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Hey guys! Good old Justjackbros here. This FanFiction is kinda breaking the fourth wall: The admins of this


very Wiki are being hunted by Jimmy Casket! Spooky! Uh, anyway, let me just say this isn't all good friends ThisIsMysterical and Clonetrooperfan are on the train with me too. This is a collaboration of all of our writing. We discussed it and we both have credit for it. We hope you enjoy it! (Also, the marks (M) and (J) and (C) will help you know who wrote what. Thanks!)

For Reference to the admins, Jack is Me (Justjackbros), Kevin is H'jar The Assassin, Jonathon is Clonetrooper fan, Val is Vamonkey, Rire is Masterire, Sage is Bethela P, Nick is Theglem and Micheal is MCab.

We will write chapters as it goes on.

Prolouge (M)

The room was dark, and the flickering lights on the ceiling hardly helped. The scent of a decaying corpse lingered in the room. Jimmy Casket loved the "aroma", as he preferred calling it.

In the middle of the room was a dead body tied onto a chair. His face was entirely scraped off and was replaced with a bloody drawing of a smiley face.

"It's really sad that you had to die way too soon, George," Jimmy told his new "doll" in his usual and psychopathic high-pitched voice. "You would've seen how I'll slaughter those annoying bunch of kids. They piss me off, ya know? They all deserve to die... just like you!"

Jimmy giggled. He moved to his blood-stained corkboard with the pictures of eight people.

People he planned to get rid of tonight.

"This is gonna be fun, don'tcha think, George?" he cackled.

George said nothing in reply; then again, he won't be able to anymore.

Jimmy scowled. "Right, I forgot. You're dead as a doornail."

He grabbed Knifey, his trusty kitchen knife, and headed for the door.

"Blood, blood, everywhere tonight!" he sang as he skipped out. "Admins' blood will be spilled tonight!"

Chapter 1: The Gang (J)

The dart hit the board right in the center with a twang, followed by a loud cheer. It was Rire who just threw the dart, and so far, he was winning by a landslide. All of them were in a basement, and currently in a dart tournament.

"That was epic! Jack, did you see that?" Rire cried, punching Jack in the shoulder. Jack rolled his eyes, "Yeah, yeah, Rire, we know. Should I even throw the next dart? You're winning against of all us by fifty points!" Jack groaned, gesturing to the others on the couch; Val, Sage, Micheal, Jonathon, Kevin and Nick were all equally as bored with the game. Nick was especially fed up with darts since he was ranked lowest on the scoreboard. "Yeah, Rire, you're throwing on a three hundred point streak and I'm cruising on a sleek five points. I think fifty's a lil' off..." Nick said. Rire looked around at everybody, and then back at the dartboard, and then to the dart he was about to throw. "Tell you what, Nick...I'll throw this at your face and if I hit your brain I'll boost your score by five hundred, but if I hit your nose I'll give you a smooth five points, alright?" 

Nick and Rire wrestled and rolled on the ground as Jack gathered up the darts, putting them in the box. "These kind of games always end like this," Sage muttered. "I need new friends." Jack shut the dart box and turned to the others, ignoring Rire and Nick. "Look, Sage, you wanna go then leave. We're all going to do something fun!" Jack looked over at Val. "C'mon, Val, wanna play chess?" Val looked down at her lap. "Um, sorry Jack, but I don't really...uh, like chess," she said. "B-But I'm sure that Micheal would love to do that, wouldn't you Mike?"

Mike wasn't listening to the others. He was reading a thick book. "I think the nut has enough excitement to hold him the next, I don't know, few decades. Kevin will play with me, right Kev?" Jack said. Kevin shot up from the moldy couch. "Yep. Anything beats hearing Sage groan about her nails and watch Rire beat up Ni- Hey, Rire, that was a cheap shot! Nick, are you gonna let him- oh, uh, sorry. Uh, yeah Jack, chess it is!" Kevin and Jacked walked away to a table while Rire climbed up to his feet, rubbing his neck. "You win. Lard face," Rire moaned. Nick shrugged. "Hey, I'm a weakling, I do what I can."

Now everybody was doing separate things. Jonathon was on the phone with his friend about who really deserved the Nobel prize, Beth was 'freshening up' in the rest room, Val was watching Jack and Kevin play Chess, and Rire and Nick were quietly watching CSI on the TV. Micheal was making himself, and himself alone, his favorite food: A hot Peanut butter and sunflower seed sandwich. 

"Checkmate," Kevin said, moving his Bishop to the final open spot cornering Jack's king. Jack's jaw dropped. "...wait, what? Dude, like, five seconds ago I was pinning your queen to the edge of the board! How the hell did you get the...bishop to...wait a second, I left that space open when my last Knight went- oh, darnit, you win." Jack said. Val clapped for Kevin but ceased after Jack gave her a stern glance. "Let's go watch some TV, Jack," she said. They both sat down on the couch. Jack and Val sat closely, watching. Rire nudged Nick. "Psst, hey," he whispered. "Let's leave the lovebirds to their shiz, what'd'ya say?" Nick grinned. "Agreed." They both got up, moving towards the Micheal and Jonathon. Suddenly, Nick's eyes plastered to the restroom door. Beth was just finished, and was coming out. Nick stopped moving. "Hey Micheal, we want some chips. Can you hand us the-" Rire began, but noticed Nick wasn't with him. He turned to see Sage walking over to the couch and Nick's glaze following her. Rire smiled, walking over. "Make it chips for one, Mikey." Nick turned around with a swoon look at Rire. "Wow, Sage looks good today...right? Is it just me? Wow," he said. Rire snickered. "You're so liking her right now. That's so adorable. Alright Nickie, go over and talk to her. BBQ chips await Mr. Rire."

Jonathon shut his flip phone. "Idiot," he whispered. "Terry Cruise was even nominated for the Nobel..." He walked over to Jack. "Hey Jack, just so you know, American Idol is on channel 24 if you wanna check up on that one guy you love," he said, eyeing Jack and Val together on the couch. Jack gulped. "Uh, oh, right, Jerry Jackson. Ok, thanks Jon." He said, flipping to channel 24. Sage moaned. "Fine, I wasn't watching CSI anyway...punks." She stood up and started walking but went straight into Nick. "Gah! Excuse me!" she said walking past him. She failed to notice the single flower Nick was holding. He threw it on the ground. "So much for that," he said. Someone rested his hand on Nick's shoulder. It was Micheal, eating his sandwich. "Don't worry 'bout it, Nick. She's just kinda know, that time of the month..." he said. Nick nodded. "Yeah, sure. Hey, wanna go to the 7-11 with me? It's Free Slurpie day!" he said. Micheal threw his fist into the air. "Let's do it." 

Suddenly everybody chimed on the offer, and soon everybody climbed the wooden staircase out of the game basement and out onto the street. Jack and Val stood up, shutting off the TV. Val ran off with the others, Jack trailing after. "Hey guys, it's not Free Slurpie day. In fact, it's on Friday. That was yesterday!" But nobody listened. "Whooo! Grape slurpie, I'm coming your way!" Rire yelled. Jonathon sighed. "It's not even Free Slurpie day..." he told Jack. He nodded in agreement.

As they paced down the sidewalk, they didn't spot the dark figure watching them from a balcony. The figure laughed, heading back inside.

Chapter 2: The Hunt Begins (M)

From his position right across the 7-11 his targets went into, Jimmy observed them carefully, like how a lion would before attacking an innocent antelope. Knifey was kept away, to be used later.

​Nick pushed the door open and stepped out. All the others were right behind him, holding Slurpies and some bags of chips.

Why and how did Jimmy know him? Well, he decided that he had to do some “research” on these kids, just to make things a lot more fun; for a psychopathic mass murderer about to make them fight for their lives, that is.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me it wasn’t Free Slurpie day today?” Nick complained.

“I did,” Val protested.

Jack nodded. “But you guys were being a bunch of deaf kids and didn’t listen. That’s what you get.”

“At least Gertrude gave us a discount,” Micheal told them. “Good thing Papa Acachalla’s out sick today.”

“Yeah,” Kevin said. “We should probably head back now.”

The group started walking down the street. Jimmy tailed them cautiously, careful not to reveal himself. Not just yet.

A few more minutes of them walking and chatting, he finally found his opening. Jonathon was busy calling someone and was falling behind.

Jimmy pounced on him and knocked him out by whacking him on the nape. Jonathon yelped, earning the attention of his friends.

“AH!” Val screamed. Jimmy hauled Jon’s unconscious body over his shoulder and dashed into an alleyway.

“Jon!” They all chased him down, but he had something up his sleeve. He jumped into a hole in the ground and covered it up with a grate. From underneath, he saw them run across him.

“It works!” he said cheerfully. He dragged Jon through his tunnel and into his "death maze". Seeing that he was ahead of them, he wounded him and wrote a message for them on the walls using his blood. He even tasted it for good measure.

He then brought Jon into a secret chamber and proceeded to his room, where he can see and hear everything. Things were gonna get better soon enough.


“Jonathon!” Jack called out as they walked down the alleyway. His friend and the bloody teen had disappeared like smoke.

“Where did he take him?” Val asked worriedly. “I hope Jon’s fine…”

“He’ll be fine, Val.” Jack didn’t know if he was trying to convince her or himself.

“I won’t be so sure of that,” Kevin said truthfully.

Jack glared at him furiously. “What the hell are you trying to say, Kev?”

“I’m only being realistic.”

“Well, it’s not helping.”

​“I wasn’t—”

“Hey!” Sage snapped. “If you two are done arguing, there’s a road up ahead.”

Jack and Kevin looked straight ahead, along with the others. Indeed, there was an empty road by the end of the alley. An abandoned-looking building complex was located at the other side.

He started to walk towards it when someone grabbed his arm. Jack turned and saw that it was Val.

She looked twice as worried as she was before. “You’re not… going there, are you?”

“Jon might be there, Val,” he replied. “I might as well check.”

“Ya know what? We should be calling the police,” Rire suggested. “On second thought, maybe we should just call Ghost and Toast. Officer Maloney’s useless in times like this.”

They all nodded. Kevin phoned them and walked away for a bit. He came back, surprise evident on his face.

“Dude, what happened?” Nick asked. “Did a lady answer the phone?”

He cringed. “No. Toast is actually on the way here when I called. He said that he’s looking for Ghost, and he thinks he might be there.”

“Or he actually is there,” Jack pondered.

“Don’t tell me—you think that guy’s Jimmy Casket?” Sage asked disbelievingly.

He shrugged. “Everything fits, Sage.”

Moments later, a red car pulled up by their side of the deserted road. It was sloppy, which meant that Toast was the one driving.

​Toast turned the engine off and got out. “Hello, there,” he greeted in a British accent.

​“Hey, Toast,” they replied.

He turned to look at the building complex. “So you think your friend’s there with the bloody kid who kidnapped him?”

Mike nodded. “They both disappeared while we chasing him. We walked around until we stumbled on the road. We know that we can’t handle it alone, so we contacted you.”

“Good call,” he replied. “We better not waste time here and move ahead.”

​The group, now accompanied by Johnny Toast, crossed the empty road and went inside one of the buildings. The moment they all went in, the double doors slammed shut, making them jump.

Toast tried to open them. “It’s locked.”

​“Well, he couldn’t be more original,” Sage sneered.

Suddenly, the lights turned on. By the end of the corridor, on the wall, was a message written in blood.

Terror ran through everyone’s veins; even Toast was quite scared. He wasn’t used to encounter things like this without his partner Johnny Ghost.

Jack swallowed his vomit and half of his fear and read the words aloud: “Blood has marked the beginning of the hunt. There is no turning back now.”

Chapter 3: Target Two (C)

“Whose blood is that?!” Kevin spoke. Jack looked in awe at the words in blood marked on the wall. “I think we all know whose it is.” Jack shuddered as the words kept on popping up in his mind: “Blood has marked the beginning of the hunt. There is no turning back now.” Thoughts raced through each of the minds of the people standing there. Was Jonathan dead? If not, where is he? Will this happen to anyone else?

Toast shuddered, and then turned around. “Of all the bloody times Mr. Ghost has to leave, it has to be this time!” He turned back to his new young companions. “Are you guys sure you want to go through with this?” he asked. Jack shrugged. “Where could we go?” he smiled.

Johnny sighed, turning back to the bloody message. “Well, I hope that we don’t…discover anything…disturbing,” he said, and reached under his black jacket, and pulled his hand out, revealing a pistol. “We’d better be careful,” he said, and checked his weapon. The others nodded, and then started down the hall, wary in case of any sudden movements.


The room was covered in blood. Blinking open his eyes, Jonathan noticed he was suspended from the ceiling by chains that held his arms in the air. Looking around, he saw a chair with a person sitting in it.

“Hey!” he whispered to the figure in the chair. No response. “Hey!” he shouted louder, but still no response. “He can’t hear you,” a voice sounded, and Jonathan looked over to the voice’s owner. “Who are you?” he shouted to the shadowed figure. Stepping from the shadows, the figure revealed himself: a teenager, his blue jacket and blue jeans covered in blood, with some blood splatters in his hair and on his skin. “Jimmy Casket…,” Jon whispered,

Casket laughed a bit, pushing something from his sleeve. Jonathan saw what it was: his knife. “You’ve got it.” Jon looked up to his chains, which was clamped to the ceiling. “Do you think you could…kind of…let me down?” he suggested. Jimmy shrugged. “Sure thing.” He lowered his hand to his waist, pulling something from his waistband: a pistol.

Jimmy fired a bullet at the chain’s end, causing Jonathan to fall to the ground. A grunt escaped his lips, and he looked up to the teen. “What are you planning to do,” he said, whispering something under his breath afterwards. Casket chuckled. “I’m just bidding my time, kid,” he said. Jon frowned at Casket and his attempted insult with the use of "kid." Jimmy shrugged, marching over to his fellow teenage captive. “Just so you don’t go anywhere,” he said, and pushed Jonathan back into a pole. Jon grunted once more as Jimmy removed some chains and a lock from a small crate in the room.

Clamping the metal links around Jonathan’s hand, he tied them around the pole, and then locked the chains to keep them secured to the long pole. “I’m going to get each of your friends in here. I will keep on getting your friends, one by one, until you’re all in my custody – or dead.” Jonathan scowled at Casket. “If you lay a single hand on one of them-,” he started, but the other teen slammed a fist into his stomach. “And what are you going to do about it?” he asked, turning. As he left the room, Jonathan spoke one last thing: “Damn you!"


Johnny rounded the corner first, aiming at each square of the room with his sidearm. Jack came around next, followed by Val, Kevin, Sage, Rire, Michael, and finally Nick. “What do you think we’ll find?” Sage asked. The British leader of the group looked back to his younger friends. “Hopefully not what I’m thinking we are.” Jack gulped as they came across a large viewscreen across the wall before them. Each of the people looked at the face on the screen. It was Jimmy Casket.

“Well, hello there!” the teenager shouted, laughing. “What have you done with my friend?!” Jack shouted, stepping closer to the screen. Casket continued to cackle. “Oh, don’t worry.” Kevin heard a sound behind him, and looked down the hallway. The passageway began to disappear: a door closed it off!

“Guys…,” he slowly said, and the others looked down the hall. The doors slammed shut. Casket continued. “As you can see, you are all my guests here, and there is no way out. At least, nothing easily noticeable. Well, you can get out of here by solving my little puzzle!” Nick sighed. “Not a puzzle.”

Jimmy smirked. “Here it is: what do you leave behind wherever you go?” Each of the members of the group looked to one another. “Any ideas?” Kevin asked. Nick shrugged. “You know me, I hate puzzles.” Sage mumbled under her breath, “Yes, I think you mentioned that.” Nick made a face at her as the others thought hard. “Wait a minute,” Sage said, looking around. “Fingerprints?” she suggested. Casket looked respectfully to the girl. “That is a good answer…but not the one I was thinking of!”

Suddenly, the platform beneath Sage disappeared, and she fell into the depths of the open space. “Sage!” Rire shouted, diving for her, but missed her as she tumbled below and the platform reappeared. Rire sighed, slamming his fist on the ground. “We’ve lost another.” The remaining members of the group gathered together, so that Casket could not hear their talk. “Does anyone have any ideas?” Jack asked, looking to the others. Toast smiled. “I think I do.”

“What?” Jack asked, looking to him. “Footsteps.” The others all looked to one another. “How does that sound to y’all?” Jack asked. Johnny stepped forward. “I’ll handle it.” Looking at the viewscreen, he stiffened firmly. “The answer is footsteps.” Casket’s smile disappeared. “Why do I always have to pick the easy ones?” he asked himself. The door before them slowly opened, and Johnny slowly waved ahead.

“Let’s move.”


Sage looked around the room she was in, and saw blood splatters everywhere. “Where am I?” she asked herself. “Jimmy Casket’s private quarters, I believe.” Sage glanced quickly, seeing her fellow admin Jonathan tied to a pole with chains. “What happened?” she asked.

Jonathan shrugged. “I don’t know, I’ve been locked up here the whole time.” As Sage began to ask another question, Jimmy stepped into the room. “Well, I see my second guest has arrived.” He waved a hand to the figure, still sitting in the chair.

“I’d like for you to meet George, my newest friend.” He stepped towards this George, and turned his seat around. “George, meet my two guests, Jonathan and Sage.” The two admins glanced to one another, unsure of how he knew their names. They then looked back to George, and Sage let out a yelp. Jonathan looked in horror as George stared back at them, his bloody face peering into their souls.

Chapter 4: Death's Toll (J)

Darkness. Pitch black void filled the chilly room, keeping any of the admins from looking into it.

"No sweat, my friends," Johnny said. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a flashlight. He clicked it on and aimed the light to the center of the room. "Nothing," Micheal said. "Nothing at all." He began to say something terribly sarcastic when he was drowned out by the sound of the heavy door shutting behind the gang. Even more overwhelming darkness filled the room. Jack took the light from Johnny and began to shine it on the other parts of the room. "It's awfully big, guys," he muttered. "But utterly empty." Kevin took a step forward after stealing the light from Jack. Somebody tapped Jack on the shoulder. He instantly recognized the person's touch, "Yes, Val?" he said softly. "Jack," she whispered. "It's a trap!"

Just in time, Kevin shone the light above to the ceiling; to reveal four extremely large containers hanging from the massive ceiling. Rire gasped. "...What...are...those..." he sputtered. Kevin's flashlight arm started to shake, causing the circle of light upon the top of the room to waver. "Oh my- I think they're made of skin," Johnny said, causing Val to let out a small yelp of fright. Johnny was correct, for the large balls above them were brownish-green sacs, and most likely held some sort of creature. The sacs were hanging from the ceiling by several thick strings of green, oozing black liquid. The sacs themselves were a revolting shape.

Val screamed at the top of her lungs, causing everybody to panic. Kevin dropped the flashlight, erupting the room in complete black. The small light flew around the floor as the numerous people tried to grab it. Finally, the light ended up in Nick's hand. "Shine it back at the ceiling," Rire said. Kevin slowly shone the light above them, right on the sacs they eyed before. To the gang's astonishment, two of the giant, fleshy orbs were open. Both sacs seemed to be torn apart from the inside, and fluids dripped upon the floor. Johnny gagged, and the others felt scared to what laid upon the floor. "This isn't happening," Nick said over and over again. "This isn't happening, this isn't happening..." Johnny prepared his firearm and Nick reluctantly lowered the light on the ground. They saw the grotesque: Two deformed creatures were sprawled on the hard ground, twitching in the dark green slime they swam in before the sacs opened. The gang yelled in surprise as Johnny quickly aimed the gun at the creatures. Slowly one of them looked up at the admins; a large, insect like face with multiple eyes stared back at Johnny's barrel, and screeched in anger. A mix between a spider and a hound, the six-legged furry spider started to stagger towards the admins. Rire began screaming as Johnny fired at the creatures.

Jack and Nick both covered their ears as shot after shot came from right by their heads, followed by a sickening splat and the disgruntled yell of the creature. Johnny held his ground, firing half a clip at the creature until its bullet-ridden corpse fell spurting on the ground, pulsating in agony. This scene awoke the other creature, who at first went towards the admins but changed its mind. It instead looked straight up, and opened its mouth. With a chilling call, the following two sacs began to shake as if they were going to burst. "Not again!" Kevin yelled. "Grab hands!" Johnny yelled. Jack took Val's hand, and Rire took Sage's. Nick and Kevin took hands and Micheal grabbed Johnny's free hand, the other firing bullets at the creature. Kevin led the way as they began to run around the room in hopes of finding the door. The monsters from the ceiling also fell down with a splat, and began to stand up. "Search everywhere for a way out!" Johnny yelled, throwing his empty pistol on the ground. Hands felt the concrete walls as the group tried to find a way out, the creatures beginning to follow them.

The group screamed as all three creatures ran towards them, fangs glaring. "Run, run run!" Rire yelled frantically. "Guys," Kevin bellowed. "I see a door!" The rest looked at where the light was pointing and saw a wooden trapdoor not too far up the wall. When they reached it, Kevin went first up to the door and threw it open. "It's open, guys! Hurry! Hurry!" He yelled. Jack, Val, Rire, and Nick all scurried up to the door. Johnny jumped to the door as well, realizing Micheal wasn't with him. He turned to look; Micheal was panting and sweating halfway to the door, creatures right at his tail. "Micheal, run like Hell!" Jack screamed. "I...can' anymore..." he gasped, slowly walking. Suddenly, one of the creatures tackled him with a scream as the other two headed for the door. "No!" They all yelled, sitting at the door. "Move, move!" Johnny pushed them into the door right as a creature jumped up.

They were safe. The room they entered was a small hallway with two lightbulbs hanging down on them. They all took a deep breath. "Micheal..." Nick whispered. They all looked grim. They had lost Micheal. Johnny stood up. "I am truly sorry," he said sadly. "I don't know what happened. He held my hand, but at one point I lost him. When I noticed, it seemed he was already pinned by that...that..." he trailed off. Rire stood up, pointing a finger at Johnny. "You. You made him die! You could have saved him!" he yelled, and jumped at Johnny. Kevin and Jack jumped up at caught Rire's arms as he was inches away from Johnny. "I'll kill you for that! I will!" he yelled, spitting. Val started to cry and Nick stared into space. "Chill out, dude," Kevin said. "Mike couldn't run any faster. Johnny had nothing to do with it!" he said. Rire glared at Kevin, struggling to contain him. "You always hated Mike! Me and him, we were like brothers! Damn you! Damn you all!" he yelled. Johnny slowly sat down, hands on his head. The room was filled with sorrow and hate. But they all knew they had to continue if they were going to save Sage and Jonathon.

A speaker in the corner of the room squeaked. "Ahem," the voice of Casket said. "I'm rather sad, just like you. I always hated that freak. I longed for the chance I got to torture him, but I guess my bug friends got him first. You guys must be torn up about this. Well, good luck finding your friends where I am. We've got some fun plans..." He said from the speaker, followed by a scream of pure agony. "MAKE IT STOP!" Jonathon's words came, followed by multiple screams and groans. In the background, they heard the ripping of flesh. The very audio made the admins nearly vomit.

What was the sick Jimmy Casket doing to Jonathon? And why didn't they hear Sage?

Chapter 5: Deals and Metal Doors (M)

"AGH!!!" Jonathan screamed in pain. Jimmy was ripping his wound right open! Sage, utterly dumbstruck, didn't dare to move or speak, fearing that the vomit rising up her stomach just might break free.

He stopped when the wound was about an inch wide. Crimson blood started oozing out of it. "There! Sorry, I just had to satisfy my blood-thirst. I can't kill you yet, so I figured I had to make do with what's here," Jimmy told them, nowhere near apologetic. He licked the blood off his hand. "Oh, that is delicious!"

Sage wanted to gag.  "Why didn't you just gut George, then?" Jimmy glanced at George, then back at her. "I could, but blood from a living person is just so much better, ya know?" he replied with a crazed grin. Jon struggled to keep his eyes open. "Y-you... sick psycho..." he grunted weakly. He responded with a hysterical laugh. "I sure am!"

"What did you do to the others?" Sage asked. "Nah, they're all good. Except for that Michael guy, though. He was killed by my pet bugs, sadly. I hated him anyway," he replied casually, admiring his bloody knife. The two gaped at him. An identical thought lingered in both of their minds: Michael's... dead?

"Well, I have to get going," the idiotic teen said. "Don't worry, though. Soon enough, you'll know my secret. You all will."

Cackling, Jimmy headed out the metal door and shut it behind him. Jon and Sage were quiet, trying to digest everything. She then remembered that Jon was bleeding badly, so she tore a part of her sleeve and gently tied it on his arm with a handkerchief, covering up the wound. Blood seeped in the white cloth quickly. “T-thanks,” he muttered with a faint smile. “I don’t want to be stuck here with two rotting corpses, so stay alive, okay?” she replied a bit sternly. Jon chuckled feebly and nodded.


The group was paralyzed, unable to move on even though they promised themselves that they would. Val was still crying, Nick continued to space out, Kevin tried to calm Rire down, Jack sat beside Val, motionless, and Johnny sulked in corner. The last thing they heard was Jon screaming in pain, the grotesque ripping of flesh, then static. Sage was never heard of. For all they know, they could’ve ended up like Michael: nothing but a dead body.

“I’m ba-ack!” Jimmy said cheerfully into his mic. No one flinched or dared to move; the sickening noises Jimmy left them drained all the hope and strength out of them. “Just kill us, Jimmy. Get it over with. Jon, Sage, Michael… they’re all dead. And I know that we will be, too. So stop holding back,” Jack mumbled loud enough for him to hear. “Ha! I knew I scared you all good!” he cried. “Jon and Sage aren’t dead yet. Ya know what? I’ll make you a deal.”

Kevin looked up. “What deal?” “It’s really simple: find the chamber before I find you,” Jimmy began. “If I catch you, I’ll have to grab a person and bring them there. That thing that happened to Sage? That could happen again if you fail another puzzle. If you find them, I let you go. If I send you all to the chamber, you’re dead!”

Jack beckoned everyone closer. They were now all determined to save Jon and Sage. “Should we risk it?” Kevin asked. “Even if I die trying,” Rire answered. Everyone else nodded in agreement. “Are you sure? I can save them, since I can’t die. You can just find a way out of here,” Johnny offered. Jack smiled. “You know what the message was from the beginning, Johnny: There is no turning back now.

Jack straightened himself and said, “Deal.”

The moment the word came out of his mouth, the floor and the walls started to shift. Three concrete walls rose up the ground, dividing the gang into pairs. Jack was trapped with Val. “What the—” he heard Nick say. The lights blinked out, leaving them in the dark again. “There. That’s more like it!” Jimmy cheered. “This wasn’t part of the deal!” Rire shouted furiously by the other side of the wall. “Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you that. Teehee!”

By Jack and Val’s end, a pair of glowing yellow eyes flashed at the end of the dark hallway. Footsteps echoed as the eyes came closer. It was making a dash for them!

“Run!" Jack shouted as he grabbed Val’s hand and sprinted away. They made a few reckless twists and turns to shake it off their tails that got them lost. He spotted a metal door illuminated by the faint moonlight and without thinking twice, went in and closed the door. The two panted heavily while leaning on the door.

“Do you think he’s gone?” Val whispered. “I hope this isn’t another trap…” Jack pressed his ear against the cold metal door. “We might’ve lost him.” He pulled out his phone and used it as a makeshift flashlight. There were a few crates, rusty barrels, some shelves, and boxes. He pushed a barrel towards the door to block it, though it was hard with only one hand. Val stepped in and pushed it. “Just shine the light on me, Jack.” He nodded and kept the light on her as she struggled with it. After that, Jack went around to look for a light, since his batteries are just about dead. He found an electronic lamp by one of the shelves and turned it on. It flashed a faint light, but it was better than his phone so he put his phone back in his jeans’ front pocket and went back to Val. She was leaning on a crate, hugging her knees. He sat beside her and spent a few minutes in silence.

“You okay?” he asked eventually. “Yeah, I’m good, thanks,” she replied, nodding. Jack thought she was acting weird because she kept looking up the ceiling, like something was going to grab her from above. Then he remembered the sacs that hung from the ceiling…

“Stop doing that!” Jack scolded her. Val turned to him and blinked. “Stop doing what?” “Looking up! There’s nothing there, Val.”

The two flinched when they heard heavy paces from outside. It stopped in front of the door, then continued walking. Jack sighed, not realizing that he had halted breathing. Beside him, Val started shaking. “What did we do to him, Jack? Why is he doing this?” she sniffed. “He’s sick. He’s insane. He’s got nothing better to do,” he answered, clenching his fists in anger. “Why is this happening to us? Why us?”

Jack, unable to think of anything to calm her down, pulled her in for a hug. Gradually, she stopped trembling and calmed down. He would’ve never let her go if it weren’t for his phone, which started vibrating. He pulled it out to see that Nick was calling him. He selected Answer and held the device to his ear.

“Jack?” Nick’s voice came through the other line. “Oh, thank goodness you’re alive! Where are you?” “I don’t know… something chased us down and we got lost. Val and I found a room, so barricaded ourselves in,” he replied. Nick’s playfulness was triggered with the phrase “Val and I”. “You’re with Val? What’ve you two been up to, huh?” Jack felt his cheeks burn up. “What? Nothing! I—look, just try and find us, okay?” “Fine, fine. What should we be looking for?” he said. “A metal door,” Jack answered, eyeing the door. “Oh, great. Almost every other door in this building is metal,” Nick sneered. He frowned and tried to think of something that makes the door he meant different. “It’s not locked, but it won’t open very easily,” he told Nick. “Okay, Johnny and I’ll get there as fast as we can.”

Nick hung up. Jack and Val sat in silence until she said, “Thanks.” Jack looked at her. “For the hug?” “Yeah,” she answered truthfully. “We’re friends, aren’t we?” That shot Jack painfully somehow, since it came from his own mouth. Val nodded. “What do we do now?” she asked. “Well, Nick said they’ll try and look for us. Give them twenty minutes. If they still haven’t found us, we’re leaving. We can’t risk staying here for too long,” he replied. She nodded again.

“Hey Jack?” she suddenly said. “Yeah?” “I-I just wanted to tell you that I—”

Something banged on the door, cutting her off. The two quickly got up to their feet. Panic froze them in place.

Whoever that was, Jack hoped that it was just Nick.

Chapter 6: Secret Revealed (C)

The pounding began to sound louder and louder. Jack and Val sat quietly, unsure of what to expect. Jack started to move forward, but felt Val grab his arm. “Jack…,” she cautioned, but he shook her arm away. “Don’t worry, Val. It’s probably just Nick.” Moving to the door, he heard Val speak again.

“But what if it isn’t Nick, Jack?”

Jack sighed. “Then I’m gonna shut this door.” He turned to face the metal door, and then slowly pushed one of the pieces of the barricade away. Slowly turning the handle, he peeked out. “Nick?” he whispered. Hearing no response, he looked deeper into the corridor. “Is that you, Nick? Johnny? Rire? Kevin?” There was no response. “Anybody?” Opening the door wider, Jack stumbled back once a bloody knife jabbed through the crack.

He pushed his full weight against the door as it began to push open. “Jack!” Val shouted, rushing to her friend’s side. However, someone—or something—else was pushing with the person on the other side. The pushing, however, stopped. Jack slowly loosened his strength against the door. “What happened?” Val asked. Jack shook his head. “I don’t know.”

Suddenly, the door banged open. Val was slammed into the wall behind the door as Jack’s body skidded across the floor. Some creature began to quickly rush along the pathway. It looked like some octopus-like beast, but it rested on a set of metal legs. “What is that thing?!” Jack asked himself, although Val took it upon herself to answer. “How should I know?”

The beast clattered across the metal floor, and shot a tentacle out at Jack. The teenager dove to dodge the attack, and the tentacle bounced from the wall. “Look out, Val!” he yelled as the creature turned its eyes to Val. She screamed out in fear as the beast stretched out a long, slimy tentacle to her.

Val gagged as the mucus-covered organic limb wrapped around her. Jack looked in horror as the creature slung her around. He knew that if the octopus-thing were to slam her to the ground, she wouldn’t have a chance of living. “Don’t anger it, Val!” The creature hissed out at Jack, glancing to him. The teen slowed his advance, standing wearily.

“Jack!” The name’s owner looked down the hallway to see Nick and Johnny running down the hall, the latter cocking his pistol. “It’s got Val!” he yelled. “Get ready to grab her!” Johnny yelled, and aimed his pistol. Before Jack could protest, the Englishman fired once, implanting a bullet into the creature’s blubber-like body to jiggle.

Another hiss erupted from the monster, and Jack’s fear came true: the octopus raised its tentacle to smash Val into the wall. “Nick! Grab a hold!” Jack yelled, and jumped at the limb. Tugging on it tightly, Jack was able to steer the limb from landing a direct hit. But, however, it managed to smack her briefly into the wall. “Val!” Jack hollered as Nick helped him tug on the creature. Seeing that its attack was over on the young girl, the beast dropped her limp body as it threw Jack and Nick aside.

“Johnny! Watch it!” Nick yelled as the creature turned its gaze to Toast. Stretching out with its tentacle, the beast knocked Johnny back into the wall—hard. Hearing the thud, Nick slid down to grab Toast’s discarded firearm.

As the creature clattered down the hallway, Nick aimed the pistol, firing quickly. He had never thought that he would shoot a gun at a living organism this early in his life.

With the cries of pain exiting the octopus-like being, Nick began to grow confident. “Yeah! How’d you like that, asshole!” Turning back to the others, Nick dropped the pistol to the ground. “You okay, Johnny?” he asked. Toast nodded, rubbing the back of his head. “Yeah, I’m fine. I took one bloody beating though, eh?” Nick chuckled, nodding. “You sure did.” Nick quickly rushed to Val and Jack as Toast returned his weapon to its holster.

“How’s your girlfriend, Jack?” Nick asked, smirking. Jack glared to his friend. “She is not my girlfriend,” he muttered. Nick shrugged. “Well, man, all hell’s breaking loose, so you might as well kiss her at some point soon.” Jack’s cheeks heated once again. “What are you talking about?”

Nick shrugged. “Well, someone else may.” Jack rolled his eyes. “Like who? Johnny?” he asked, flicking his eyes to Toast. “No. Maybe someone with charm, like…me?” he added, smirking. Jack ignored his friend’s attempts to try and irritate him—even though they were working. “Or if it’s not me, there’s also Jon, and Rire, and Kevin,” he continued. “Okay, okay, I get the picture.” Jack sighed, and then blocked Nick out.

“Johnny,” he said, getting Toast’s attention. “Yes, Jack?” he asked, stepping over to Jack, Nick, and the wounded Val. “What do we do?” Jack asked. Toast sighed. “You can carry her, Jack. I’ll lead the way, since I have the gun.” He thumbed to Nick. “Nick can watch the rear.” The other two nodded. “Okay.”

Jack quickly lifted Val up, and then turned to the others. “Let’s go.” As Toast led the way, Jack felt Nick nudge him in the back with his arm. “Cut it out, Nick,” Jack grunted, and the two then continued their run behind Toast.


Jonathan sat upon the floor, his back resting on the wall. Sage paced back and forth. “I hope the others get out of here,” Jon said, looking the room over for probably the fiftieth time. “Yeah,” Sage said, and then sat down not far from him.

“Too bad George couldn’t talk,” Jon added, motioning to the dead “doll.” He sighed. “I bet he has some interesting stories.” Sage sighed, looking to the ceiling. “And some grotesque ones.” Jonathan shrugged. “That too.”

Sage looked to Jonathan, her eyes beginning to slightly water. “I don’t want to die here, like this!” Jonathan smiled, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry, Sage. We won’t. Neither of us will. No one else will die. And we will avenge Michael's death.” Sage wiped her eyes, smiling.

“I hope so.” Jonathan resituated himself, due to the wound, and tried to get to sleep, as did Sage.


Johnny, Nick, and Jack, carrying Val, rushed down the hallway, not wanting to come across the octopus-like thing again—or, for that matter, any other creatures. “I hope we get out of here soon!” Nick said. Johnny smiled. “Same here.”

As they continued to run, Jack noticed Val shifting, and saw her eyes flutter open. “Jack?” she spoke, puzzled. “Oh,” Jack replied, noticing for the first time that it might feel kind of awkward, him carrying Val. Nick’s faces back to him didn’t help either. “Um…how’s that injury been treatin’ ya?” he asked, trying not to blush. Val shrugged, noticing his reddened face.

“Oh, I think I’ll make it.”

Jack smiled, glad to know that Val was feeling better. “Wait a minute,” Toast slowly said. “What is it?” Nick asked, slowing like Toast did. “There’s something up ahead,” Johnny whispered. “Or someone,” Jack added. Suddenly, the two exits were sealed off. “What the hell is going on?” Jack said.

Johnny drew his pistol. “Everyone, stay together.” Each of the three stood back to back, Jack still holding onto Val. She noticed that he held her tighter than before. Almost directly after the four were huddled together, a small balcony appeared above, Casket himself standing on it.

“Casket!” Nick barked, and Johnny checked his weapon. “I wouldn’t try anything if I were you guys,” Jimmy slowly said, crossing his arms. “What do you mean?” Val questioned. Before Casket spoke again, Nick whispered into Jack’s ear: “She seems fine enough to stand on her own feet, Jack. Why are you still holding her?” Jack responded by elbowing Nick in the gut.

“I have one of your other friends up here,” Casket continued, and pushed Rire down before him. “Rire!” Jack yelled out as Toast began to take aim. “No, no, Toast,” Casket smiled, and brandished his bloody knife. “Don’t you hurt him!” Jack yelled. Casket shrugged. “Fine, fine.” Under his breath, he mumbled, “I guess I’ll have to unveil one of my little secrets.”

“What was that?!” Nick shouted back up. Casket cupped his hands over his mouth. “I said, ‘I guess I’ll have to unveil one of my little secrets’!” Jack glanced over his shoulder to Toast. “What’s that supposed to mean?” he asked. Toast shook his head. “I’ve got no idea.” Jack glanced back up to Casket as a dozen questions circulated in his hand, one standing out the most: Where was Kevin?


The flinch alerted Sage’s attention. “Jon?” she slowly spoke, catching Jonathan’s attention. “What is it, Sage?” he asked, looking to his friend. “That body. I think it…moved,” she said. Jon smirked. “Casket’s whole ‘game’ may be getting on your mind too much, Sage. Maybe unwind a bit, try to get some sleep.”

Sage glared at him. “I’m being serious! It moved!” Jonathan snorted. “Like hell it did.” He staggered over to the limp, decaying body of George that sat upon the chair. Shoving the body slightly, Jonathan said, “See?” Before Sage could respond, George’s body leapt up, swinging its arms wildly.

The reanimated George slammed Jonathan into the far wall, and Sage shrieked in horror. George began to limp over to her, and Jonathan blinked his eyes open. “Look out, Sage!” he yelled, darting for the chair that the “dead” body had been sitting on. Grabbing it, he smashed the seat over George’s head, causing the creature to tumble down.

“What was that?!” Sage exclaimed. Jonathan looked in shock at the body on the ground. He knew that it wasn’t dead, but didn’t know how they were going to get out of the room. Looking around, he saw a glass window. Moving over to the clear plating, he gazed out, hoping he could see something. “Maybe we could get out of this window,” he said, and began to shove on it.

As it slowly gave, Sage rushed to his side, and the two gave it a shove. When the glass clattered on the other side, Jonathan did his best to look over the edge. Even though he was tall, he could barely see out—but he could see enough. “What are those?” he exclaimed, and Sage tried to look out, interested in Jonathan’s new target. “What? What is what?”

Jonathan sighed. “Well, we’re gonna get out anyways. I’ll help you up first,” he said, and got down on his good leg. “Okay, hurry up!” Sage nodded, and placed her foot on his hands. Once she grabbed a hold of the edge of where the window formerly resided, Jonathan lifted her up. Then, he grabbed the same spot she did and began to lift himself up. Sage grabbed his arm, starting to pull him. But something was holding onto him.

“Oh no,” Jonathan whispered, and Sage saw him struggling. Looking down, she saw several more of whatever George was, grabbing at Jonathan. “Jon! Come on!” she yelled, and began to pull harder. Even though there were many of the zombie-things, with Jon’s head start, he was able to pull himself over the edge. He looked up to Sage, who was standing and looking down to him. “Thanks,” he said, standing.

As he started to walk off, Sage looked in surprise at him. “Thanks? I just saved your life, and that’s all I get?” Jonathan chuckled. “What did you want me to do?” he asked. She thought for a moment, then shrugged. “Thanks’ll do it.”

Chapter 7: Escape! (J)

They all watched Rire and Casket standing ten feet up, wondering what could possibly happen next.

Rire looked terrible. He had a eye and lower jaw that was four shades of black and purple, and almost all of his bottom lip leaked blood. Casket smiled, looking at him.

"Did a number on your friend, huh?" Casket said. "He deserved it, if you ask me. The way he reacted earlier, geez, he was just...well, I digress." Nick squinted upwards. "You fiend," he spit. "Even if he's a bit much sometimes, it doesn't give you the right to treat him!" The others nodded silently in agreement. Casket cackled. "You want him back? Sure...well, no! No. Not yet. You want to know where the other one is, right? Do you care about him at all? Disappointing." Suddenly, they were all reminded about Kevin's absence. "Where did you take him?" Jack shouted. The sudden loudness made Val jump. "Sorry," he whispered.

Casket clapped his hands. "So you do have concern. Well, great! This leads us to the next game. Take a look at your surroundings. Lights!" he said. He clapped once again, and two big lights in the room flashed on. It lit the room with a dim yellow. "This game," Casket explained. "I like to call 'Where's Kevy?' And no, he's not at the dry Chevy." Johnny snickered, to which Nick responded with a punch to the arm. Casket smiled at himself. "Um, anyway, you play 'Where's Kevy?' by looking around the room and finding what's left of him." 'What's left of him,' the words sent fear into the admins. Jack gulped down worry to ask a question, "This room is near empty. In what...shape can we find him?" he asked. Casket shrugged. "That's for me to know and you to find-"

Suddenly, Rire broke free of Casket's grip and threw a fist into his face. Casket squeaked with surprise and fell to the floor. Rire turned around to the gang. "To the right! He's to the right floor!" he yelled, voice raspy. Johnny snapped. "Quick! People, to the right and to the floor!" Rire leaned down to Casket's unconscious body and grabbed his trusty revolver and his two blood-stained knives. "Hey! Catch," Rire said. He carefully threw the two knives down. Nick and Jack reached for the knives. Nick caught it right at the handle and Val caught the other. She handed it to Jack, to which he replied, "Nah, you can keep it." She smiled. "Thanks Jackie!" she hopped off Jack, pecked him on the cheek and ran to the right of the room to search. Nick gasped, laughing. Jack stood in surprised bliss, touching the spot where she kissed him. Then he came to, and ran to the side of the room.

Johnny held two pistols in his hands as he followed the others. Rire, who was slugging Casket hard and consecutively finally punched him one last time and jumped from the balcony. He landed on the ground with a oddly soft thud. He followed the gang. They all stood at the right of the room, looking down at a box. The steel container had a number lock on it. "If only Micheal was here," Nick said. "He's a master at these kinda things." Jack turned around to see Rire. "Oh man, you look terrible. What did he do to you? And what happened to Kev?" he asked. Rire looked down. "Kevin and I ran into a dead end. We turned around to exit the room, but as soon as we opened the door, there he was. It was Casket, with a knife in hand. The last thing I remember is being dragged away..." he explained. Jack's eyebrows furrowed. "And...Kevin?"

Rire shrugged hopelessly. "I wish I knew. But after Casket beat me up, he thought I was knocked out and started dragging boxes of...something...into the big room you guys came into. He was talking to himself, something about Kevin being in the box. I sure hope he doesn't mean a part of Ke-" Rire was cut off by a loud gunshot behind him. Jack and Rire turned around to see Johnny aiming a smoking pistol at the metal box. Nick had his hands to his ears. "Dude!" he moaned. "Warn a brother when you fire that loud thing!" Val nodded. "Yeah, that kinda hurt..." Johnny looked up. "We've got bigger problems than a little pain to the ear, my friends. I shot the lock. See if it'll open now."

Nick walked over to the box and lifted the heavy lid, as the others watched. As soon as the box was open a few inches, the steel lid fell with a shut as Nick jumped back, shaking. "Guys..." he whispered. "Guys...." he repeated looking in horror at the box. Jack walked slowly over to the box and nudged Nick out of the way. "Here goes nothing..." Jack said, lifting up the lid. His first instinct was to scream, but instead he gulped back the feeling to puke and threw the lid up all the way. "It's Kevin's, alright," he said. The others walked over to it. Val squealed, gagging. Johnny turned away. Inside the box, there was a body part; the severed hand of Kevin.

Rire gasped. "No, no,!" he said. "Jack," he muttered. "This isn't the only box Casket has...."

Jack realized it too. "Are you saying that there might be other, uh, remains of Kev in the other boxes you saw?" he said. Rire grimly nodded. "I'm gonna be sick," Jack muttered. Rire glanced up at the balcony. "Let's get out of here. Quickly, Casket will wake up any second now." Johnny looked around for another exit. "The only exit out of here is the balcony. How are we gonna get up there?" Rire walked over to Johnny. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a nail, a long rope, a granola bar and a key. "These things," he said. "I found them in Casket's pocket. They've got some importance...well, at least the rope and key are." Rire began to throw the nail and cereal bar to the ground when Johnny grabbed his arm. "No," he said. "If Casket had them with him, they have to be for something. Now, let's put that rope to good use."

Johnny attached the nail and rope together. After he was done, he tossed his home-made grappling hook to the edge of the overhanging balcony. The nail hooked onto the bar and Johnny began to climb up. Jack and the others watched as he climbed up. When Johnny was on top of the balcony, he looked down. "The rope isn't thick. Only one person climb up at a time," he said. The admins climbed up in order. First Rire, then Nick, followed by Jack and ending with Val. Once they were all up, the rope was nearly a string. They didn't bother to collect it again.

"Just as suspected, he's gone," Val said. Casket, who was supposed to be out cold, was gone. "He didn't even try to stop us. He just left." Rire started walking down the hallway from the balcony. "That's his game, Val. He doesn't want us to die. We need to move on." "Hold on, guys," Jack said. "It doesn't seem right. Remember that deal Casket proposed? He said he didn't want any of us dead. Why would he kill Kevin and put his bodyparts in boxes? It doesn't add up," he said. Nick put a hand of Jack's shoulder. "Jack, he's already went against his 'deal.' I don't think he'd mind stretching the terms a bit to dispatch a teen." Jack opened his mouth to speak, but somehow knew in the back of his mind that Nick was right. Or...was he?

Johnny stopped Rire from walking further. "Let me lead. You know, I'm the man with the duel pistols." Rire put his hands up, backing up. "Oh no, you're right, sorry. Also, we travel as a group now. We're not going in twos again...not after last time."

Jack and Val both whispered "Aw, man..." at the same time.

Chapter 8: Sacrifices (M)

Jonathan and Sage walked along the ledge, looking for a way to get down, or at least a window that wasn't boarded up. It was pretty wide, so unless something pops in to push them off, they were fine.

"How's your arm holding up?" Sage asked. Jon held his severed arm up. The piece of white cloth was now almost pure red. "It's fine, I guess. It doesn't hurt that much now," he replied truthfully. "We have to find the others. Well, the others left, that is." As much as it pained Jon, he had to agree. "I just hope everyone else is fine." "Well, at the current state of things, I wouldn't get my hopes up too high."

After a few more minutes of walking and closed-off windows, they found a rusty ladder. Jon went down first, then Sage followed right after, which was a really bad idea. The ladder gave way, dropping them both on the ground.

"Ow," Jon groaned. Sage had landed right on top of him, using him as a human cushion. "Oh. Sorry," she apologized, quickly getting up on her feet. She then helped Jon up and glanced around. "Do you think anyone heard that?" Sage wondered. "Let's just look for a way to get back in."

Sage spotted an open air vent. "Jon, boost me up," she said, beckoning him below the vent. She got up into it, followed by Jon. They crawled through it until they saw a grate. Jon opened it and hopped down with Sage. He sensed movement behind him, so he spun around and saw five people standing by the end of the hallway. Five very familiar figures.

"Guys?" he called out. "Jon? Sage?" one of them replied, which Jon guess to be Jack. A girl ran to them and hugged them both tightly. It was Val. The others came over, relieved to see them alive.

"I don't understand," Rire said, confused. "How did you get out? Did he free you?" Jon shook his head. "We got out. Fortunately, there was a window. Where's... Kevin?" Nick shook his head. The gang was quiet for a while. They never had time to comprehend with the loss.

"Oh hey! Looks like little Jon and Sage found their way out!"

Jack frowned. Jimmy.

The walls started to shift and change. In mere seconds, the place was turned into a gigantic room. "Let's play another game, shall we?" Jimmy said, his voice booming for the speakers on every corner of the ceiling. "This one's called 'Sacrifice'. There's a chamber over there, with a keypad beside it. One of you has to step in while the others try to find the passcode. If you manage to find the code in two minutes, your 'sacrifice' survives. If you don't, then the guy you sent in dies! Sounds fun, aint it?"

"I'll go in, then," Johnny told them. Jack felt that it was a bad idea. "No, you can't." "Why? I can't die," the Englishman protested. "That's exactly why. Jimmy knows that you can't, so he has to at least separate you from us so you wouldn't get in the way," he explained. "How do you know this?" Jack shrugged. "I just... do."

"I'm going in," Nick offered. "Are you sure?" Jon asked. Nick nodded. "You guys can handle it. Just... hurry up, okay?

Nick went over to the chamber and went in. It sealed him in shut. A digital timer appeared at the upper rim, counting down the two minutes they have. They started looking around. Johnny looked for an odd tile to either push or lift, while the others searched by the corners and on the walls.

Jack's phone started to vibrate in his pocket. He pulled it out and answered it. "Geez, Jack, are you that deaf?" Nick said. Jack turned to the chamber and went over to him. "What's wrong?" he asked. "Your ears, that's the problem." Jack noticed something: he can only hear Nick through his phone. "It must be soundproof." "Well, whatever. d'you find it?" Jack rolled his eyes. "If we did, we'd come running here to test it." Nick shrugged, then started to look around inside the chamber. Something caught his attention. "Jack, Jack I think I found--"

The alarm wailed, cutting him off. Jack looked up to see that they only had one minute left. Choking noises and the sound of the phone being dropped made him glance back to Nick. Nick was coughing and clutching his chest, as if he was having a hard time breathing. Green gas slowly filled up the chamber.

"Guys!" Jack panicked. "Nick's getting poisoned!" Johnny came running and hit the butt of his revolver on the surface. It didn't do much damage. Nick's eyes widened, then he struggled to pick up his phone. "D-don't break the glass!" he gasped "What? Are you crazy?!" He panted heavily. "D-don't open up the c-chamber... w-whatever happens... don't o-open it...!" Jack gestured Johnny to stop. "B-but--" "Ssshh!" he shushed. Twenty seconds left. "J-Jack?" he coughed. "W-what is it, buddy?" "S-stop denying a-about Val... go t-tell her what you really feel, o-okay? K-keep everyone safe, p-please..."

Nick slowly slid downwards, his body going limp. "Nick, Nick no, please!" Jack begged. "Nick, don't leave us! NO!"

It was useless. They failed. Time's up.

Jack fell to his knees. He can't keep it in anymore. Michael, Kevin, and now Nick, who died right in front of him. He started crying, tears streaming down his cheeks. Someone wrapped their arms around him. "It's okay," Val whispered between sniffs. "No, it's not... Nick's gone... he's gone..." he whimpered.

"What? He died?" Jimmy spoke. "That's sad." His numbness enraged Jack, bringing him up to his feet. "You're sick, Casket! Why are you doing this? Because it's fun? Because we did something wrong? Well, guess not?! IT'S NOT! We're coming after you, Jimmy. Let's settle this once and for all!" Jimmy was unfazed; in fact, the threat made him chuckle. "You're coming after me? Ha! I'd love to see you try. No really, I wanna see you try! I'm at the third floor. See you there!"

The team was gobsmacked. Jack was really mad. "Jack, are you okay?" Val asked. "He's probably not; he just dug his own grave," Sage replied. "I don't know," Jack said truthfully. "But one thing's for sure: we're going after Casket, come hell or high water."

Chapter 9: Lair of Casket (C)

The stairwell was just as gruesome as the rest of Casket’s hellhole. Blood decorated the stairs and the walls, pictures of severed limbs, mutilated bodies, and messages plastered all over the place. Rire shuddered. “This place gives me the creeps.” Jack didn’t disagree. “I think all of us get the creeps from this place.”

“Third floor, correct?” Johnny asked, keeping his two pistols leveled. Jack nodded. “Yeah.” Toast smiled. “Well, ladies and gentlemen—we’re here!” The door to floor three was the most disgusting of them all: the most detailed drawings of chopped up bodies were displayed there. “I guess we know this is where he spends most of his time,” Jonathan said after a few seconds. Val barely moved her lips. “Don’t we all know it.”

Suddenly, a voice broke the silence. “Ah, come in, come in!” It was Jimmy. Jack cracked his knuckles. “You don’t have to tell me twice.”

The group of six were huddled together as Jack opened the door and Johnny rushed in first, pistols waving. Val brandished her knife. Jack remembered that the second had belonged to Nick…and then more depressing thoughts entered his mind. He shoved them away.

“Alright, Casket!” Johnny yelled, and aimed the twin weapons at the chair seated by an array of viewscreens. “Don’t try anything!” As Toast kept his weapons aimed on the chair, Jack and Rire moved to spin it around. The two nodded to each other, and then flung it around. Toast fired his pistol immediately…and hit nothing. “What? Where the hell is he?!” Jack thundered, searching the room.

Jon flashed his eyes to the door. “Try the door.” Jimmy cackled hysterically, and smiled wickedly. “Ah, you poor kids. Oh, and man,” he said, directing the last part of his statement to Toast. Quickly, he slammed the door shut. Jon jumped to the door, ready to fling it open. But he couldn’t. “Damn it, it’s locked!” he shouted, pounding his fist on the wall.

The others flashed their eyes to the roof and walls, awaiting green poison gas to pour in at any second. But it never did. “This is the time I wish that poison gas would kill us all,” Jack grumbled, slumping up against the wall. Johnny moved to the chair where they had believed Casket to be sitting in, and took his place in it. Rire sat down by the wall as Sage looked at the bruises from his encounter with Jimmy, something no one else had taken a look at. Jon sat with his back against the door, and Val moved over to sit down beside Jack.

When he saw Val sit down beside him, Jack gulped, and slightly shook. “Hi Jack,” she said, and he flinched. “I-is something wrong?” she asked, and Jack flashed her a smile. “Oh, no, nothing’s wrong. Nothing at all.” She returned the smile. “Good.” She looked to the wall in front of them, and then looked back to Jack. “Do you think we’ll make it out of here?” she asked, and soon added, “Alive?” Jack gave a slight chuckle. “Come on, Val, you know we will!” Val looked to Jack, unsure. “Yeah, but…it’s just that…what if Casket comes, and he starts killing us all! What then?” she asked. Jack motioned to Johnny. “He’s got two guns. Casket won’t escape.” Val shrugged. “And besides,” Jack continued, gulping before his next statement, “I won’t let anything happen to you.” Val’s eyes widened. “Do you mean that, Jack?” she asked, and Jack looked to her, unsure of what to say. “Well, um…yes, I do. I’d rather die than let Casket kill you.” Val’s mouth opened into a smile, and then she wrapped her arms around Jack’s neck, hugging him tightly. “Oh, Jack, you are amazing!” Jack smiled (and blushed), and saw the others all glancing to them.

Jack just returned the hug, and the team waited until their next move.


The loud banging caused Jon to jump up from his resting position by the door. Johnny slapped his hand to one of his pistols, and aimed it to the entrance. Jack and Val sat close beside one another, and Rire and Sage backed up to the wall alongside them. Jon crawled back before standing on his feet.

“Well? Aren’t you going to answer it?” Casket’s voice boomed, and suddenly, one of the screens soon viewed Jimmy’s face. “It could be some help.” Jack growled at the screen. “Like hell it is! When I find you, Casket, I’m going to kill you! Do you hear me? KILL YOU!!!”

The screen went out as Casket cackled continuously.

As the group looked to one another, they heard the door fling open. Closest to the door, Jonathan glanced up, and saw three of the “George things.” His jaw dropped. “Toast!” he yelled, and the investigator turned, and quickly fired Casket’s revolver. The first thing fell dead, and soon the second fell to Toast’s other pistol, and then a revolver shot killed the third.

“Let’s move!” Jack yelled, jumping out of the room. Johnny tailed him, followed by Jon, Val, Sage, and Rire. Two of the creatures limped down the hallway, whom Johnny quickly dispatched. “Fourth floor!” Casket called out over his intercom system, and they all turned to rush back to the stairwell.

Once on the stairway, Johnny and Jack took the lead again. In a matter of seconds, after passing blood splatters over and over again, the team reached the fourth floor. Johnny turned to face the team. “Are you guys ready?” he asked, checking both weapons. They all nodded. “I wouldn’t back out of this if my life depended upon it,” Jack said, cracking his knuckles.

Johnny nodded. “Good. Let’s go.” After busting through the door, the team scanned the floor, and saw Casket slowly walking down the halls. “There he is!” Jack yelled, rushing down to Jimmy. Johnny aimed his pistols as Jon, Rire, Sage, and Val rushed to help Jack.

“Hold it right there!” Jack yelled, and Casket laughed before ducking into the room. As Jack darted in, Johnny stopped outside the door. “Jack! Hold on, you can’t face him! He may not look like he has much brains, but believe me, he is a wise foe!” Jack glared at Toast, and then shook his head. “No, Johnny. I can’t let him get away with his crimes.”

Toast looked at Jack as he disappeared into the room. “We can’t let him go!” Val shouted, rushing inside. Before the others could stop her, the door slammed shut. Jonathan looked in awe at the door. Casket had gotten Jack to fall into his trap. He wanted Jack to get angry enough to do anything. And that’s what Jack was willing to do: anything. The one thing that could get him—or Val—killed.

Jack gulped once he saw that the door was shut. He had fallen right where Casket wanted him: in a position where he might do anything to get revenge.

“Jack,” Val whispered, and Jack glanced over his shoulder to her. “Yeah, Val?” he whispered back. She shuddered. “What’s going to happen to us?” she asked. Before Jack could respond, a loud cackle erupted. “You know EXACTLY, my dear.”

“Shut up, you animal, just shut the hell up!” an angry Jack yelled, clenching his fists. If you do any harm to Val, then I will kill you! Do you hear me? KILL YOU!” That just set Jimmy off. Laughing like a hyena, Casket shut his intercom off. Jack looked at each of the four walls, worried about the whole situation. He and Val were trapped.

And they had a mad psycho trying to kill them.


“What do you mean, ‘We need to get out of here’?! We can’t leave them!” Jon shouted to Johnny. “Look, I know that they are two of your good friends, all of you, but we can’t lose our lives over them!” Rire looked to the door as Sage crossed her arms. “I see that it is three against one,” Toast grumbled, slipping his hands into his pockets.

Rire snorted. “You’ve got that right.” The paranormal investigator sighed. “Fine. It looks like we’re going hunting.” The three admins looked to each other, smiling. They were ready to rescue their friends—one way or another.


The line of the zombie-creatures marched down the hallway, as Jimmy Casket watched them from above. Smiling, he called to his army. “My fellow insane, idiotic, and crazy friends! I have come to tell you that we now have two of the admins in our grasp. The other three are somewhere in the maze, and, if I know them well enough, they will try to rescue their two companions. So here’s the plan: several of you will go and secure the room with the two admins. More of you will go and cut the admins off from a back escape route, and then the rest will simply march in and kill them. Does everyone understand?”

The creatures all groaned, their heads bobbing up and down on their necks. Casket’s smile was more menacing than any he ever grinned before. “Good. Now get in there and have some fun!”


Footsteps alerted Jack to glance up to the door. Standing, he looked to Val, who was asleep against the wall. He walked over to the door, pressing his ear against it, hoping to hear something. But he heard nothing.

“What the heck is going on,” he mumbled, only to see the door unlock itself. Backing up, he readied his fists, and then was surprised once the door flung open, knocking him to the floor. Landing with a thud, Jack scrambled back further into the room, seeing a few zombie-things marching in.

Shoving Val awake, he alerted her to the beasts now in the room. Both stood, and Val handed her knife to Jack. “Here. Take it,” she demanded, and Jack nodded, jumping at one of the zombies.

The knife plunged into one of the creature’s head, killing it instantly. Ripping it out, Jack looked to another, slashing it across its face. Blood streaked from the wound, splattering upon Jack’s face and chest, and then he turned, jabbing the knife once again into a third monster, this time in its stomach.

As the third one collapsed, Jack saw more limping down the hallway. “Come on, Val!” he said, and grabbed Val’s hand, pulling her behind him. As the two darted off, Jack made sure that no more beasts got in their way, and soon enough, could see…light?

Once they reached the new room, they saw that it was indeed light, but it was artificial. Lights hung on the ceiling, illuminating the room. “Where are we?” Val asked, checking the room out. “I don’t know,” Jack mumbled, and looked down. A ramp led down to a large, open chamber.

"I see you’ve found my meeting room!” Casket shouted, and both of the admins looked up, seeing him standing above. “Well, for a time it can be my meeting room…but at other times, it is called my melting room!” Suddenly, the doorway was sealed off, and the wall that had covered it began to move outward. Jack and Val stood, in awe, as the wall stretched far out, knocking them both down the ramp.

The two tumbled down the ramp, and they landed…Val on top of Jack. She looked down to his face, which flushed red. Oh DAMN! This is awkward, he thought. Lifting her from him, he stood, turning away from her. Soon, the ramp disappeared, as did the floor around the center of the room, which turned into lava.

They both stood, back to back, looking as the lava trapped them in the center of the room. There was no escape from Casket this time…at least none in sight.

Chapter 10: Breaking Out (J)

Jon, Rire, Sage, and Johnny Toast sprinted down the twists and turns of hallways and staircases, dodging trash and blood pools. "Hey," Johnny called out to the two behind him. "Stop!" Quickly, Rire and Sage stopped running. They walked up to Johnny to see what the matter was.

It was an iron door. It wasn't like the other many doors they had seen, though; the door had a gaping hole in it. The rims of the hole were scorched and smoking. It was obvious something huge had shot the door open. Rire gasped. "Wow, that's...actually kind of cool." Johnny peered inside the big hole, but saw nothing but darkness. "Great, more dark," Sage groaned. "Well I don't know about you two, but I say we head back. Whatever's in there should stay in there!" Rire looked at Sage, "Do you want Val and Jack to die?" he said. "Do you want them to be two victims to add the body pile?"

Jonathon chimed in, "I understand your logic, but it looks like this is the only way. We're going in," he stated with bravery. "Right, Johnny?" No answer. Jonathon turned around. Johnny was climbing into the hole. "Hey, wait!" Rire said, jumping in after, followed by Jon and the relunctant Sage.


Ember and heat buzzed around Jack and Val. They were standing on a large piece of floor floating on a lava pool. The magma began to engulf the small floor, making a tinier circle. Val squeaked with worry, and Jack thought of what to do next. Is this it?, he thought. What if we die here? Thanks to the monster, Casket? What if this is it? He turned to Val. She's horrified. Is she gonna die, too? She can't die! She won't die. And I won't die. Burning lava touched Jack's foot, sending sharp pain to the tip of his foot. He hopped back in agony as the red sea ate away their remaining concrete. They couldn't take more then two steps away, and they were trapped.

The evil cackle of Casket rang through the hot chamber. "I'll just sit back and watch you guys toast! Hahaha! Oh, and speaking of Toast...don't you two wonder where your friends are?"


Light. With just a flick of a light switch, the darkness was gone. The gang stood inside the dim room, looking around. "Well, besides the big hole in the door, there's nothing in here. Let's move on," Jon said. Sage tapped him on the shoulder. "Ahem, uh, Jonathon? What about that?" she said, pointing over to Johnny. He was holding a giant firearm. The admins all clustered around it. Rire examined it. "It's a Mk. II 43-MIDI Flak Cannon, I think." Johnny handed it over to Rire. "Here, you know what it is. So how'd it ge-" Johnny began, but then he put his hands to his head. "Of course! It all makes sense!" When he saw the others were confused, he shared. "This weapon right here? It's Johnny's!" "You mean, this is yours?" Sage said. Johnny shook his head. "No, it's my partner's! C'mon, you guys know Johnny Ghost, right?"


"Well, he's great. We work together. Right before I left to come help you guys, Ghost was going somewhere too. He was carrying two big guns and this was one of them. He said something about monster hunting at some building, but I never cared to listen until now! Don't you get it?" Jon snapped his fingers, realizing the truth. "Ah-HA! I think your partner might have come here!" Rire started pacing around. "If he came here, blasted the door away, and left his gun...That means the gun is empty, and right over there-" he said, pointing to the door on the other side of the room. "-should lead us to, uh, more monsters!" Sage gagged. "No way, no more monsters," she said.

"We haven't got much time. Let's go. Either monsters or Val and Jack, we're going this way. And maybe we'll run into Ghost. Hurry," Johnny yelled, running towards the door.


Jack and Val held onto each other for dear life, floating along the lava lake. " the end, Val," he said. He was tearing up and Val was crying. "I, we, had fun with y-you..." Val sobbed, clutching onto Jack. They could both feel an intense heat, and Jack's skin felt like it was bubbling off every second. When Jack looked up, he saw they were moving. "V-Val," he muttered. "It's a river...the a river..." he mumbled, and Jack's head fell backwards. Val screamed as Jack fell down to the concrete circle, and quickly lifted him back up to avoid the lava. "Jack, wake up!" she yelled, crying. "P-please don't be d-dead...don't be dead..."

Casket's insane laughter filled the hot room with evil despair as Val and Jack were thrown down the lava river. Where is this leading us?, Val thought. Please let it be over soon. No, it can't end like this. Suddenly, Casket's voice jarred Val out of thought. "Prepare to die, lady..." he warned, and then laughed one last time over the large speakers. Val looked down their lava river. Then at once, lava began to pierce Val's skin as she screamed, and she began to panic as the lava burned her flesh. She held onto Jack.

And then, a sudden boom distracted Val from the pain, and then she saw, and felt, black...


The admins burst through the door to find an already lit room. "A balcony," Rire said. They all ran the short distance to the balcony and looked down into the massive room. "Is that..." Sage whispered. "...Lava," Johnny finished. A wide and long river of hot lava trailed along the building-sized room. But it all ended with another kind of light. Suddenly, a huge explosion shook the whole building and the admins fell down. The light of the lava flickered away as a natural light filled the place. Roaring of helicopter blades filled the air with sound and wind. Johnny, Rire, Sage and Jonathon all stood up wearily to see what had happened.

A gaping tear in the huge room was at the end of the lava room. Daylight filled their surroundings. It was a huge helicopter half inside and half outside, in the air it was shining light on a concrete block floating in the lava...

"It's Val and Jack!" Johnny yelled. "And in the copter...Johnny Ghost!"

They could see past the copter to buildings behind it, and the bright sky. All the lava from the river was emptying out of the building and out into the huge hole. But on the lava was Val and Jack, who were about to fall out when the helicopter swooped down towards them. "Is that your partner?" Sage yelled over the noise; a man from the helicopter held out two hands to the concrete circle floating on the lava towards the helicopter. He grabbed the placated Val and Jack from the circle and pulled them up into the copter, just in time to see the concrete sizzle and fall away into the emptying magma.

The other admins cheered and yelled as the two were rescued. Johnny Ghost pulled out a megaphone to speak to the other admins far away, "Stay there, Johnny! We're flying in to rescue you!" The helicopter flew carefully into the room and to the balcony. The ecstatic admins hopped onto the copter hovering by the balcony, Jonathon, Rire, Sage, and last Johnny Toast. But right as Johnny began to climb on, the door behind them all flew open...

There was Jimmy Casket, huge revolver in one hand and huge knife in the other. Before anyone could react to it, Casket flew behind Toast and put his knife against Toast's neck, holding him to his chest. The hand with the revolver was pointed at the helicopter, mainly the engine!


"I WILL BLOW THAT COPTER APART IF YOU DON'T HAND OVER THE ADMINS, GHOST!" The admins gasped, and Ghost hopped back out of the helicopter onto the balcony. "Now now, Casket, give me Johnny..." he said. Toast was confused. Wait, I thought this Casket was Ghost too...wait a second...

Casket's voice calmed down a bit. "Good Johnny. Now give me the admins and Toast is yours," Casket calmly said. "Don't do it, sir, you can't!" Toast said. Ghost had a dark look on his face. He looked from Casket and Toast to the admins on the copter. Rire, Jon, Sage, and Val and Jack lying on the helicopter ground. Those five people had to be saved. Ghost finally looked back to Casket. "Me," he said. "Take me..." Casket grew a big grin. "Why of course that's a good deal! Yes, it's perfect!" Quickly, Casket threw Toast to the ground and grabbed Ghost. "So long, was fun!" His laughter disappeared as so did he through the doorway. "NO!" Toast yelled, running to the door. "Ghost! NO!"

Rire hopped out of the helicopter with Jon and the two grabbed Toast by the arms, pulling him back in. "Sorry, Johnny...he's gone..." Rire whispered as the three went into the copter. After everybody was in, the copter flew out of the hole.


Toast was sitting against the wall of the helicopter, hands in his hands. Jon, Sage, and Rire all looked down at Val and Jack lying on two stretchers. The medic in the helicopter went over to the admins. "They're in bad condition, well, the girl is...The boy, it looks like, inhaled too much gas or smoke, and the girl is suffering severe burns. She probably passed out from the pain," he explained. Jon and Rire's mouths were open in shock as Sage was shaking in fear. "T-thanks, doc," Jon stumbled out. The medic nodded and walked off to talk to the pilot.

And so the admins, the remaining admins, all sat together. Val and Jack were going to make it, at least they hoped. We're saved, Jon thought. Most of us...

Images of Nick and Micheal flashed into Jon's mind, filling him with emotional anger and guilt. Jon broke into tears, followed by Sage and then Rire. So much hope but so much sadness filled the helicopter as if flew away.

Epilouge (M)

Jack squinted at a bright light. Am I... dead? he thought. He shut his eyes, trying to remember what had happened.

Hot, burning lava. Him and Val standing on a floating piece of concrete, slowly ebbing away in the fiery river. Then darkness.

Once again, he opened his eyes. He slowly sat up, then looked around. He was in a hospital ward. Jonathan, Rire, and Sage were all huddled in the couch, sound asleep. Something bothered him. Where's Val?

Suddenly, Jon shifted. He glanced over at him. Jon gasped, then nudged the other two to wake up. When they saw Jack, they had the very same expression on their faces. They all walked up to him.

"Oh, thank goodness you're okay," Jon said, relief evident in his voice. "W-where's Val? What happpened to her?" Jack asked, his voice still raspy, probably from all the smoke. Rire can't help but chuckle. "Your girlfriend's fine, Jack. She just had a few burns, but nothing else serious." He flushed. "She's not my girlfriend... yet," he finally got out. Rire howled, but Sage muzzled him. "Shut up, you idiot. We don't have the hospital to ourselves," she scolded him. Jack smiled. He kinda missed this, after all the crap that happened. He silently wished that it was all just a bad dream.

"How long was I out?" Jack asked again. "Three days. Val woke up just yesterday, then she was sent home. When you get discharged, we can go visit her," Jon replied. He nodded. Minutes later, a doctor, accompanied by a nurse, checked up on him. They said he was fine and he can go out the next day.

Jack was just relieved to know that everything was over.

"Yes!" Rire hissed happily. He, Jon, Jack and Val were playing a game at their game basement, and he just won another round. Sage was busy spectating at them, since it was just a four-player game. Jack sighed. "Darn it, Rire, you just suggested this game because you're a total boss at it," he complained. Rire snickered. "Well duh, you asked me what I wanted to play."

Jon set his controller down. "We should visit Toast. It's been like, what, a month or so?" he suggested. Everyone else nodded. They shut the game console off and walked to the P.I.E. HQ. It wasn't that far, and they were there by ten minutes. Jack knocked on the door.

Jon, Rire, and Sage gasped when a familiar figure opened the door: Johnny Ghost.

Jack and Val gave them a weird look. "Hey, guys!" Ghost greeted cheerfully. "Come on in." The admins went in and glanced around. A bunch of files and documents sat atop the table at their living room. Paranormal investigation equipment and bottles of whiskey were littered everywhere. But something smelled really delicious.

Ghost chuckled nervously. "Erm, sorry for the mess. We never really had time to clean up," he apologized. "It's okay, we understand. You guys must be so busy," Val replied.

From a doorway, Johnny Toast peeked at them. "Oh, hello," he said. He was wearing an apron and holding a frying pan in one hand and a spatula in the other. "Well, I was just making some French toast. Guess I'll have to do more." Rire grinned. "Thanks, Toast!" he said. Toast went back to the kitchen and continued making some more.

Jon was quite uneasy. Just last month, Ghost was taken by Casket in exchange of their freedom. Last month, they discovered that Ghost and Casket were separated... somehow. Now, he seems fine. Too fine.

"Jack, Val, can you go buy drinks?" Jon asked the two. "And can you take Ghost with you?" Jack and Val glanced at each other. "O-kay," Jack answered slowly. The two, joined by Ghost, went out to go to Papa's 7-11.

Jon beckoned Rire and Sage to the kitchen. "Johnny... I don't understand," he began. Toast sighed. "Me either." Rire leaned on the counter, arms crossed over his chest. "Well, how the heck is Johnny Ghost back here?" he demanded. "For all we know, it could be just Casket." Johnny shook his head. "He came back here limping two weeks after it happened. I asked him if Casket did it, but he couldn't remember anything that occured that day. He didn't even know who Casket was." Sage frowned. "How can that happen?" "I don't know..."

"Have you been keeping a close watch on him?" Jon asked. "Ever since he came back. There was nothing about his actions that shouted Casket."

Moments later, the trio came back, carrying a bunch of sodas and chips. As they chatted over the food, Jon kept an eye on Ghost. You just can't be so sure.

Then someone knocked on the door.

The End

The gang of admins will return!

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