there. “Goodbye, my friend.” Ghost ran down out of the room and down the hallway. Sally and Aimee chased after him, and down to the last door. “Down here,” he said, pointing to the staircase down to the cellar. “Come with me, I know what’s down here. I’m sure of it.” 

The three of them rushed down the rusty stairs and looked into the basement. There was a noose on the ceiling, a skeleton hanging from it, but also a hoard of computers and food. To the left of all those, covered in cobwebs and bugs, lay cases and cases of vodka and rum. “The alcohol cellar,” Ghost said, smiling. “Otherwise known as the Molotov cellar.” In a span of a few minutes, Ghost and the gang were creating grenades. The alcohol bottles were emptied about an ounce, and filled with gunpowder. They stuck a short rope in the top of the lid and it was finished. Almost eleven of these were made. 

They all returned to the main room with Toast still in it. “I want a funeral for him, but I can’t afford to use that time to do so,” he said. “Here,” Aimee whispered, giving Ghost her flower that rested on her hair. He rested it in Toast’s hands, and put him in a chair in the middle of the room. Then, he ordered Sally and Aimee to throw a bottle each of their homemade grenades around Toast, which they did. A loud pop erupted, and flames sparked and danced around Toast in his chair. Ghost’s eyes watered, but he smiled. He ran down the hallway, holding the bottles, and threw them one by one, causing the walls to erupt in fire and walls begin to crumble around him. Aimee and Sally threw them everywhere too, and they did this until they were out of hideout. They were standing in the alleyway, looking at the inferno they were just in. If the police sirens weren’t enough, now fire alarms were getting closer. 

It was evening. Ghost and Aimee ran into the shadows to his house, and Sally took a taxi to her house nearby. Holding hands with Aimee and running away from authorities was fun to Ghost, almost. Almost. He expected the place to be hosed down and then explored, to find nearly nothing but rubble. Casket’s hideout was gone, and so where a lot of the bad memories. But not all of them; those stayed and will stay with Johnny Ghost for a long time.

Chapter 13: The Vow[]

“Now what?” Aimee asked curiously.

Ghost didn’t look at her. He was standing in the living room of his house, looking at the destruction. The front door was smashed in, and his TV had a giant crack in the center of it. To the side were his loveseat and padded chair; the loveseat’s cushions had bullet holes in them, stuffing covering a thin layer on the floor. His chair was broken in two. Aimee, waiting for an answer, began to follow Ghost’s gaze, he was now looking at his kitchen and table. The table was toppled over, a leg demolished by bullets. The door to his refrigerator was violently torn away in the haste of looking for evidence days ago, and the same with his cupboards. Broken glass from cups were on theground, so he didn’t enter his small kitchen. Walking through the small hallwayof his house he entered the rooms.

First was his room. He walked in, and gave a sigh. His bed mattress was thrown on the ground, torn up. His display of inventions and other trinkets were smashed on the floor in a hopeless mess. The cabinets were also taken out, clothes all over the place. “Fantastic,” he muttered. He didn’t bother checking the bathroom, although he was sure it was as messy as the other rooms. Aimee was standing in a storage room. Ghost came up to her side. “This was my storage area, filled with boxes mostly,” he explained. “Well, now it’snothing.” The room’s boxes were thrown open, the contents inside slightly damaged but ok. Ghost closed the door to the storage room, and turned around tothe final room. There it was; Johnny Toast’s room.

Aimee took Ghost’s hand. He hesitated to go inside, cautious of disturbing what was left of his friend. The door was half open, a few bullet holes in it. But Ghost and Aimee entered to find nothing wrong with the room. Nearly nothing; there was a sleeping man on Toast’s bed.

Ghost jumped at first, slowly walking towards him. He was in police uniform, lying on the bed. Ghost placed two hands on the body and turned it around. He pulled away instantly; the man was two days dead. His jaw was wide open. Pale white and eyes half opened, he was dead for a least a while. Aimee gasped when she found it. “What…is he holding?” she asked. Ghost turned his eyes to the torso of the man. His stomach was riddles will holes. Not clean, round holes, but untidy and hasty wounds. Dried blood layered the torso.Ghost gulped. “….Knife….” he muttered. Aimee gasped again. After a few secondsof looking at the man, Ghost noticed the two hands clutched over something. He thought it was the man once holding his stomach in pain, but he had something in his hands. Ghost took a trembling hand to the paper the man held. He the blood-soaked parchment in his hands and widened it; a letter. He looked over at Aimee, both shocked. Ghost read it aloud, “Uh…it says…’Dear Johnny, I hope you’re still alive to be reading it exactly three days after we first met. Of course, I know what you’re doing precisely. But enough talk about that, let me introduce you to my latest update on our relationship: I won’t see you again for years, now isn’t that nice of me? We’re done for a while, but I’ll tell you right now don’t get too involved with anybody because I guarantee I’ll kill them. Haha! I’ll be back,but I don’t want to sound hostile. In fact, it’s a bittersweet moment for meright now. I hope you feel the same. Your good friend, Jimmy.’

Ghost stood paralyzed in mixed emotions, clutching the crimson paper. Aimee put her head on Ghost’s shoulder in an act of comfort. “He was right, Aimee. He was going to alive after this. He was right about the two of us meeting again someday,” he said. “Please don’t think too much aboutthis,” she begged. “You have time to relieve yourself after it all. Pleasedon’t keep this on your mind all the time…au revior.” She kissed him on the forehead, and walking away silently. Ghostturned to watch her walk away. He knew he would never marry Aimee, he couldn’t.They would never be a couple, and they were both okay with it. In fact, he wassure he would never see Aimee again. He didn’t remember when they met, she was always just…there. In the picture, but not noticed. “Sweet Aimee,” he said. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Outside, she looked through the window and smiled. She walked around the corner, and then it was it.

Later, he was looking at Toast’s laptop. Earlier he had cleared out Toast’s room completely to give himself closure. He found his old laptop, and Ghost was now using it to find news about what happened. He would watch television if a bullet shell wasn’t lodged in the center of it. He went to The Wall Street Journal website to try to find news. Ghost anticipated it would say what he thought it would say, which it did; bold word read “The ‘Casket’ Conspiracy Grows: Who is ‘Ghost?’” He clicked on the article. The picture of the story was Casket’s alleyway hideaway, burned down. He read below:

“The picture above depicts the ruins of the Marsmith Apartment

Complex…and the ruins of a physcopath hideout. The leader of this underground

business was a man named Jimmy ‘Casket’, commonly recognized as one of the most

dangerous serial killers in the city at the moment. We (WSJ source) have the

rights to believe that Casket was dispatched in the fire that consumed the

building. After the fire, many went in to the remains to check for any

evidence, and found very little. There was a basement that had mostly storage

and burnt metals, but also a mysterious machine ruin was found. The burnt

condition is unacceptable for study, so it remains unknown what it originally

was. Near the entrance of this hideaway was a lone, burnt corpse: the gruesome

scene was lying back down on the ground. It was taken for anatomy late last

night in hopes to find who this person was. As for the mysterious man Jimmy

Casket, there are rumors he is not deceased but further police evidence denies

it. Prior to this three-day long ordeal was the discovery of a dead man at

infamous ‘paranormal investigator’ Johnny Ghost’s home. Orders decreed that

Johnny ‘Toast’, partner, be taken into custody after fleeing the scene of the

death. “Johnny Toast still has a bounty”, Officer Davis says. “We might let it

go, the lack of evidence puts a dent in the crime. The wound of the man was a

bullet hole and we can say that there was no firearm in the house.” Officer

Davis has other things to say (continue page 56-)

Page 106 explains the new, hot details about the progress of actual time travel. Scientists speak that it could be used for private uses once it getspast deve-“

Ghost shut the laptop. So that was it. The website hadn’t been updated, there’s no news about Casket or anything. Ghost wondered if i twas a good thing he didn’t know any more about the matter. He had a chance to remove it from his mind currently, so he did. He put the laptop under the loveseat and made himself some tea. As for the news about the time travel…he refused to comprehend it. As he sipped his drink, he remembered the dying request of his friend. “This job has been everything I wished for, everything I wanted. This was the biggest favor you’ve done for me, sir, please…don’t forget that.”

He didn’t. He forgot about Aimee. Forgot about Casket, and his hideout….He forgot about the time travel talk. He forgot about the death,the screams, the raids, everything. Everything except what Toast wanted him to remember. He never forgot the cases he explored with Toast. He never forgot the laughs, the screams, or the fear. He remembered Honeyhall because he bonded with Toast over it, but he forgot…The Honeyhall legacy. But he remembered the favor he did for Toast. The biggest wish he ever wanted. And that was Ghost’s vow forever on; never forget the favor.

Never forget the favor he did for Toast. Never forget the favor he did for himself.

~The End~