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Elisa Pierrane
Gender Female
Played by NPC
Status Alive
Position/Rank Citizen
Nationality Imperial
Age 21
Group Imperial City
Weapon ?
Debut THE ARENA! - An Oblivion Tale Ep. 3

Elisa Pierrane was a female resident of the Imperial City. While roaming the city one day, she met the young pirate Asylum Weaver, who tried to flirt with her, although he failed to charm her due to the fact that she is married (although neither Asylum nor Jordan seem to know this).


Elisa Pierrane was a resident of the Imperial City. One day, the young pirate Asylum Weaver came across her and he tried to flirt with her, asking various questions about the city. However, she seemed uninterested in him and walked away, only for him to follow her. However, he still did not accomplish anything.

Asylum, though, did not give up, and decided to bring her to watch a round in the Arena at one point, although he had to go deliver the Amulet of Kings to Jauffre. When he reached Chorrol, Asylum still showed signs of interest in Elisa, debating on whether or not he should write letters to her.