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It all started with a friend.When Johnny was young he had no friends,he was alone.That was he was alone until he made himself a friend.Cardboard Friend is what he called him.

"Cardboard Friend," young Johnny called,"Cardboard Friend where are you?"

"Hi Gregory."Cardboard Friend answered.He called him Gregory because he can't say his real name.

"What are we going to do today Gregory?"

"Lets play tag!" Gregory answered.Every day they would play games until Gregory's mother called him to eat.

"Okay Gregory your it."Cardboard Friend said as he started to run.As Gregory caught up,reached out and tried to tag Cardboard friend he realized, his hand went through Cardboard Friend.

"Cardboard Friend, my hand just went through you!"said the alarmed Gregory.

"But of course Gregory. I'm only a figment of your imagination."said Cardboard Friend.

"No.No this can't be true."Gregory said backing away from Cardboard Friend.

"But it is"Cardboard Friend said as he got closer.

"Get away from me!"Gregory said as he started to run.


"Wait Gregory!"Cardboard Friend called.He chased Gregory through the house and down into the kitchen where his parents were.As he ran in he ran straight into his mother who happened to have a knife in her hand.

"Whoa Johnny what is wrong?"she asked as she bent down to get the knife she dropped.But as she reached for it Johnny grabbed it before she did."Johnny put that down."

"Gregory pleased stop running.I learned how to say your name Gregory.Your name is Jo..Jo..Jim..Jimmy."Cardboard Friend stuttered to say.

"What is that!" Johnny's father demanded."Johnny Casket you better answer me this instant."

"I'm Cardboard Friend."Cardboard Friend answered.As he answered Johnny started to get the feeling that Cardboard Friend was a threat.

"Hey Cardboard Friend,"Johnny said with a wild look in his eyes."Do you want to know my secret?"As he said this he held up the knife and got closer to Cardboard Friend."My name is Jimmy Casket and i'm gonna put ya, in a casket.Come on it's a good secret."Now Jimmy's eyes were all red and his teeth were sharp and covered in blood."STAB STAB STAB!"Jimmy said this as he thrust the knife toward Cardboard Friend.

"NO!"Cardboard Friend cried as he vanished.Jimmy's parents were scared out of their minds as Jimmy then turned to them.

"Mommy,Daddy do you want to know my secret?"Jimmy asked as he stabbed his mother in the stomach.

"Ah!"his mother screamed as she took her final breaths.His father was completely speechless.Then Jimmy turned to him and said,

"Stab.Stab.Stab."And he stabbed his father multiple times.As Jimmy walked away he said,"I was only trying to show you guys my secret.But I guess I showed you to hard.I'll be gentle next time."