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Dinosaurs are a group of prehistoric Avian like reptiles that are quite common in the Gmod universe. Being some what of a tradition they have appeared in many videos. Many of the Gmod characters including, Jimmy Casket, Sally Acachalla and Johnny Ghost have gone to great efforts to kill them and rarely succeed. The the most commonly appearing consist of the allosaurus,the t-rex, the Spinosarus and the carnosaurus, but there have been appearances of several others. Many dinosaurs of the present have had several bizarre mutations such as: becoming sentient, growing to enormous sizes, and becoming highly resistant/immune to nuclear weaponry.



―The native allosaurus language

The most commonly seen of all the dinosaurs, the allosaurus species have spread even in the deepest reaches of space. The are incredibly fast short tempered and often appear in the most inconvenient of times. Allosaurus sometimes come in enormous packs and can overwhelm the surrounding area with a large tailless leader. Despite there ferocious nature the are not untamable. After spending years with dinosaurs Sally has learned to organize them and even make one her pet. They are native to Gingeria. They also resemble Lettuce squirrels

Notable individuals:


When compared to a t-Rex, the allosaurus is mere child's play. Though very slow, the T-rex is a nigh unkillable force. Many characters have had create innovative dinosaur killing machines even to stand a chance against the tyrant lizard king.

Notable individuals:


Calm yet fast paced killers, the raptors are some of the least commonly seen dinosaurs. Some of the first dinosaurs to show a form of loyalty, the velociraptors became so well organized that they managed to create a global army an nearly take over the planet.

Notable individuals:


  • Spinosaurus
  • carnosaurus
  • triceratops
  • brachiosaur (Titan)
  • Godzilla (mutated gojirasaurus)
  • Dinomabobber (artificial animate giant toy dinosaurs)
  • Acrocanthosaurus
  • Bananasaurus Rex


  • Along with Combine soldiers and Dr. Kliener, they are commonly used as Pokemon.