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Part 1[]

It was a warm summer night, very, very late. P.I.E. had just finished an investigation. They were heading to their base to spend the night. When they arrived the lights were flickering, then suddenly they all turned off. Luckily, they never went on an investigation without a light. When they tried to turn on their light, though, it wouldn't turn on. Of course they were paranormal investigators, so they really weren't scared, that's when the lights turned on. Ghost let of a sigh of relief, and somehow Toast managed to read half his new book, but fell asleep. Ghost slept on the sofa across from Toast. They got a call first thing in the morning, being they were already dressed, they went out. That's when things went wrong, they expected, well, a ghost, but it wasn't. It was the TOILET TOUCHER. Ghost couldn't help it, he became (yep, you guessed it) Jimmy Casket. It was the first time in a long while. Soon the Toilet Toucher was gone, but there was still a mystery. Jimmy Casket? After so long? Toast thought, resisting the urge to ask Ghost being that he rarely remembers it.

Part 2[]

They went to their base, the whole time neither of them said a word. Ghost could tell Toast was in thinking time, being what had just happened. This was one of the few times Ghost remembered being Jimmy Casket. He didn't say anything, then the phone rang, Ghost was the closest, so, of course, he answered. This was an odd phone call, even for the P.I.E. team. He hung up saying

"We'll be right over."

"This entity is a level ten!"

Ghost exclaimed, with a worried tone.

" Wow. Really, Sir?"

Toast asked as if it was even scary for him.

"Yep. Let's get a move on, Toast!"

Ghost exclaimed shoving the door open. They came back a few hours later, and the phone rang again. This time it was a boy with a lisp on the phone, said his name was Spencer and that they need to meet up with him outside a nearby Arby's. They met up with Spencer, ate and talked about why Spencer called. He said he'd forgot and then paid the check. It was a good break from everything that had happened, but they still had an investigation, this time Toast told Ghost what happened that morning. "I know" Ghost replied after the explanation.

"You did?!"

Toast was starting to get slightly upset with Ghost.

"Why wouldn't I have?"

"Because you rarely do"

they broke into a short argument and the started heading home.

But then they realized that the ghost had followed them home and then paranormal activity started there.

"who will save them will they stop the paranormal activity or not nobody knows they best paranormal investigative team in paral.

To be continued...